Top 10 Best & Coolest Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Girls

So, your daughter is about to have her big, and you are thinking of ways on how to surprise her — as parents, watching your daughter turn to a young girl from the infant you use to carry around your arms can be emotional. Every parent would want their daughter’s step to adulthood to be as memorable as possible. At the age of 8, your daughter will display strong-willingness to face challenges by herself. It’s important that by this time, you are going to take some steps actually to help your daughter to improve her self-esteem.

Below is the list of Best Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Girls

You will start to notice that your eight-year-old has mood swings. She will be laughing when you are calling her silly and cute names and get upset when you call her by that name on the same day. This will be the time when you can no longer say, “You cannot do that” or “You may do that.” Your daughter will be able to formulate her thoughts, and she will start to express her own opinions. As parents, you’ve got a lot of explaining and reasoning to do and stand firmly on what’s right and what will be best for your daughter.

Playing on the sand might not interest her anymore; at her younger years, she thinks it’s fun and worthwhile while building sandcastles. At the age of 8, she will think that playing with and will get her dirty and will prefer the cleaner type of games. She has grown up. There are so many things to watch out for when your daughter is taking the 8-year-old milestone. We know that as parents, we all have limits when it comes to patients, but we do suggest that you take time on your daughter and refrain from shouting at her when she can’t get your point. She has a raw emotion; she still has a lot of emotional development to undergo. Just some quick parenting tips, we have gathered up some strategies that would help you handle an eight-year-old:

1. See your daughter as your best friend

We always hang out with our daughter since they are still a daughter, but at the age of 8 will be a perfect time for your daughter to see you not only as her parent but as a best friend. We all have best friends, and we feel open and comfortable with them. Take your girl out and talk about the things she likes doing her hobbies, if you have the same hobby, then you must do it often together. When you have a best friend relationship, she will tell you all of her secrets. But of course, you must help her to develop her self-esteem and her confidence. If you think she can handle a particular task, then give her the freedom to do it by herself. Be a good mentor, and always take the time to teach her life lessons.

Encourage your daughter to tell you about her problems. Educate her on what’s proper and not. Just like a best friend who gives advises. Tell her about the things that she must do on the topic of cyberbullying and how to handle the real-life bullies as well. Make them feel that you are always there when they need someone to hold. Even if your daughter will start acting all mature, she still requires a lot of look after and love from their parents. Other people might love her, but nothing will beat the kind of love a parent could give to their children.

2. Catch up on social media and lingo

This sounds like a difficult task, especially for parents who are not a techie. But if you have time, catch up with the lingo they are encountering in social media. Make sure that your young daughter is not exposed to inappropriate content and protect her from cyberbullying. Millennial kids use words that they have seen on their social media accounts. Facebook is where a huge number of people share their life’s events openly where their friends and family could comment. Teach your children the limitations when it comes to sharing personal information. If possible, don’t let them use their real names in their accounts and don’t let them talk with dangerous people.

Trust us; young people nowadays learn fast. As young people learn more and more new lingo from the internet and parents don’t know a thing about it, it will create a space between them. As parents, you have to hop on your child’s island, not the other way around. In this way, you will be able to understand their side and your side as well. So, yeah, you have to get your phone right now and take time to look at social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Try to understand the concept and how to navigate the site.

3. Treat her with respect and trust

Your daughter will start to question status quos and why things are they are. This is a good sign that shows they already have their stand about matters. As parents, you have to remind yourself to respect your 8-year-old daughter’s decision. She will become more independent in making her own decisions. As parents, you have to prepare yourself for the more rebellious year to come. You will enjoy watching the transition stage your daughter is at, at the age of 8. Just take time and observe her character, refrain yourself from comparing her with others. She has her character that uniquely heard.

Your teen might start to act mature and dress like grown-ups, but always encourage her too silly things together with you. She might not be that little girl anymore who likes to draw cute pictures and play little games indoors, but your daughter will always be your daughter. Your eight year old will also start to take responsibility for their actions; it might be a good time to prepare yourself to trust and respect some of her own decisions.

Of course, if your young girl is trying to make a point, then she might as well deserve some freedom. However, if she’s not making a point at all or she’s heading in the wrong decision, you have diverted her. Your daughter, at the age of 8 might be a challenging turn point for you as a parent, knowing her interests will help you get close to your child.

