Top 10 Best Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls

So, your adorable daughter’s big day is around the corner, and you’re starting to check out gift ideas that you think will blow your 12-year-old teen away. As parents of a 12-year-old child, you will start to notice that they act like their grown-ups, but will throw childish behavior the next hour. Parenting a 12-year-old child can be a roller coaster ride for parents, you will be finding a difficult time when it comes to teaching your 12-year-old teen to have independent and responsible behavior, but at the same time offering security, protection, and guidance. Just a quick parenting tip, balance in everything you teach your teen.

There are many things that you should expect from your 12-year-old child, as she faces a new milestone in her life she will start to adapt and accept changes. Buying her gifts that would help to learn new skills will be a good idea. Your daughter will start to undergo the transition from childhood to being an adolescent; you will start to see a rapid change in her behavior, which is completely normal. She will test her parents by talking back to their advice; they get easily jealous when their siblings get something, and they don’t. Just a quick parenting tip, to help your teen to develop good mental development, don’t favor anyone in your children. Treat them fairly.

Below is the list of Best Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls

1. Fashion Design Kit – Best Gift for 12 Year Old Girls

Creativity for Kids girl gift idea review The very first gift idea on our list is like giving your 12-year-old teen her fashion studio. She will be able to design clothes and fit them in a statue model. There will be over 50 pieces included in this kit, which will provide a lot of fun and entertainment for your daughter. There will be a lace-covered dress mannequin and some sewing essentials. This encourages some creative and imaginative activity of your daughter since she will be thinking about styles that she’s going to put in her sketchbook. There will be ribbons, trims, and embellishments that your 12-year-old child can choose from.

Your daughter will find it enjoyable to sketch her very own designs, and she can bring it to life with the use of the available ribbon, embellishments, and fabric. There will be instructions included in this item that would help your 12-year-old teen to understand how to use the fashion kit appropriately easily. This will make a good gift item for your aspiring little designer. This not just about having fun, but she will also learn some valuable skills like sewing, sketching, color matching, and designing. This is a great gift item that we’re quite sure every 12-year-old girl would love to have.

What we like about it

Your daughter at 12 will start to have her fashion taste. She will be able to categorize clothes that she wants to wear clothes she will never dare to wear. This fashion kit lets your daughter to think about clothes and can even treat the mannequin as herself. She will design clothes that she would love to wear. She will be able to show her style with the help of this fashion kit, and it’s one of the best things that you would want to see.

Another thing that we love about this item is that it can increase some family bonds since you can design or teach your children how to draw, and together, you can create a design that is a total combination of your ideas and your daughter’s. This would make an excellent gift, and we don’t quite see any reason why you should not go for this item. If you have noticed that your daughter has dreamed of becoming a fashion designer, then this fashion kit will help her to make her dreams come to life.

2. RC Smart Robot

Hi-Tech girl gift idea review Does your daughter love to have a humanoid robot? The robot will be able to balance itself, and the arms are customizable. You can easily set the arms so you can place a tray on it. When the robot is carrying a tray, you can place any object and let the humanoid robot take the item where ever you want him to bring it to. This is a good gift item that could walk with a try. There will be a wireless remote control that you can use to manipulate the robot. This is a fun gift item that we know your 12-year-old teen will be astounded to have.

What we like about it

One of the things that we love about this robot is that it is rechargeable, which means that you can plug it in when its battery juice is running low. It can play with your daughter for around 30 minutes. The robot already equipped with a tray, and once you have tasked it to bring the tray to someone, the robot will automatically run steady and slow. There’s also a gesture mode, which means that your robot can read and understand your gestures, and when you do it, she will automatically do the action. It can also dance, which is quite cool and cute to look at. All of the good things that every 12-year-old teen would love to have.

3. Mermaid Tail Blanket

Airdom girl gift idea review Your daughter has probably watched the “little mermaid” where it’s possible to become half-human and half-fish. If she fancies becoming a mermaid, then she would love this gift item. This is soft and cozy, and she could wear this when she’s sleeping. She will look as if she’s a real mermaid who is quite fancy. This item is easy to wash, so parents don’t have to stress out by the time they need to clean it. It keeps your 12-year-old teen’s feet warm and looks like a real mermaid. She can take a picture of herself, and we’re quite sure she’s going to share it with her friends. It’s is another perfect gift for 12-year-old girls.

