Top 10 Cool Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Boys

So, your son is turning 6 and his big day is around the corner, and as parents you wouldn’t want to see them frown on their day, right? Gifts are one of the things that kids would love to have in their day. They’ll fill with thrill and excitement and will sometimes make a hunch on what is inside. It’s an extremely used method to make kids happy, but still, it’s effective. If you don’t have much time to choose the gift item that every six years old would find cool, then you find the right article to help you find one.

Below is the list of gifts for 6 year old boys

Gift Ideas For 6 Year Old BoysBrandProduct DimensionsType 
Mega Crane PlaysetDICKIE TOYS19.5 x 4 x 27.5 inchesVehicle Playsets
Art Draw Like A ProALEX Toys19 x 1 x 15 inchesArts & Crafts
Stadium Baseball GameInternational Playthings17 x 2.5 x 17 inchesBoard Games
Magnetic Dart BoardMarky Sparky16.2 x 15.8 x 1.5 inchesDartboards
Stomp Rocket Ultra RocketStomp Rocket1 x 1 x 10 inchesEducational
Hanging Tree SwingHearthSong®40 x 30 x 0.1 inchesSports & Outdoor Play
Criss Cross Crash Track SetHot Wheels2.8 x 24 x 15 inchesVehicle Playsets
Hasbro Battleship GameHasbro2.9 x 10.5 x 10.5 inchesBoard Games
Portable Basketball HoopLifetime44 x 44 x 162 inchesSports & Fitness
Nerf N-Strike Blazin BowNerf3 x 18.7 x 13.3 inchesSports & Outdoor Play

Your son at six will have longer span when it comes to giving their attention; they are no longer the toddlers who get bored playing with the same toy for a few minutes or hours. Your kids at six will be more open to open-ended experience; they feel limitless and boundless, so your strict supervision is recommended to make sure that they are safe while enjoying the games that they love. You will also start to notice that your kids would ask you for more or new roles and responsibilities in the house, but of course, they still need you to guide them so that they can correctly complete the tasks in a right way.

Six-year-old kiddos will love to move their body in a great variety of way. They have developed their motor skills that would help them to be involved in trickier activities. Your kids will be off for anything that involves their physical activity; they would be more than enthusiastic to try out sports and new activities that they see when they walk by the park or have watched on TV. As parents, you will start to notice that they can run across pathways and they could manipulate their bodies to go towards a particular direction. They would love to jump from side to side, to roll, to land, and to be active as much as possible. They will be like adults who have just grasp a big achievement that they can’t help but move a lot.

What can I expect from my six-year-old son?

Parents are always excited when it comes to their children’s year by year milestone. Your six-year-old son will be more into physical activities; they will continue to develop their bones and other body parts. You’ve probably noticed that your kids are still not good in throwing or catching and that is because their hand and foot-eye coordination is still at work or is still developing, that’s why they find it difficult to kick or to strike something. With the right equipment, your six-year-old son will be able to develop this skill in no time.

Did you know that your six-year-old kid’s actual skill levels will greatly base on their daily physical activity? While they are young, we do encourage to engage them in activities that would improve their physique. But of course, let your children rest when they are tired. If you can afford to go an extra mile, you can enroll your son in team sports or some backyard play. If he loves to do a cool dance step, then it might be a great idea to enroll him in a dance lesson. Help them develop their bones while they are still young. They will thank you later.

How can I help my six-year-old son to be confident?

When you get your kids to play with themselves, they will tend to shy away when they see other kids, that’s why taking them to the park will be a good aid for them to interact with kids at their age and share what they know. At this young age of 6, your kids will be much delighted to show off whatever talent they may have. They will have more self-control. Thus you will start to notice that, they are not giving you many tantrums compared than they were younger.

Your six-year-old son will love to have a lot of cool toys and will tend to share them with peers, but you can expect frequent conflicts will still be there where they will fight over a single piece of toy. It will help if you arrange some time where you and your son can talk in private, encourage them to share what they feel and their emotions. They will feel most secure when they are with you, so it’s important that you are always there beside them with they are currently going through different circumstances and situations.