1. Maryellen Doll and Book – Best Gift for 8 Year Old Girls

American Girl girl gift idea review Maryellen Doll inspired by the girl who is in the book that was written by Valerie Tripp. It stands in 18” inches, which is quite big. It comes with posable limbs, and its eyes can close and open. It wears an outfit that is inspired by a 1950 outfit. At the young of 8, your daughter will be interested in reading books, and it is such a huge plus that doll comes with a 224-paged paperback novel that tackles the adventure of Maryellen. This is a wonderful book that we’re quite sure that your eight years old would be grateful to have.

Your 8-year-old young girl still got a lot to learn when it comes to words and to enrich her vocabulary; this novel would help her out. The hair of the doll can be styled and brushed, which is a good thing, so your daughter can experiment with Maryellen’s look and maybe apply it to herself if she feels the hairstyle. The book will talk about Maryellen; she is an American girl who follows her heart instead of listening to what has the crowd has to say to her. She is an energetic and optimistic girl. Your young girl would learn a lot from this book.

What we like about it

We like the fact that your daughter will have the time to be creative and imaginative at the same time. She will be able to improve her creativity by styling the hair of the doll and be imaginative when she’s reading the book. Since the doll comes in 18”, it’s tempting to hug. And the good news is that Maryellen doll can hug. The clothes can take off if you need to wash it, this is a good item that we’re quite sure every eight-year-old girl would be flattered to have.

We also love the fact that the doll can style. It comes with a bow tied on her hair, and your daughter could experiment with her looks. This is a wonderful gift item that we’re quite sure you’re eight years old would have a long playtime. She will also get inspired by the book. It’s a novel that talks about Maryellen; your daughter will be able to enhance her creativity and imaginary skills.

2. Tin Can Robot

4M girl gift idea review Does your daughter love to play robots? Don’t get us wrong, but young girls have different interests. Thought most of them would be interested in playing with pretty and cute items, some girls are into science and robots; if your girl is one of the latter, then she would find this gift item fascinating. The Tin can robot teaches your children the purpose of repurposing and recycling. The robot will be able to turn a can into a functional and fun robot. The item comes with instructions that a young girl can read, so she can start using the robot.

What we like about it

We like the fact that this gift item teaches your son about robotics, recycling, and creativity. It shows that simple soda can turn into a functional robot. Your daughter will be able to build a motorized monster and a silly robot or a combination of the two. This will help your kid to foster creativity and will be able to show your 8-year-old daughter how toys assembled, and they function. We say that this item would make a blast on your daughter’s big day.

3. Microscope Slides Glass

AmScope girl gift idea review Is your daughter under a microscope and learning about living organisms? Then this slide set of basic biological organisms would spark her interest. This is also good for her biological science education. In the set of 25 prepared slides, your daughter will be able to see a specimen of insects, plants, and various animal tissues. The samples are being preserved in a cedarwood oil and are sealed with a coverslip to prevent contamination. It also comes with labels with specific specimen identification.

What we like about it

The slides come with optical glasses for clear viewing. It’s a perfect gift item that we’re quite sure every science learner would love to have. The settings stored in a wooden box for easy handling, and so the specimen can safely store after your daughter has used it. There will be 25 ready to study slides, your daughter has to put it under the microscope, and she’ll be ready to learn about it. This would make a perfect gift idea for every aspiring biologist if your young girl is one, you should get her one of these.

4. Magic Vehicles Truck

Nylea girl gift idea review Keep your daughter interested in the red train; she can track a route with the use of the pen. Once the train’s switch turned one, it will aromatically look for the route that your young girl has plotted. This is a unique magic toy that comes with easy switch operation.

What we like about it

The idea is fresh for every eight years old. The item comes with a mini magic pen, and it’s a good item that encourages you to enhance the imaginary skills of your young girl. She would spend time plotting routes that she knows the red train would follow.

