Best Educational Toys For 2 Year Olds: Buying Guide & Reviews

Now, that your kid is already 2 years old, you may start to notice new traits and habits. Also, they would be starting to learn how to speak so you should expect some words to come out of their mouth. Well, this is a good thing since it means better communication between you can make the kid. You can take this opportunity to teach your kid how to speak full sentences. It is always a smart thing to give your kids toys that will help enhance their skills. Avoid toys that don’t give any benefit to your kid’s mental and physical development. While they are still young and have a highly curious mind, it is a perfect opportunity for you to teach them skills that they can use later on in their life. This list includes toys that help your kids hone their skills.

below is the list of best educational toys for 2 year olds

One of the skills that you want your kid to develop at this stage is their motor skills. They may start to stand up and walk around at this age so it would be great if you can give them toys that will develop this ability. Here are some of the things that you would notice on your 2 year old kid.

How did we come up with our top 10 best educational toys for 2 year olds?

1. Better motor skills

Like what we’ve said, you should expect better motor skills with your kid at this at this age. They can become a bit harder to handle than when they are younger. It may seem to you that they can’t sit still and are always on the go. Of course, this will tend to stress you out since you have to watch out for them more often. You will see them running short distances, kicking a ball, climb, and even stand on their tiptoes. Those are certainly good signs that your kid is developing gross motor skills.

Of course, you have to give them the right toys that will allow them to enjoy but also develop their motor skills. With the right toys, they would be able to have a good time running and walking around without getting harmed or injured. Kids at this age are curious, so you shouldn’t be worried about getting their toys organised. They will probably mess them up in the end due to their active personality.

2. Verbal Skills

Like what we’ve said above, you will start to hear several words from your 2 year old kid. Of course, that is certainly fun and exciting. You can understand your kid a bit better since they can put their feelings into words more. However, they will still make occasional mistakes from time to time. Like calling a cow a chicken or calling a dog a bunny. This is hilarious, but as a parent, you can begin to understand what they mean.

Boys tend to speak lesser words when compared to girls. That’s why If your kid is a boy and you notice that he speak lesser words then you shouldn’t be worried. It doesn’t mean that your kid has a disorder. That is normal. At this age, your kid should be able to speak “I” and “you” properly. They should be able to use those words in a sentence properly. Also, they can start calling people around them with their name. You will notice them repeating words that they have overheard from other people. Of course, you can help them develop their verbal skills by teaching them the meaning of the words that they have overheard.

3. Sleep

The sleep patterns of your kid will also see some change once they are already 2 years old. They will need about 11 hours of sleep during the night and another 2 hours during the day. If you think about it, that means you wouldn’t have to watch out for your kid most of the time right? Well, if you can put your kid on a sound sleep, that would be the case. You wouldn’t have to stay be your kid’s side all the time and do other chores in the house. But, if once they wake up. They are hyperactive, and it would be time for you to watch for them.

Also, if you are putting your kid on the crib, there is a high chance that they can climb out of it due to their improved motor skills. Of course, there is a risk of injury, especially if they crib’s walls are quite high. To prevent your kid from climbing out of the crib, you can place the mattress on the crib as low as possible. If you can, try to dress your kid in a “sleep sack” to prevent his/her legs from raising. Also, you can try having a mesh crib tent to prevent your kid from getting out.

4. Social skills

Now, let’s talk about the social skills of your kid at this age. Of course, at this age, your kid still have a limited vocabulary so they can’t communicate with other kids very effectively yet. However, they can engage in parallel play with other kids. That means they can play alongside with other kids and develop a friendship in the process. Also, your kid is quite egocentric at this age. They will have a hard time understanding other people’s idea or feeling yet. As a result, they won’t be able to play with other kids traditionally.

Other things that you will notice is your kid becoming a bit defiant. They would become annoyed if you told them what to do or advice them against doing something. This is just your kid becoming a bit more independent. However, they will still be able to understand and obey you if you have good convincing skills. Letting them play with other kids is a good way to boost their social skills. But, they can be shy when meeting other kids or people. So, you have to go with their rhythm and take it easy.

Now, that you know the changes that you will observe on your kids, it is time to move on the toys that will help develop those skills.