1. Mega Crane Playset

DICKIE TOYS boy gift idea review If your six-year-old son is a huge fan of cranes and manipulating things, then this Mega Crane Playset will become one of his faves. We’re quite sure that your son will be surprised when they see this crane, it stands 48” which is close to your son’s height, it’s big, so it gives them the real feels of having a crane. The crane cabin can rotate 350 degrees when your six-year-old son pressed the button. The attachments that go with the crane functions as something that would pick and transport the building materials from one place to the other.

In controlling the mega crane playset, your son can either be sitting, standing, or move, so this can also encourage your six-year-old son to move his body. This encourages your son to become imaginative as well; he will turn his playroom into a construction site where he could play as a crane worker, and he has to construct a huge building. This is a cool toy that would look right in your son’s eye once they see this item in the box.

What we like about it

The Dickie toys construction mega crane can provide not only entertainment for your child but lets him feels like a real builder. With this item’s height of 48 inches, this will give some real feel to your six-year-old son like he is a real builder. It comes with a cable crane control which will be used by your son to make the crane move. This is a cool gift idea that you can add to your list, developing your son’s imaginary skills is important, so he will find art classes a bit comprehensive.

Your little construction lover will be more than thrilled when he sees this giant construction crane toy; it comes with a remote and some moving pieces that your six-year-old son would find entertaining to play. If your son still doesn’t have a crane and he loves constructing things, then this gift item would leave your six-year-old son impressed. What are you waiting for, why not get your adorable construction lover one?

2. Art Draw Like A Pro

ALEX Toys boy gift idea review Does your son love to take his hands into crayolas or paints? Then this gift item would blow your kid on his big day. If you want something that is an easy and fun way to help your six-year-old son learn how to draw like a pro, the Toys Artist Studio- Draw Like a Pro would be a wonderful gift idea that you could wrap as a gift. This item requires 2 AA batteries to operate which not included when you buy this item, so you might as well want to buy some if you plan to go for this gift idea. The set includes a projector, ten paper sheets, a flip book, 124 slides, and six markers.

This product is an award winner, it has been featured in “Creative Child Magazine” and was one of the “Dr. Toy’s Best New Products”. We felt product sharing you this creation; it works pretty simply. Your son just has to set the projector, select 1 out of the 124 slides, then insert it to the projector. This will project the drawing lines on the paper sheet; your six-year-old son can simply trace the lines to complete the drawing. This is a fun item that your son would love. He will learn how to draw in the easiest way possible.

What we like about it

ALEX is a reputable toy brand; we’re quite sure that you have heard of the name somewhere or have read it in other articles. Their toys have featured in a good number of magazines, that’s why we feel product presenting you their product. We love it when your son has the easy way when it comes to improving his craft in drawing. The colors of the image will project as well, so your son can easily give life color after his drawing. It is simple and easy to start illustrating different projects; it’s plain and fun- every six years old will love this item.

At the young of 6, he will be able to know what lines or shape to draw to illustrate a cat or a triangle. Every master has started learning the basics. The ALEX company also provides complete guidance, so parents will find it extremely easy to use this item. If you need to watch a video instruction, you can easily go to their website and see the instructions on this toy. Their videos explain things like a charm; parents will fall in love with this product, we’re quite sure that your six-year-old son will love this, too!

3. Stadium Baseball Game – Best Gift for 6 Year Old Boys

International Playthings boy gift idea review This stadium baseball game is mini baseball table game that your six old sons can play in any given weather. Of course, he will be able to pitch and bat the ball using the spring-loaded bat. The purpose of this baseball table game is that your son thus not have to feel blue when he’s about to play baseball outside and suddenly it rains, or the heat of the sun is just too unbearable. The super stadium ball has every feature that will give the real feel that your son is exactly playing baseball, just in a smaller space.

There will hidden contraptions and launching levers that would make this baseball table a great and real crowd-pleaser, your six-year-old son can play this with his friends while chilling with some healthy apple snack. There will be tons of control included such as the magnetized infield, this functions for creating the ball movement. This is a cool game that your six-year-old son would love. He will be able to perform realistic baseball actions such as triples, homers, hit singles, and doubles. If your son is a huge fan of the baseball game, this will make a wonderful gift to show him on his big day.