5. Architecture Eiffel Tower

LEGO girl gift idea review The Eiffel Tower is one of the most popular architectures around the world. People like to take selfies and pictures besides this famous tower. It is some sort of remembrance that they have already traveled to Paris. So, if you want your daughter to have a remembrance of your fun vacation in Paris together, this one is the perfect gift for them. This iconic tower will surely remind your daughter of your fun moment together. The design of this LEGO model is quite detailed. You and your daughter will never miss Paris again after having this LEGO architecture in your living room.

It also works not only as a remembrance but also as a cool collection. The design of this LEGO architecture is outstanding. It looks quite realistic even if it just made of LEGO bricks. Your daughter will find it cute and adorable. The size of this LEGO product is enough to work in a living room or bedroom decoration. Its height is 31 cm, its width is 11 cm, and its deepness is also 11cm. As you think about it, the size alone is amazing. This LEGO model will stand out and attract the attention of the visitors.

What we like about it

The real Eiffel Tower was designed and built by Gustave Eiffel, a French entrepreneur. It is a magnificent structure that lasts till now. The Eiffel Tower is such an iconic architecture in Paris. It is too popular around the world. You can also give it to your daughter as an educational gift. It will allow them to research and know about the Eiffel Tower more. Of course, the Eiffel Tower is worth knowing about due to its rich history. This tower is such a tough architecture and has withstood storms and floods. So, if you want to give a unique and adorable gift for your daughter, this LEGO Architecture is a good choice.

6. Minecraft The Snow Hideout

LEGO girl gift idea review Is your daughter a Minecraft fan? Well, if they are, they will surely love this LEGO toy as a gift. It has a lot of accessories which they can see on Minecraft. The Minecraft game is a lot of fun. It is actually like playing with LEGO toys, where the players will have to build something that they can use in the game. While playing Minecraft, the players have to build a house or hideout before the night comes. If they didn’t create one, they would attacked by monsters. So, yes, a hideout is highly important in the Minecraft game.

Now, if they are already fans of Minecraft and you will give them this LEGO toy as a gift, they will surely feel happy. This LEGO Minecraft toy has a detailed and cool design. The Minecraft characters and objects have a block-look to them. That’s why it is so convenient to make LEGO models out of Minecraft characters and toys since they look quite similar. Now, let’s talk about this LEGO toy and the accessories that come with it. This LEGO toy comes with Steve’s pickaxe; your daughter can imagine that they are playing Minecraft with this cool LEGO figures. There are 327 LEGO pieces on this set. Your daughter will have a lot of fun imagining a variety of Minecraft situations with this set.

What we like about it

We all know that the Minecraft game is highly popular. There are a lot of players in this game from around the world. Your daughter might be one of them. Well, if they are fans of the Minecraft game, they will surely love this LEGO set. Also, if they are not fans of Minecraft but are fans of LEGO, they will still find this gift adorable. This LEGO set comes with a lot of LEGO pieces that can arrange in some ways. It just depends on your daughter’s imagination. They can activate the shooting function of the Snow Golem to make everything more exciting. Get this LEGO toy for your daughter now, and you will surely see a lot of smiles on your daughter’s face. The price of this set is quite reasonable. You will get a lot of value from this purchase.

7. Grace Doll Paperback Book

American Girl girl gift idea review Girls like to play with dolls. They love to comb their hair and design them with everything that they could imagine. Also, they usually change their clothes and make the doll look better. This is because girls love designing activities. They even like to dress too. As our daughter is nearing their teenage years, they will feel the urge to improve their physical look. So you will observe that their fashion skill is improving a lot. This is a good sign. Giving them this American Girl doll will help hone their fashion and aesthetics even more. This doll also comes with a paperback book.

Now, when it comes to the design of this doll, you won’t be at the losing end. Your money will be worth it since the doll is truly adorable. The design is cute but detailed. Your daughter will surely love it. There are some minor designs on this doll, which makes it more appealing. The sparkling blue eyes will attract your daughter’s interest. Also, if they are already fans of American Girl, you will have nothing to worry about. Your daughter will surely appreciate this gift. Other cool designs of this doll are the freckles on the nose, dark-brown hair, and the movable head and limbs.

