Top 10 Best Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old Boys

At the age of 14, your young boy still wants to have fun, let them be- they will only be 14 once, and as parents, we always wanted to make it as memorable as it can be. It never runs out of style for parents to give gifts to their children whether their big day is around the corner or they’re just asking for a new gift. Planning and thinking about your presence in advance will be a great technique, so you don’t have to be overwhelmed with the choices and options you will see in the store.

Starting from gadgets, robots, and bicycles-we have searched the best products that would fit perfect gift for 14-year-old boys. Since they’re no longer toddlers, water guns and simple cars may not work. Hobby grader units will be work perfectly for boys that are about to turn 14 or is 14 already. We have filtered the products that not tailored for 14 and which are not durable. The millennial generation has different tastes, so we have done our part in doing extensive research about their likes and dislikes. Though one child is different from the other, there has to be a universal taste for these millennial kids.

Below is the list of Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old Boys

1. Ollie Darkside Robot

Sphero boy gift idea review If your boy loves robotics and manipulating them through their mobile phones, this Sphero Ollie will surely be one of his favorites. This robot old or swipe the gesture pad so the robot will be able to perform different tricks that your son will love. There are many combos that your son will enjoy discovering and master. The speed is controllable; thus, your son can handle and drive-by following their preferred acceleration. This will enhance your driving experience from novice to master.

What we like about it

What we love about this product is that even if you play this one off-road, it can still have the adequate power needed to tackle and run through the toughest terrain without any problem. There will be a lot of different colors and styles that you can choose from for the additional accessories. We know that young boys, especially at the age 14, get easily bored, but with this Ollie robot, there will be interchangeable hubcaps and tires parts that your son can use when he’s bored with the robot look. This is cool game stuff that every young boy will fall in love with.

The style and the electric motor is superb that can repel water, the robot is purposely build to run through every obstacle that stands in its way. It’s a cool robot that your teenage boy will love, not only that it’s durable, but it can also run over both rough and smooth surfaces. It’s a great buy at a reasonable price; if this is not present in your gift ideas, you might as well include this so you will have a lot of choices to choose from.

2. Sphero Original BB-8 – Best Gift for 14 Year Old Boys

Sphero boy gift idea review Is your son a big fan of Star Wars 7? If your answer is ‘yes,’ then this BB-8 droid will spice up his special day. It comes with authentic movement, which your son can manipulate with the use of t his tablet and smartphone. It is beautifully designed and looks like the one seen in the movie. Unlike other robots that we have encountered, this droid has its mind. It comes with its actions and attitude that you can evolve as you play with it. This droid is compatible with iOS and Android. It comes with a Bluetooth connection with a 100-foot range.

It’s a cool gift that is perfect for a son who fell in love with the idea of evolvement and technology. The robot listens and responds to your son’s voice. It can react and recognize voices, which are quite a cool feature. This droid will remind them of the real one that they see in the original Star Wars 7 movie. Feel the adventure and explore the Star Wars galaxy together with this droid, your 14-year-old son will thank you later. Its top speed is just around 4.5 mph; it’s not that fast.

What we like about it

One of the greatest features we like about it is the design itself. It’s almost close to the Star Wars desktop statues that you can find on the market. Aside from its style, it lets you do more than just displaying it on your desktop. If your son is the type of teen who loves to play with the product right after it got out of the box, then this will be a killer gift for him. The robot is chargeable via an AC adapter or a USB cable. The BB-8 head comes with wheels that can rotated 360 degrees.

Another great feature we love about this droid is its interactivity. The app is easy to download, and after that, your son can fully enjoy controlling the BB-8 directly. He will be able to listen to the cool sounds the droid can make. It also has a camera that can be used to reality messages and believe it or not; it can also listen to voice commands. This will be the future play of the millennial; it’s fun and manipulative. Overall, this is a great gift idea that you can give to your 14-year-old son.