What we like about it

What we love about the item is that it is incredibly comfortable to wear. This is a perfect gift item that would fit 6-12-year-old kids. We also love the fact that it is easy to put in and out. It is such a huge plus that you won’t have problems in washing it. This will make an excellent gift item, no doubt; it takes your 12-year-old teen is some ocean ride. The scaly design also adds in making the mermaid’s tail authentic; this is such a cute and adorable item that we know your 12-year-old kid would love to have.

4. Unicorn Helicopter

Haktoys girl gift idea review Unicorn is probably one of the best creatures that your daughter would love to see. How much more if she could control it to fly. This gift item comes with some LED lights and music, which is very cool. It’s a pink unicorn helicopter, and we know that your daughter will love this gift item.

What we like about it

This unicorn heli made from high-quality materials; we love it when your daughter can use most of her imagination and let the unicorn take her to a magical kingdom far away. The heli unicorn flap her wings, which is extremely adorable and cute to look at. She’ll find a fun time flying this adorable heli unicorn.

5. Make-up Hair Design

Fashion Angels girl gift idea review Girls like to dress themselves up. You might be surprised at how proficient they are already when it comes to dressing themselves. This is a good trait since girls have to look good. They should learn how to take care of themselves. Fashion Angels Make-Up Portfolio is the perfect gift for them. It would allow them to learn how to improve their appearance by drawing designs on the pad. This kind of gift will surely make them happy. It is what they usually want. As they are about to turn into a real teenager, they will feel the urge to beautify themselves up. Parents can also teach and guide them while they are doing the designs on this pad.
The quality of the preformatted model sketch pages is top-notch. They are very easy to use. Your daughter will have no problem performing their designs on it. They can draw their makeup looks, nail designs, and hairstyles. It will improve their make-up skills while they are having a lot of fun. They can have fun with it while they are on a long ride. There are 40 make-up and hair design sketch, which features five different page styles. Guide and instructions are available so that your daughter will have no confusion while doing the designs.

What we like about it

We like this item as a gift since it is simple. You won’t have to spend a lot of money to get a gift for a 12-year-old girl. They will learn a lot while they are doing the designs on this pad. Creating designs is also fun. It has removable plastic stencil cards and 100+ make-up, hair, and accessory shapes. They would help your daughter create their designs on the drawing sheets that are already formatted. It is a smart choice as a gift for your daughter. It helps them improve their designing skills.

6. Super Hero Girls Set

LEGO girl gift idea review Now, this item is a toy. However, it is a very entertaining and engaging toy. Your daughter will be more than happy to play with it. Even if they are already teenagers, they will still enjoy this LEGO toy. They can get their creative skills into play with this LEGO toy. There are also a couple of characters that they can work with while playing. This will give a lot of fun and excitement to your daughters. It comes with mini-doll figures that can use for creating certain situations while playing. There are three mini-doll figures that your daughter can work it. They are Supergirl, Lena Luthor, and Poison Ivy. These figures fit with the rest of the LEGO toy.
They have to imagine that Supergirl and Poison Ivy will battle Lena Luthor and others. It makes for great creative gameplay since the LEGO building can be manipulated to fit the situation. The school building is perfect for a lot of action. It can also transform into defense mode. The ramp will lower, and there is a rotating flag at the front. There is also a chain shooter on the top part of the school and a disc shooter on the roof. Everything looks fun and exciting with this LEGO toy. Also, your daughter will be honing their creative and imaginative skills while playing with this toy.

What we like about it

We like this toy since it gives a lot of fun to your daughters. Even if your daughter is a teenager, they will still love this LEGO toy. It has an amazing design and includes a lot of accessories that add more to the fun. There are also a couple of extra accessories that will make the situation more realistic. Overall, everything on this LEGO toy looks very colorful. You won’t regret buying this toy for your daughter as a gift. They will surely play with it the moment that they are done opening the gift.