1. Toy Workshop Playset – Best Educational Toys For 2 Year Olds

CoolToys educational toy review The Deluxe Toy Playset is considered one of the best “cause & effect” toys available in the market. It lets your 2 year old toddler explore the things that he could do with his hands. The hammer play allows your toddler to enhance both his fine and motor skills, which is one of the important skills he will continue to practice and develop throughout his childhood years. The screwdriver is also a fine motor option for little hands to play with. According to the hundreds of customers who have bought this playset, it instantly became their toddler’s favorite toy to play with every single day. Comments like, “it kept my toddler busy and entertained” “my sons have much fun with it!” and so on.

The shape shorter feature enhances your toddler’s hand and eye coordination. Each time your son fit the right shape to the sorter, the playset will play music which will get your toddler on his feet and dance with the rhythm. The little levers and numerous buttons are fun to play with and just molded or created just perfectly for the toddler’s little hands. The colorful lights and entertaining music is purposely designed to entertain little angels.

What we like about it

We like the fact that it does not only entertain your active little ones, but it allows them to learn at the same time as well. It introduces various shapes and numbers to toddlers as well. It’s a perfect sample of a “cause & effect” toys, which is recommended by the experts for toddlers to play. They will naturally enjoy sorting the various shapes, and they get to hear some good music from the item when they get it right. It’s one of the best toys we have seen and studied so far, that’s why we have put in our number one pick.

We also love the size, which makes it super perfect for your toddler’s little hands. This may not be the perfect toy you might be looking at if you are looking for a bigger playset since this set can be smaller than what you expect, but it does what it says it will. It entertains your toddler while instilling learning to them. The final verdict would be, it’s a good playset to invest it. It promotes both physical and language skills of the toddlers.

  • Loaded with entertaining music.
  • A hammer game included.
  • Enhances both fine and motor skills of toddlers.
  • Colorful lights help in engaging the toddler’s attention.
  • Introduces shapes and numbers to toddlers.
  • The speaking sounds have weird accents .
  • Can be smaller than expected.

2. Wooden Building Blocks

HABA educational toy reviewThe HABA Mod blocks are an upgraded version of the old Mod blocks which mainly made from wood. Just like the other hundreds of entertained toddlers, your little angel will be able to have an interactive and creative play. Each block is well-made, which means that it comes in exceptional designs. They are awesome and promotes exploration play which every 2 year old toddler would enjoy doing. These are fun blocks that allow your toddlers to have fun for hours.

In the Mod blocks, your toddler doesn’t have to follow any instructions to enjoy the game. They are free to create something unique and fun, which is extremely important for every young toddler to experience. Some of the blocks not made in traditional shapes, some of them are something that you haven’t seen before. The blocks made of high quality, which puts you at ease when your kids are playing with it. They can also keep for years, which allows your younger baby (if you happen to have one) to play with it when they become a toddler.

What we like about it

We like that fact that each block comes in different shapes and colors. We also like the fact that stimulates creativity and exploration for a young toddler to build something they want. It promotes 2 year old toddlers to think outside the box, which highly enhances their cognitive abilities. It pushes young toddlers off their boundary limits and lets them build something they have in mind. The blocks made in a great variety of color, which adds more fun to the whole thing.

  • Colorful blocks which attract the toddlers to play more.
  • They have upgraded from wooden blocks to durable and colorful blocks.
  • Each block has a nice and commendable design.
  • There are 21 small blocks your 2 year old toddler can play with.
  • Each block comes in different shapes.
  • Materials could be better.

3. Junior Book Pal

LeapFrog educational toy reviewThe LeapFrog LeapReader Junior Book Pal provides your 2 year old toddler with a reading buddy that could be customized. The dog pal can be programmed to say your toddler’s name, which makes it more personalized. Every page printed with bright and realistic colors which attract the attention of the young language learners. And just like thousands of satisfied customers of the book, your 2 year old toddler will be able to hear story text, engaging sound effects, and songs. This interactive book promotes the language and exploration skills of every young toddler.

What we like about it

We like the fact that it comes with open-ended questions in every story, which encourages your precious toddler to continue to explore. It keeps your young language learners on the lope; they may acquire more learning. There are over 24 activities included in the book and over 150 responses; it’s fun to play with, especially that your toddler has “dog pal” to study and have fun with. It does not only entertain young children but lets them learn at the same time.