3. Classic Gas Mini Bike

Monster Moto boy gift idea review Bikes of boys, as they say, this monster moto classic mini bike can hold up to 180 lbs weighted rider, which is a great mini bike that powered via fuel. It is safer and way easier to ride, if you are planning to go on a vacation of having fun somewhere, this will be a hit. The pneumatic tires come with steel rims, which adds to its durability. It has a classic design, so it gives the real feels of riding on a really big bike. The handlebars are adjustable, which is another cool feature.

One of the reasons why we have included this product on our top 10 list is because this had become Amazon’s #1 bestseller. Your body will thank you for giving him one of these. The mini bike is firmly constructed and is ready to be used outdoors. We know exactly how bad it feels when you’re having fun; then suddenly, your vehicle runs out of battery. That would be just horrible, with the monster moto classic mini bike- fuel powers it, so you only need to prepare some extra gas to make it run again. You don’t have to recharge anything.

What we like about it

It’s easy to assemble, who would want to spend long hours assembling the item before they can start playing with it, anyway? It’s easy to assemble products that why your boy can play with it in minutes. It looks like the real classic bike, which ads to its overall outer appearance feature. It’s also safe and easy to ride; it’s a perfect vehicle for boys such as your son, who is still 14 years old. It assembled in the USA, it is pre-assembled, so when the item arrives in your home, you need to attach the handlebars, and you’ll be all set.

This is an amazing fit idea that ensures easy operation. It’s perfect for outdoor use where you balance and go on a tougher ride outside. It has an 80cc overhead valve engine that is an automatic clutch; this purposely created for easy maneuver and manipulation of the rider over the vehicle. It’s cool and classic ride; your 14-year-old boy will surely be grateful if you give him one of these.

4. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity LLC. boy gift idea review If your 14-year-old boy has this gift idea on his ‘wishlist,’ you might as well want to reconsider before proceeding to the counter. This a good game that you and your family can play while you are at the party. Maybe you are celebrating an important occasion or having visitors from out of town; you can play this party game to get rid of boredom. This will probably be a hilarious game that you will able to play with your friends and family.

The Cards Against Humanity game is looking good right now, so if your son is asking you to buy him one, note that there will be slightly vulgar and harsh words included or written on the card, this is supposed to entail entertainment, depends on how players take the written meaning. There will be over 500 cards included in the item. It’s funny, yet a horrible game. It has been receiving a lot of good reviews lately. However, if you do not want your son to be familiarized or introduced to slightly vulgar words, then this item is not for you.

What we like about it

It’s not a game that can play in isolation, it’s a ‘party’ game, but not literally that your 14-year-old son should go to a party before he can play this game. Maybe when you have a birthday celebration or occasion that you need to cool down and have some fun games. It can be a hilarious game for some people and can be horrible for some. What we like about it to be quite honest are the random jokes. We all know that laughter is the best medicine, yet also an instant vacation as well.

This game has featured in several magazines, including different clubs, and according to them, it is one of the funniest games that they have ever played. It gives them that sort of uncontrollable laughter. It might be a bit awkward at first, but if you’re mentally ready to read some slightly vulgar words, then it won’t be a problem. Basically, in every round, there will be a single-player who’s going to ask a question from a black card, then the rest of the players who hold ten cards each will answer the question with the funniest white card that they could ever think of. It’s a funny and an incredible game; we won’t deny that.

5. Enamel Paint Set

Testors boy gift idea review Does your 14-year-old boy need new paint for his new RC car or drone? The tester’s promotional enamel paint is a kit that contains eight high-quality paints, tray, and brush that would help your son’s painting job a whole lot easier. There will be nine bottles that you are going to see inside, one of them is the thinner- you can use them or not, it’s optional. The eight colors vary from gold, silver, green, dark blue, red, gloss yellow, black, and white. Of course there the brush is included, it’s ready to use the kit, and you can use it for bigger work purposes, such as painting vehicles like your cars, scooters, and motorcycles.

