RC Tanks That Shoot: Updated 2018 Review!

Whether it’s your hobby to collect rc tanks that shoot or you just love to put them in the battlefield and combat tanks among your friends, it couldn’t deny that playing tanks is a great hobby that anyone can enjoy. It’s not only for youngsters nor teens, but anyone who’s in the age 14 and up can have fun with it. It’s an amazing hobby that improves people’s strategic abilities.

Who can benefit from RC tanks?

RC battle tanks that shoot are only allowed for kids aging 14+, supervision from parents also recommended so they can guide young people on how to play battle tanks appropriately. There will be manuals that will come with the product, so it will be easier to determine which of which to press to make the tank move. It is not limited to young people though, as long as you have heard for battle tanks and your eyesight is good, then you can play RC tanks with your family and friends.

What can RC tanks do?

If you’re looking for one for yourself or you’re planning to give it as a gift, you can never go wrong when it comes to choosing RC Tanks That Shoot as a hobby. We have researched about the best rc shooting tanks, and we’re going to share our finding with you. We have made sure that all tanks will shoot and that there will be one that fits everyone budget. These tanks are entertaining to play with. These battle tanks have the ability to shoot, perfect if you’re an RC driver who wants to take tanks for battles.

They can spin and navigate an area, which is cool to look at. There are many things that battle tanks can do, aside from it provides entertainment to players, they also promote the creativity of players since they will have to design the battlefield to make the area seem more like a real battlefield. It’s a great hobby that anyone can enjoy, no matter where their age at.

Just do note that what’s best is highly based on your purpose for buying, it for plain entertainment and combat, then there’s a serious need for you to consider the type of bullets its cannon releases. On the other hand, if you are buying for display or collection purposes, then there’s no need for you to consider the bullet, but rather concentrate on the outer appearance of the tank. For our readers who are planning to take their tank for combat, the best one is something that is easy to control, navigate, and fires instantly.

Best RC Shooting Tank 2018

RC Shooting TanksSuitable AgeMax Firing RangeControl range 
Fisca RC Battle Tank12+9 feet30 feet
Abrams USA Battle Tank12+9 feet30 feet
Airsoft Metal Heavy Panzer14+9 feet30 feet
Abrams Military Battle Tank14+9 feet30 feet
Battle Tank RC Sound14+9 feet30 feet

How to choose the best rc shooting tank?

We understand that you might probably be confused on which one to choose since there are over hundreds of battle tanks brands that you can choose from. You don’t want to waste your money on something that simply won’t work. It’s important that you only do business with a reliable brand.

If you are still confused on what to buy, we’re going to leave you a quick guide so that you can choose appropriately. If you’re in a rush, you can check our list and see if any of them fits your budget and purpose of buying. We have intentionally put this review and buying guide together, so you can make an educated decision in buying your next tanks that shoot. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the things that you need to consider.

1. Sounds.

This is one of the components that makes a rc tanks that shoot realistic, if you’re not a fan of loud and roaring sounds, then there is a great variety of battle tanks that you can choose from, especially if you’re going to give it to younger players. You have to make sure that they will not be startled by noises coming out from the rc shooting tank. When it comes to playing battle tanks for combat, we want it to be realistic as much as possible.

If you’re the type of RC driver who loves to see smoke when the tank shoots and making sounds as it crawls on the field, then you will have to look for a tank that has recoil on the barrel. It’s always best to check the volume of noise the tank is capable of representing, so you can align it with your needs. There’s no need for you to spend thousands of dollars to enjoy realistic combat, what you need is a tank that is capable of smoking, firing, and rotating and you’re all set for the game. It will be fun especially when you play with your friends.

If you’re looking for some realistic feature, you can check Leopard battle tank brands that will surely amaze you with its amazing features.

2. Budget.

There’s no need for you to pay $$$$ for a hobby grade battle tank, some brands offer the best and reliable tanks, which cost way less. It’s important for every buyer to consider their budget, so they don’t have to touch the money that is not intended for leisure purposes. It’s also important that you consider the quality from which the battle tank is made, for instance, there are tanks that made from plastic, which could easily break due to hits and crashes. On the other hand, if you prefer something more durable, then you might want to consider tanks, with metallic bodies.

3. Metallic or Plastic.

If you have visited or become a part of RC forums, you have probably heard enough debates regarding they should go for metal tanks or plastic? Obviously, metal RC battle tanks are way more expensive compared to plastic-made battle tanks. However, you could benefit from plastic-made tanks if you are looking for something that is light and fast, the one that could go through smaller battlefields with less navigation hassle.

Just do note that metal battle tanks will always be more durable, so if you’re using it for combat purposes, then you might want to consider to buy a metallic body RC battle tanks. If you are still confused then you can just ask yourself which matters most- is it agility or durability? In this way, you will find it easier to choose which one is the best one to buy.

4. Batteries for the tank.

Most of the tanks that we have included in this review are all electrical battle tanks, which means all tanks will be rechargeable. They can usually be played for 10- 30 minutes. However, if you are looking forward to playing longer, our recommendation is that you have to buy a stronger battery pack as an upgrade for your RC battle tank, this will allow you to have more time in playing and less time of having to wait for your rc shooting tank to recharge.

You can’t forget about the RC’s batteries; they will also need some, which you can buy easily in any local stores. When you upgrade your RC battle tank, don’t forget to buy a more durable charger too with a cable that made in high-quality.

5. Remote Control.

RCs also referred as “receivers” must be something that you will feel comfortable using. Depending on the controls, you may be able to rotate the battle tank to 360 degrees; this will be quite useful when it comes to combat uses. However, these type of control will be more expensive, due to its complicated wirings. It is also important that you are familiar with the remote control, so you can accurately navigate it when there are enemy tanks nearby.