  • The junior book shape is perfect for smaller hands to grip.
  • The dog pal can be customized and can say your toddler’s name.
  • Made with great quality.
  • Extremely interactive.
  • Promotes language skills to your toddlers.
  • Has limited storage (only 5 MB).

4. Air Stirling Engine

Sunnytech educational toy reviewAre you looking for something unique to put on your 2 year old toddler’s room? The Sunny Stirling Engine model is pretty intriguing to placed on your toddler’s table. It’s a great blend of art and science, and you will be able to introduce it to your toddler at a very young age. It’s beautifully constructed, and we’re quite sure that your 2 year old toddler would be fascinated to see this Stirling in action.

Just a quick reminder, this is not an interactive play intended for 2 year old toddlers. This is only for parents who want to introduce something related to engineering science. You can only let your toddler see how it runs while you are operating it. It’s amazing stuff and fun to watch. It made with metallic materials which ensure top quality. It’s unique and makes a great display. If you are an engineer you somehow want to introduce your job to your adorable toddler, you can show him how this little thing works. It’s durable and very entertaining to watch in action.

What we like about it

We think that this product is going to be perfect for parents who aspire their young toddler to become an engineer one day. This is a creative way to introduce art and science to your toddler as aforementioned. You have to operate this one since it involves lighting up the gas to make the combustion work. It’s fun to look at when it’s running, and it made with top-notch quality.

  • Made with quality.
  • Great to be displayed in your toddler’s room.
  • Perfect and surprising items for younger kids to explore.
  • The glass pieces wear out too fast.
  • There’s no electrical generator included.

5. Train Building Set

LEGO educational toy reviewThe Hop aboard the Number train is a perfect gift idea for parents who have toddlers that are into building set. The set also teaches your 2 year old toddler how to count which is important to introduce to him in this milestone. The 3 wagon and pieces allow your young builders to gain math skills while being creative. He may construct whatever he desired and entertained at the same time. The child “Duplo” figure and the dog is meant to add more fun and color to the construction set.

Your son will be able to rebuild a tunnel, a dog house, or anything he may wish to. It’s fun to play, and it comes in attractive colors. The construction set mainly aimed for the young builder to construct a train, once it all set up. It’s fun to look at, and your child can even put it up as a display.

What we like about it

We like the fact that it promotes creativity and exploration for toddlers. We also liked the fact that they would be able to construct a train toddler-friendly train that they could play along together with the child and dog figures. It was entertaining and targeted for 1-3 years old. It made with quality and safe materials, so parents can be at peace when their toddlers are playing with LEGO.

  • Introduces numbers to your toddler (you can teach them counting).
  • Lets your toddler be creative.
  • Perfect present for toddlers who love to build.
  • Colorful.
  • Promotes creative and exploration play.
  • The wheels on the train/cars should be made more durable.
  • The pieces don’t say well after put together.

6. Musical Activity Cube

WolVol educational toy review The WolVol is an education activity cute play center that allows 2 year old toddlers to interact with creative and exploration play. Some of the skills include art and creativity skills. The play center is purposely made sturdy, so you can bring it whenever you want to travel. There are 4 sides that your toddler can interact with. Since there are 4 sides, many toddlers can play with it. Just do note that your supervision is required when your young learners are playing with it since there might be little pieces that could remove and they could potentially swallow it.

There will be lights, and a lot of music included which it makes even more engaging and fun for toddlers to engage with. It promotes exploration play in just a single cube. There will be a steering wheel included which makes your 2 year old toddler as if he was driving. There will be a telephone toy; it’s definitely worth the price tag it is wearing.

What we like about it

We like the fact that it targets a lot of skills to improve such as creativity, language, driving, and shapes. The lights are very engaging and fun to look at. It keeps young learners curiosity at play and helps them to learn at the same time. The music comes with good quality as well, which encourages your 2 year old toddler to dance and possible sing-along.

  • Made with high-quality materials.
  • Teaches art and creative skills.
  • Colorful.
  • Engaging sound effects.
  • Safe for children to play with.
  • There are no batteries included.
  • The beads can remove, so your strict supervision is needed whenever your toddler is playing with this item.