It comes with the assortment and different colors, which is great. It is slimly packed, which is clean to look at. Some pains that used for miniature crafting can be sometimes awful to use because the water seems to be thicker than the paint itself. The difference with the “Testors” brand is that it paints and spreads well. We don’t want to spend any more time and money on paints that do not distribute evenly, so far we have found testers is the best available paint out there.

What we like about it

It can use for crafting and for other painting projects, it’s also functional to use if you need paint for your car. It’s a multi-purpose paint that you can use for different projects. We just thought that this would be a cool gift idea for a 14-year-old son, who loves arts and painting. The colors and how it can distribute will not disappoint you. It’s an amazing paint set that we’re quite sure your 14-year-old boy can use for either fun or crafting. It’s one of the best paints we have see, and we’re quite sure that the ‘Testors’ quality will not disappoint you.

Another good thing we love about this product is that it is reasonably priced, the quality of the paint is something that you can spread easily, you will surely find this product helpful for painting crafts and projects. The thinner can add some good content in the paint. Just make sure you mix them evenly.

6. Reloaded – Shocking Game

Lightning Reactionboy gift idea review This is another fun game that 14-year-old boys will find enjoyable to play. It’s about reflexes and how fast you can press the button placed on top of your handle if you press it last- oh, boy! You’re going to get a lightning reaction or a ‘zap.’ Don’t worry; the shock is not that high; it’s a funny zap. But please advise your son not to play this game with a pregnant woman or a person who has heart issues. He can play this game with his friends and other individuals that do not have health issues.

If you think that slight zap shock is boring, you can set the lightning reaction from low to medium. If the medium still does not give your friends some chill, then you can set it for high. Can you take a little of the most electrifying one? It’s a funny zap thing designed for young teens like their son. The shock control is something that can control, so you don’t have to worry whether it’s going to electrify you or not. This is a good game to play with your friends at a party or family meeting but never played a prank on people who have health issues and also to women who are pregnant. This is a fun game, but please be cautious.

What we like about it

It’s an offensive game; it’s a great way to get rid of boredom when the party starts to feel plain and simple. What we like about it is that it helps your 14-year-old teenager to practice his hand reflexes, how well he could see the light while the sound is playing. You have to press the button when the red light turns green if you happen to press the last, then you’re going to get zapped. It’s not only for 14-year-old boys but for anyone who wants to experience some electrifying fun.

The product powered by 3 AAA batteries, which not included. It can create a lightning reaction that is great for both adults and teens. This is a great fun time when you have free time; it’s about who can make the quickest draw as possible. Timing is the skill used in this game; good luck to your teens!

7. Remote Control Boat

USA Toyz boy gift idea review Does your 14-year-old boy love the water? Then this RC boat will help him to have some fun. It can perform amazing auto-flips and turns on the water. It’s a great RC little boat for your boy. If he feels like racing it against his friends’ boats, then he could do that as well. They can race at 25 km/h, which is quite a great speed for an RC boat. The remote control helps the player to control the boat and to get the boat out of the water. The 2.4 GHz frequency allows the players to rugged and operate multiple boats to played at the same time.

It’s an amazing water boat that would entertain your 14-year-old boy. It comes with a low battery alarm, so your body will know that he’s running out of battery while he’s playing. It comes with a single-prop, but it’s a powerful motor. This purposely designed for safety. It has a great outer finish, and it can run at a good speed. One of the reasons we have included this one on our list is because it’s affordable. This is a great, yet a cool gift idea for parents who are on a budget, but want to spice up their boy’s upcoming big day.

What we like about it

Aside from the good speed, we love the fact that it has safety measures such as a protective coil that prevents the battery from being over-charged and vice versa. This is a great feature since your 14-year-old boy can sometimes be unmindful when they are charging because their attention can be easily get caught by other shiny things.