7. Nicki’s Horse Construction Set

Mega Bloks girl gift idea review Building toys are entertaining. A lot of kids find them amazing and enticing. It is a cool gift for your daughters on their birthday. Like what we’ve been saying, even if they are already nearing teens, a good toy will still give them a lot of a good time. A toy doesn’t only have to look good. It also has to possess a lot of interesting features that will keep the girl’s attention longer. This construction set is a much have for every girl who likes to be creative. Yes, they will be able to test their creative skills with this toy. It has some accessories which they can arrange according to their preferences.
Actually, on this construction set, they have to build horse stables. It is a perfect toy for imaginative girls. They would imagine a lot of adventures and funny situations with this building toy. The set comes with accessories like a stall, swinging doors, horse jump, and real fabric details. It has all that needed on a realistic horse stable. You can also join the fun and guide your daughter to other cool things that they could do with this toy. It is highly detailed and looks very pleasant. Other accessories are a dog house, plants, gardens, carrots, a ladder, and a fence.

What we like about it

Like other building toys, it will put your teen’s imagination into work. They will be able to develop their creative skills too. These skills are highly necessary, especially at school. Other than that, it is also a lot of fun. This toy is detailed and colorful. It looks delightful. Every girl would like to play with it. There are a lot of accessories that your daughter can work with. It has a horse jump, swinging doors, stall, and a lot more. Mega Bloks American Girl Nicki’s Horse Stables Construction Set is a perfect gift for your young girls.

8. DIY Friends Forever

ALEX Toys girl gift idea review Now, if your daughter likes to wear bracelets, this gift is the right one for them. They will surely love it. The design is quite detailed and complicated. It is not one of those simple-looking bracelets that don’t look very special. They can also give the bracelet to their best friends or their family members. After making the special bracelet, they can wear it on their arms or give it as a gift. Anyway, the product will always be outstanding. If your daughter is very creative, she can surely make the best bracelets which everyone would wear on their arms.
With this set, they can make 22 friendship bracelets. It is enough to give one bracelet to your friends and your entire family. It works great as a remembrance. There are weave hearts, diamonds, flowers, and stripes. So, if your daughter has a thing for bracelets, this one is the best gift for them. They will surely have their attention on it for a long time. There is also an instructional book for everyone who wants to learn how to make the best bracelets that they can wear around. It includes 22 colors of embroidery floss, beading needle, beads and four color-coded looms.

What we like about it

We like the fact that it allows your daughter to express their creativity. This kind of gift is not boring since they can do a lot of different things that are according to their preferences. It means that they can make their bracelet with their design. They can surprise their loved ones with it. There are a lot of designs they could come up. It is also perfect for parties. Everyone can compete on who will be able to make the best bracelet. This set truly offers a lot of fun. It also comes with the friendship wheel which simplifies the weaving process. Overall, it is a solid choice as a gift for your daughter.

9. Shimmer n’ Sparkle

Cra-Z-Art girl gift idea review Of course, everyone knows that girls like to decorate their nails. It is common for girls to use nail polish on their nail to make it appear different. This Nail Studio will surely delight your daughter. It allows them to do a lot of different designs on their nails. This will surely give them a lot of fun and will also allow them to experience beautifying their nails. It also helps them develop their imaginative skills. Giving this to them as a gift is surely a cool idea. They will try right away after opening the gift box. Girls like everything that will help improve their physical appearance. This nail polish set can make that happen. They can put lovely designs on their nails.

This Nail and Tattoo Studio comes with four polishes, nail art stickers, nails, glitters body makers, and more. Your daughter will be given a lot of flexibility when it comes to designing their nails. Additionally, it also has a color-changing glitter dome, which is very useful when it comes to designing the nails. Parents can design their nails together with their kids. It makes for a fun family bonding. Teach them some tricks or effective ways of using nail polishes to make it more exciting. They would love applying the nail polish and designs to their nails.

What we like about it

Your daughter’s nails will never look the same after they are giving this Nail and Tattoo Studio to them. They would fill with colorful and amazing designs that will delight any observer of their nails. There are a lot of designs that they could come up with. All they have to do is put their imagination to work. Parents can join the fun if they like to. They can also apply the nail polish on their nails too. It is not only for young girls but also for grown up who like to change the appearance of their nails.