What we like about it

This baseball game can be a perfect gift item for your little baseball player; he will be able to get most of the game without having to leave the table. Your six-year-old son’s strength when he bats might not be enough if you take him to the real baseball game. He can start playing with this table while knowing the different moves that would help him further to understand the mechanics or how the baseball sport works. When he grows up, he will be able to play it well. There will be a dual pitching lever that helps in controlling the curve balls and helps in changing the speed; there are many features that come with this baseball table game that your six-year-old son will enjoy discovering.

Another thing we love about this product is that it helps your six-year-old son to be active while having fun. He does not have to feel blue or sad when it’s raining when he feels like practicing baseball at the park or your play yard. The product comes with an instruction manual, so you will be guided on how to use the item. The product includes a game zone super stadium baseball game that includes minifigures of a pitcher, baserunners, and another type of players. It got everything that would send the real baseball playing feels to your son.

4. Magnetic Dart Board

Marky Sparky boy gift idea review Is your son into darts? The magnetic dart board will help see his accuracy improvement since the darts stick to the board. If your son loves the fun he gets from playing the fun of darts; then this would be a wonderful gift to give him on his big day. The magnets are safely and securely placed inside the board to be able to hold the darts in place. It is such a huge plus that this item can’t harm the walls nor hurt your six-year-old son. This is the safe way to improve and enhance your son’s dart targeting skills.

This gift item is something that your six-year-old son won’t outgrow. Dart targeting is fun for all skill levels and ages, this can provide some family fun. Your six-year-old son does not have to play with this alone; he can play this with his cousins, parents, peers, and friends. This is a family board game. If you have some late party night, this could be a fun and entertaining game night. For kids, you might want to set a reward so they can win prices. The dartboard is extremely easy to hand in any room since it comes with a hook. It’s another great gift for 6 year old boys.

What we like about it

At the age of 6, we have aforementioned before in this article that your son will have the longest attention span, his focus, and concentration as well- increases. You can further assist and help him by giving him a dart board to target. In this game, he will have to focus to hit the center of the board. He will also feel confident and extremely happy once he had hit the central target. If there’s a dart game in school, he will be more than enthusiastic to participate because he knows how the game works.

5. Stomp Rocket Ultra Rocket

Stomp Rocket boy gift idea review Encouraging your young six-year-old son to move a lot is something that they would thank you for when they grow up. This stomp rocket item will help them improve their STEM development, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Your kids just simply have to run, jump, and stomp to make the rocket launch. They could compete with their friends and see who could set the highest flight one rocket can make. Every rocket can be launch 200 feet in the air.

What we like about it

We like it when your son is encouraged to move his body. This helps in improving and developing their bones. We have mentioned before that the age of 6, your son has developed his motor skills, but not yet fully developed. But he could perform jumps, runs, and stomps and this is what this item is all about. Your six-year-old son will just have to stomp so the rocket will launch, it’s fun, simple, and entertaining, Every six year old will love this Stomp Rocket. It is fast to assemble as well; parents don’t have to break a sweat. It is 100% kid powered, which is cool stuff.

6. Hanging Tree Swing

HearthSong® boy gift idea review Does your son love going for outdoor adventures? Then this deluxe platform swing would become one his faves. It is innovatively and newly designed to be big enough to fit multiple kids to swing and enjoy the mild sunshine coming out from the sun. Your six-year-old son will have some floating play space. It sturdily made, which means that if I made from a padded steel frame that enables it to support a 1-3 number of kids. It purposely designed and made to encourage group play; it is such a huge plus that your six-year-old son will have some fun time with the mild heat of the sun.

What we like about it

It is made from a strong and thick nylon and framed with steel; this is a perfect swing that can support not only your son but his friend as well. It can support dynamic swings, so your son can have fun while doing swings. This can occupy your kid’s attention for hours and they can play it indoors for colder months and outdoors for mild and hot weather. It is comfortable and spacious for your little swing lovers to have fun. The rope and frame are purposely made durable and strong, so you can rest assured that your kids are safe while playing with this swing.

7. Criss Cross Crash Track Set

Hot Wheels boy gift idea review Is your son into racing stuff? This Hot Wheel is extremely easy and fun to play. Your kid just has to assemble the track and watch the How Wheels Cars crash races through the track. This set encourages a lot of thinking skills since if your son is not careful, he could arrange or assemble the track in a way the cars would collide and crash. The loops are a bit challenging to go together so the cars won’t hit each other, so this would encourage some experiment and thinking about your six-year-old son.