6. Scale options.

It will be your choice when it comes on how big it will compare to the real tank. Obviously, 1/8 scale will be bigger than 1/16 scale size. One of the most commonly bought scale sizes are in 1/16 and 1/24, so buying by this size, means that you will be able to play with many potential players. The 1/8 scale can be realistic and cool to have, but they will be more difficult to navigate or control due to their size. Also, it will put you at a disadvantage since smaller scale battle tanks tend to move faster.

7. Camo.

Of course, one of the things that you can’t afford to overlook is the outer appearance of the battle tank, with hundreds of brands of rc tanks that shoot out there, we’re quite sure that one or two of them have what you want. It is pointless to buy something that you might not like.

You can always do some research until you find the tank replica that you are looking for. If you find something that has all the features and quality that you are looking for but don’t have the color that you want, you can always customize it. You can buy some paints and do it on your own, aside from its fun and creative, it will also help you to create a perfect replica of your next RC battle tank.

8. RC tanks brands.

There are many strong brands out there if you have been combating RC battle tanks before then your probably have heard about the Tamiya brand. It’s one of the best, but a little too difficult to spot online- this might no work if you’re the type of RC driver who wants to buy battle tanks online. TaiGen is also a great brand, they known for making high-quality battle tank products both hobby and toy graders.

They have excellent Infrared (IR) system inside, but they can cost quite more compared to other brands. There are many good brands out there, and yes, you can’t forget about Heng Long brands- one of the top leading brands when it comes to Remote control battle tanks.

9. Artillery.

Most RC battle tanks will come with BB type of bullets, which you can easily purchase at Walmart, there are also some battle tanks that come with bullets when you buy it. Ammo differs from what type of RC battle tank you have, there are explosive ones, and there are some that made from pellet bullets, which are quite small. If you are planning to purchase one for combat purchases, then choosing the right tank with good artillery feature will put you at an excellent vantage.

1. Fisca RC Battle Tank – Best RC Battle Tank

fisca rc tank review
This RC tanks can shoot a bullet, 6mm BB bullet to be particular. It can be loaded up with 50 bullets, which is amazing. It has a recoil action when its cannon fires.

It has a reasonable price, which is less expensive compared to RC battle tanks that are worth over $$$.

  • It has a desert camouflage paint, which adds to its realistic feature.
  • It has both cannon and engine sounds.
  • It shoots 6mm BB bullet.
  • It runs fast.
  • It recoils when the cannon fires, just like a real tank.
  • The control range is up to 15m.
  • It can only last for 15 minutes for playing time.
  • It takes almost 7 hours to fully recharged.
  • The packaging was satisfying, but can still be improved.

2. Abrams USA Battle Tank

Amazing Tech Depot rc tank review
It has a 300-degree rotating feature, which is a great spin figure that could outwit enemy tanks if you are planning to use this tank for battle purposes. The rc shooting tank is easy to use, but the quality of the antenna could still be improved.

The price is quite affordable.

  • It is well-painted.
  • It ready to run when we take it out the box.
  • Its scale is 1/24, which makes it light and fast.
  • It comes with sounds.
  • It is rechargeable.
  • The range control is only around 10m.
  • Can’t perform a complete 360-degree spin.
  • The charger’s cable could still be improved.

3. Airsoft Metal Heavy Panzer

Amazing Tech Depot rc tank review
The German Tiger Battle tank automatically reduces its power once hit and when hit five times, it will be automatically be destroyed, which adds fun to the whole game. It’s an awesome battle tank that is durable and fun.

  • It has an excellent IR battle system
  • It can climb to a 35-degree slope.
  • The best budget tank, completely affordable.
  • It comes with cool shooting sounds.
  • It can rotate up to 320 degrees, which most tanks can’t do.
  • The playing time is too short.
  • The charger seems made from low-quality materials.
  • The buyer might be an urge to upgrade the battery pack for more playing time.

4. Abrams Military Battle Tank

Amazing Tech Depot rc tank review
The scale size of this battle tank is in 1/16, which means that there are a lot of potential players that you could play with since its size is quite common. It comes with rechargeable battery, but only lasts for 20 minutes, so commanders of this RC tank might want to upgrade its battery pack so that it can last longer in the battlefield.

  • It can be loaded up with 50 bullets, which is quite fun.
  • It can control at around 16m, which is cool.
  • It is light and fast.
  • It is easy to recharge, but the waiting time is awful.
  • It is upgradable.
  • The battery only lasts for 15-minute play, have to upgrade the battery pack to have more playing time.
  • The remote control’s antenna could still be improved.
  • The sounds are too loud.

5. Battle Tank RC Sound

Amazing Tech Depot rc tank review
The German Battle Panzer could look meek, but a bad boy in the field. Its cannon can shoot up to 9m, which quite cool. RC commanders will surely love this battle tank. It comes with a reasonable price and will make a perfect gift for your loved ones.

  • It has realistic sounds.
  • It can release smoke.
  • It comes with metal gears.
  • It can climb hills, which is good for combat purposes.
  • It has a cool startup motor sound.
  • It cannot perform a 360-degree spin.
  • The remote control can be a bit tricky to use.
  • The control range could still improve for future innovations and upgrades.
Overall, the most important thing that you should note is to buy an RC battle tank that will fit your purpose. Something that fits your budget and that you can have fun with. The product that we have included in our list have the feature to spin and can be a good rc tanks that shoot to bring at a battle game. So, you can rest assured that the product we have included is worth to buy. If you’re still puzzled, just do your research and have a clear goal idea on what you what your RC battle tank will look like.

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