10. Tapeffiti Headband Kit

Fashion Angels girl gift idea review This kit is another perfect gift for your creative daughters. Girls do like to test how they look like on different designs. With the help of this headband kit, they can make their custom headbands with the use of the accessories available in this kit. It is perfect the way of discovering the best color and designs that will fit their looks. Also, if they are already bored with the one that they are currently wearing, they can make a new one with a different design. Their imagination is only the limit on the number of headband designs that they could do with this kit. They can also give a special headband for their family members or friends and make them happy with its outstanding design.
Now, let’s talk about what this kit contains. First off, it has 12 rolls of Tapeffiti tapes. Each tape contains nine fees of tape. That is definitely enough to allow them to make many custom headbands that they could test on their heads. Like what we’ve said, they can also make a custom-designed headband for their family and friends. It is perfect if they don’t find the right headband for their family and friends at a local store. They can manually make the headband that will fit their family and friends’ taste.

What we like about it

Like the previous items that we’ve included on this list, it allows your daughter to create their design. We know that girls like to play with different looks and designs. Fashion Angels Tapeffiti Headband Kit has the right tools and accessories that will allow them to put their imagination into reality easily. They won’t have much hardship cutting the Tapeffiti during the process since a dispenser and cutting tool already included in this kit. There is also an instructional design guide to help clear things up if your daughter has a question. Let us know what you think about gift ideas for 12-year-old girls. Comment below and let us know your pick!

What to expect from my 12-year-old teen?

When it comes to growth, your 12-year-old daughter will appear taller than boys who are at the same age as her. The growth of every girl is different, though, which makes many children if they are growing normally. Your daughter is most likely vulnerable when it comes to depression and anxiety problems. That’s why we highly suggest that you take time to set a time and place where you and your children can have a heart-to-heart talk. Let your 12-year-old teen share her experience and things she learns in the day.

There are topics that they feel awkward to talk to their parents, but encourage them to share it as well, and when they do, don’t joke about it, but treat the issue appropriately. Always give that reassurance to your teen that it’s normal, and you’ve been through with that before. You might ask yourself why are the relations to this when it comes to picking a gift; you must understand that transitions, development, and changes that your teen is going through, so you can decide which gift item will do good for them.

Of course, your 12-year teen will have full energy to have fun all day long. Always make a family day where you could take her to the beach or a park. Anywhere where she can see new things. Your children will need 10 hours of sleep every day, and that is because of their growth spurts. Don’t be surprised if your daughter sleeps a lot and at the same time show tiredness sometimes. They need a lot of sleep to grow.

At the age of 12, your daughter will start to ask for more freedom from you. They would love to make their own decisions for themselves and would display the skills and talents that they have earned from their pastimes and hobbies. Your daughter is still scaling up their problem-solving abilities. Your daughter still has a lot of skills and lessons to learn from the age of 12. She will start to fancy or have crushes on boys on her age or a celebrity. She will be a fan of listening to good music. She will love to spend most of her time doing things that make her happy. As parents, you should always monitor the progress of your 12-year-old teen. Though she will ask some privacy from you, always make a time where you, your partner, and your children can talk.

Your daughter will also start to face the mirror frequently and see if the dress looks good on her. She will also start to experiment with makeup, but she is more likely to use lip gloss than a lipstick. Always make sure that the item is safe for her to use before letting it apply it. There are many changes that your 12-year-old teen will undergo, and we’re quite sure she will be able to handle just that with the help of your guidance.

Now, you already know that the physical, emotional, and cognitive development of a 12-year-old teen. You’ve probably had now the idea of how the best gift that you should pick to surprise her on her big day.

The gift item must tailor to her hobbies; for instance, if your daughter loves to style dresses, then you can get her a fashion design kit that made for kids. If it’s her thing to learn how to skate, then buy her some safe and durable skates. These toys might seem not a lot of help when it comes to preparation for adulthood, but they can teach your children to be patient and become imaginative. They will not be able to learn new skating tricks or design a runway dress overnight; they will have to practice every single day to improve.

We’re quite sure that you know what we mean. One of the things that you should know is the best gift does not exist. Every girl is unique from each other. Roller skates might be the best gift item for Angela and a bike for Lea. You must take time in deciding what gift to pick; your 12-year-old teen has probably asked for what type of gift she’d like to have on her big day. Below is the list of gift ideas for 12-year-old girls.

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