What we like about it

Of course, this gift is perfect for your daughter if they are already fans of American Girls. They will recognize this doll right away. Even if they are not fans of American Girl, they will still appreciate the cute and detailed design of this doll. Overall, this doll is a smart choice as a gift. Most girls like to play with dolls. If you give them a doll that they can design and put a dress on, they will already love it. The price of this doll is quite high, though. But, that is not a problem since it has a high-quality, and character that based on is quite popular.

8. Hasbro Rubik’s Cube

Hasbro girl gift idea review Rubik’s Cube is very popular around the world. It is fun to solve and is perfect for improving your daughter’s mental abilities. Even if it is fun to solve, your daughter will also have a lot of hardship during the process. But, that is alright since that will help improve their thinking ability. You might be thinking that your daughter may not like this gift. Don’t worry too much, though; even if this Rubik’s Cube looks boring at first, your daughter will have a lot of fun after they start playing. Finding a solution is hard. Even smart people challenged by Rubik’s cube. There are just too many combinations to think about. If your daughter can’t solve it yet, they can just let their mind rest and get back to it once they are ready. It’s another cool gift for 8-year-old girls.

As we all know, the goal of this game is to match all the colors on the 6 sides. This might be easy to say, but doing it is very hard. Your daughter will surely spend a lot of time-solving this cube. Even if it is hard to solve, it is not boring. You will feel curious about how to solve this cube. That is good since it will work your daughter’s brain out. This is one of the best toys to give if you want to exercise your daughter’s brain a lot.

What we like about it

We like this toy as a gift to your daughter since it will not only give a lot of fun to them, but it will also exercise their brains. We all know that working the brain out is highly important, especially for your daughter, who is going to school almost every day. While solving the cube, they are already developing their hand-eye coordination, though processing and concentration. It is truly a fun and beneficial experience. There is no need to look everywhere for a gift to your daughter; this is Rubik’s Cube is already a cool one. The price is also very affordable.

9. Animal Storage Hammock

Lillys Love girl gift idea review It could be sometimes annoying having your daughter’s toys all spread out across the floor. They should not put their toys around randomly. All of their things and belongings should be organized properly so that their room will look clean. Assign them a place where they can place all their stuffed toys. That way, they won’t have any problem looking for them once they feel the need to use them. We all know that girls want to play with stuffed toys. They like to hug them during the cold night. However, they also tend to put them around randomly, which can make the there room look messy. So, if you give this stuffed toy net to them as a gift, they can finally have a single place to store all their stuffed toys.

It will help organize all their toys and keep the rest of the area clean. They can put whatever kind of stuffed toys on it. Whether it is a baby toy, pet toy, jumbo toys, or stuffed animals, this net will keep them in one place. It can also keep your daughter clean in some way since they won’t be putting their stuff toys on the floor anymore.

What we like about it

This stuffed toy net is very easy to install or uninstall. There is also some good costumers feedback on this product, so it is worth trying. The floor or bed of your daughter will become a lot cleaner after getting this net for them.

10. RC Quadcopter Drone

DBPOWER girl gift idea review If you are looking for the coolest gifts for your daughter, then you have one in front of you. Everyone likes to play with a drone. There are a lot of things that you could do with a drone. Whether it is sightseeing, picture taking, or just for pure fun, you won’t run of things to do if you have a drone at your hands. Now, if your daughter likes to take pictures of large landscapers, a drone would be very useful for them.

Now, let us talk about the features of the drone that we are recommending here. When it comes to usability, durability, and value, this drone is our bit. The features of this drone are amazing. It makes the price tag more reasonable. This drone comes with an HD camera and a Wifi feature. Your daughter can connect their phones to the drone and enjoy live video feed. This feature will come in handy if your daughter is planning to go sightseeing. The drone is very easy to control too. Your daughter won’t be hurting anybody while playing with the drone since they will be controlling it with ease. You don’t have anything to worry about this cool drone. It is one of the best gifts for your daughter.

What we like about it

Almost everyone likes to have a drone of their own. The thought of taking pictures of a gorgeous landscape from the air is very enticing. With the help of this drone, our daughter can start taking breathtaking shots and memorable moments. The cool features of this drone make it an ideal deal. So, if you want to give your daughter a cool gadget on their birthday, this one is the best for them. Let us know what you think about gift ideas for 8-year-old girls. Comment below and let us know your pick!

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