7. Math Building Set

Mega Bloks educational toy review For young toddlers who aspires to become builders one day, the Mega block might be something they might enjoy playing. This set allows them to learn the basic of numbers such as simple equations and counting. It provides a lot of fun for young toddlers, and it lets them become creative and what they want to build. The colorful math-themed decoration help to instill better and clearer learning to younger learners. It’s fun to play with and teaches them simple problem-solving skills at a much younger age.

The set also comes with idea cards, which helps in building different math equations together with their respective solutions. The pictograms aim to teach young toddlers anything from simple counting to basic equation. The building blocks made with colorful material which attracts the toddler to play with it. The set is made just perfect in size for toddlers who have smaller hands.

What we like about it

We like the fact that it’s simply fun to play and it lets young toddlers to explore and get creative ad they familiarize themselves with basic and simple equations. It also teaches them about shapes which is fun. The colorful and guiding cards prove that building and problem solving does not have to be boring.

  • It comes with a bag; it comes quite handy when putting the pieces back.
  • Allows young toddlers to learn math.
  • Quite made with fun color.
  • Perfect for toddler’s curious minds.
  • Promotes creative and exploration play.
  • Some blocks fit loosely or tightly compared to others.
  • Pieces come apart easily (does not stick to one another pretty well).
  • Could be more made with brighter colors.

8. Touch & Teach Word Book

VTech educational toy review A 2 year old kid will definitely like this word book. They have a high a curious mind so they can use that mind in this book. It will help them learn new words while they are having fun. What we like most about this toy is that comes with a detailed design. It doesn’t only show images and letters in the book, but it also has sounds and music. The pages are touch sensitive and will respond to your kid’s touches. Aside from it gives a lot of fun to your toddler, it is also a very effective learning material.

What we like about it

Of course, this toy is highly helpful for your kid, so it is a worthy investment. It is not some randomly designed toy that will give entertainment. This toy is also highly educational. It comes with pages that are touch sensitive. There are playful sing-along songs and phrases that will assess your kid’s verbal development.

  • Encourages discovery and exploration.
  • Comes with 12 touch sensitive pages.
  • Good for kids aging 18 months and above.
  • Introduces vocabulary appropriate for the age.
  • Comes with sounds and sing-along songs.
  • Some kids at this age may not yet prepare for a vocabulary lesson.

9. 25 Piece Wooden Mix

HABA educational toy review Your kid needs to develop their creative skills too. So you have to give them toys that are flexible and allows them to make some changes. This stacking peg toy is a perfect toy for them at this stage. It introduces various shapes and blocks. There are eight dowels and vibrant flower blocks which will allow your kids to put their imagination at work. Your kids can match and arrange the leaves. They will surely have a lot of fun while playing with this toy. The fact that they can rearrange the pieces allows them to redesign the toy. It will keep their attention from transferring to other objects.

What we like about it

We like the fact that this toy is flexible. You can rearrange the parts so that it will look new and interesting. We all know that kids are highly curious. Which means that they can easily turn their attention to other things if they don’t like the toy anymore. It comes with toy flowers like a tulip, sunflower, and zinnia which makes the setup look like a beautiful garden.

  • It comes with colorful flower blocks.
  • Improves your kid’s imagination.
  • Can be rearranged.
  • Made of durable wood.
  • Great for teaching your kids about flowers and parts of plants.
  • A bit small.

10. Color Matching Egg Set

Kidzlane educational toy review This toy egg set might look simple at first sight. But, if you will look at its features, you will notice that it is a big help for your kids. It comes with toy eggs that have different colors and numbers which means that you can use them to teach your kids how to count. The shape of the eggs is child-friendly. They designed so that your kids can grab them very easily.

What we like about it

It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee which is quite reassuring. If you don’t like the toy or you notice any problems, you can contact their customer service. The case included is also durable. It made of safe materials that can withstand some minor impact.

  • Colorful and attractive toy.
  • Improve your kid’s hand dexterity and color recognition.
  • Perfect for teaching your kids how to count.
  • Made of safe materials.
  • It is durable.
  • Numbers are the same color as the eggs.
  • Some eggs are hard to open.

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