What we like about it

It encourages problem-solving skills which are good and valuable skills that your six-year-old son can use when he grows up. It comes with a convenient storage where you can keep all the loops and cars back in place. There will be challenging intersections that your son can set if he’s really up for some huge crash event. But if your son is more on the racing stuff, not the type who like the cars to hit each other, then it will take time for him to build the loops where the cars won’t clash with each other.

8. Hasbro Battleship Game

Hasbro boy gift idea review Kids like to play competitively. They don’t want to play with their toy alone. That’s why it will be a good idea to give them a toy that will allow them to play with other kids. There are a lot of toys that can do that. Battleship Game is one of those toys. If you are familiar with the battleship game, you might be aware how fun the game is. It is one of those games that are very simple and easy to understand but gives a lot of fun and thrills. Your kids will like it. This game is safe for your kids.
There are pegs which represent that score of the game. The red pegs represent the strikes while being white pegs are the misses. It is straightforward and direct. You don’t have a lot of hardships explaining this game to your kids. They can play this game as soon as they open the box. Predicting the location of your opponents is both hard and thrilling. They will never get bored playing this little game. Also, they will be able to develop the ability to the behavioral pattern of their opponent. Yes, it is not just pure guessing, players have to know their opponent well too.

What we like about it

We like that this game is straightforward but fun. It is quite hard to find a game that is very simple but gives a lot of excitement. The battleship game has its share of popularity; even you may have already played it. Kids will have no problem enjoying this game since it is fun and full thrills.

9. Portable Basketball Hoop

Lifetime boy gift idea review Hey, who doesn’t want to play basketball? It is a trendy sport around the world. Basketball can give a couple of benefits for your child. Getting this item as a gift for your kids is certainly a cool idea. If they are tired of sitting around playing with their computers, you can have them play basketball. It is an entertaining game. Even if your kids are still young, they are still capable of playing the game in a fun way. Giving them this gift will allow them to practice their skills as they grow up.
Also, if your kids already play basketball, they will be delighted with this gift. It looks great and will attract them to play the game. The backboard is quite tough; it will surely last for long. It is worth every penny. However, don’t encourage your kids to play too aggressively since there is a big possibility of getting injured when playing the game. It will also help if you can watch them while they are playing so that you can prevent any injury. Anyway, it is a safe choice as a gift for every kid.

What we like about it

The quality alone will make you want to buy this basketball hoop for your kids or yourself. Yes, you can also play with it. You are giving your kids a gift, and you are also buying a basketball equipment for yourself. Well, everybody wants to play basketball. It is one of the best physical exercises that we can do. Don’t worry; this basketball hoop is adjustable, you won’t be playing on a hoop designed for kids or your kids playing on a hoop designed for adults. You can easily adjust according to your needs.

10. Nerf N-Strike Blazin Bow

Nerf boy gift idea review Now, this is another cool toy that you can give your kids. This toy will help hone the archery skills of your kids. Using its soft foam arrows and the Blazin Bow blaster, your kids will have a lot of fun aiming and hitting the target. You don’t need to worry about your kid’s safety since the arrows made soft foam. It wouldn’t be able to hurt a fly. The bow blaster can launch the arrow to up to 40 feet. That is quite far considering for a toy bow. It means that your kids can set the target farther during practice.
The design of the bow is one of its main attraction. Yes, it does look cool. The design makes the bow looks like a blaster. It is most likely intended to attract kids. The wingspan is 20 inches. Let your kids have fun with this bow blaster, and they surely develop their skills. When it comes to durability, this bow blaster doesn’t lag behind; it made of quality materials which makes it tough and durable.

What we like about it

This bow for kids made into this list since it looks cool and attractive. It is quite important to have a gift that looks fun so that your kids will become happy after opening the gift box. There are so many other gift ideas out there, and this one is one of them. If you are worried whether this bow is safe for your kids, you only have to look at its foam arrows. They are soft and will not cause any injury. This bow blaster is great for your kids. Let us know what you think about gifts for 6 year old boys. Comment below and let us know your pick!

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