This Remote control not recommended for saltwater racing; you can try this one on the pond or lake. You will never have to experience having your RC little boat stranded in the middle of the pond where you can’t reach it since it has a low battery alarm. It will let you know when you should get it out of the shore. It’s an amazing feature that we have noticed not present in other brands out there.

8. Remote Control Truck

Hosim boy gift idea review Is your boy a big fan of RC cars? This can run up to 18km/h, which is quite impressive. This is a controlled electric car that every 14-year-old teen will surely enjoy. It comes with a powerful mechanism that is perfect for running over smooth and rough surfaces. It’s another Gift Idea for 14 Year Old Boys.

What we like about it

Your son can still control this RC car up to 260 ft which are highly responsive compared to the other RC cars we have encountered before. It is such a huge plus that is speed is surprisingly fast; your teen will love this RC car.

9. Takaratomy Beyblades

Takara Tomy boy gift idea review Who says 14 years old does not want to play Beyblades anymore? These types of toys appear on animes before; if your boy is a huge fan of this type of toy set, then this will be a great and cool gift idea for you to include in your list.

What we like about it

We love the fact that this Beyblade officially licensed by Takaratomy, one of the most renowned brands out there. This Beyblade comes with high quality. This will make a wonderful gift for your 14-year-old teen.

10. RC Mini Quadcopter

Redpawz boy gift idea review Of course, quadcopters will always be part of the toys that will never miss on our list. Boys always love to control quadcopter or drone up the sky. This headless RC quadcopter can perform 360-degree flips, which is quite amazing to look at.

What we like about it

It can be played both at night and morning. It comes with LED lights that your son can use to practice flying at night, but we do suggest he start at low height so that he can manipulate the quadcopter well. He’ll improve over time. Let us know what you think about Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old Boys. Comment below and let us know your pick!

What does a 14 year old boy needs for a gift?

Wishlist is different from the “needles.” 14-year-old teens are the year where they are free from what you have settled as “little kid rules” before. As they are at this age, they will be more focused on their emotional and social development. Since they are heading to the age where they become responsible adults, it might be helpful if you choose a gift that could help him have the skills that he will need to have a successful future. For instance, if you have noticed your boy loves robotics and programming so much, try giving him a robot that he could manipulate through his smartphone. They will be mixed with the wrong crowd and sometimes rebel against you as their parents, so you have to be prepared for this one. But remember to give as much guidance as possible to your boy so that he will grow in the right way.

How to choose the perfect gift for a 14-year-old boy?

Parents will always want to best for their children; if you can give them a pile of expensive toys, you will certainly do it, right? Your boys are still at 14; they usually are attracted to games that are fun and interesting to play. Young boys at 14 will be one of their puberty years that they will start to feel conscious about how they look and how they display themselves to others. Staying or getting fit will be one of their goals and of course, having fun. There’s no such thing as a perfect gift for a 14-year-old boy; there can only be the one that fits his taste.

What we did is that we have gathered over a hundred products for 14-year-old boys and trim them down to the best top 10. From robots to vehicles, we have compiled products that are not only tailored for your 14-year oldies, but we have also made sure that these products are something that will not last just for a couple of months, but if possible, will last for years. We don’t want you to spoil the entertainment, while your boy is having fun. Just a quick tip for how you can check the quality of the product is the brand label. There are many brands out there that you can choose from, and we do recommend that you take a bit of time to do your research about that brand’s product.

The top 10 coolest gift ideas we have filed in this article filtered through quality and durable checking. Of course, we have also made sure that these toys will provide fun to your 14-year-old son as he plays with it. Reading product reviews is a great thing so that you can get some valuable ideas the best out there, and also, you don’t have to be overwhelmed with the choices that you are about to see if you head out directly to the store. The age of 14 falls under their adolescent stage, which means that your kids want gifts that they can control; 14 is a pivotal age, where they think they should have control over their lives. Give them much guidance and support, and everything will be all right.

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