Top 10 Cool Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Boys

So, your boy’s twelfth birthday is just around the corner, and you wanted to make it as memorable as it can be. Your boy has probably invited to his friends birthdays, and now that his big day is coming up, he could be asking you for gifts, and there’s nothing wrong with that. At the young age of 12, don’t be surprised if your body demands more freedom from the “kid’s rules” you have implemented in your house. They won’t be getting enough sleep when they glued on doing something that interests them, just a quick parental tip: always remind your children the importance of an 8-hour sleep EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT.

When it comes to buying gifts, parents may find it difficult to find the perfect one due to hundreds, if not thousands, of choices and options when they go to the store. What we can suggest in picking toys for your children is to consider their needs as well, not only their wants. Every child is unique, so don’t expect if your son’s elder brother is into intellectual games while your younger son is into remote control cars. At this young age of 12, we do suggest that you buy the items that will encourage them to engage in physical activities and look after their health. Since they are still growing, then exercising will help them to grow taller and have stronger bones as they get older.

Below is the list of Gift Ideas For 12 Year Old Boys

1. Electronics Exploration Kit

Snap Circuits boy gift idea review The Snap Circuits Jr. It would make a perfect gift for your boy who can’t get enough of learning science and how electronic works. They’re not going to learn everything from A-Z, but they will learn the basic ABCs of electronics. This would make a wonderful gift for young boys like your son, who is about to turn 12 years old. When they have this item, they will be working on electrical circuits and building different models. There will be a ‘guide’ book where instructions enlisted so your kids can complete a particular subject.

The product requires 2 AA bats to work; you can buy them separately if you wish to buy one. This set includes 30 parts where your son has to put a piece or two to make a light up a bulb, to make a siren sound, or to make a photosensor. Playing, too, is easy. We will make a wonderful gift for kids who love to study electronics and simple tricks they can do with the use of 2 AA batteries. We consider this item one of the best educational products available out there. Your son can choose from 100 exciting projects that they will enjoy completing.

What we like about it

We like the fact that this item is among the 100 best children’s products out there. It’s more than just a mere product that could provide entertainment for your 12-year-old son but educated him about the basics of electronics as well. It has said that the best way to learn is by ‘doing.’ And it’s true when you do something, you understand. This game requires fun and thinking of your son, so they will practice their minds on how things should work so they can light up the bulb or make the siren sound. These are just some of the examples; there are more activities that you can choose from the ‘guide’ book.

Parents must realize that the young age of 12, their son needs a lot of guidance and help when it comes to physical, emotional, spiritual, and the overall well-being of your child. In this item, your son will be able to move parts so, it can be a great form of exercise for the hands and the upper body. This item can also help your son to enhance his thinking abilities and to recognize what’s right from wrong and vice versa. Because of the battery put incorrectly, it simply won’t work. So, they will have to figure things out, so they will be able to come up with a solution.

2. Franklin Sports Mini Hockey

Franklin Sports boy gift idea review Who’s up for some physical sports like Hockey? Your son has probably played hockey video games before, now is the time to take it to the next level. This set includes two goals and two hockey sticks, and of course, the hockey ball. It’s a perfect set for beginners as they work their way up and learn new tricks. This game set purposely made for kids, so it means that adults will not be able to play with their kids because all the equipment is present in kid’s size. Your 12-year-old son will sure feel excited and thrilled playing the hockey game in the comfort of their home.

Your is an indoor set, so you will not be able to play this outside. The goals come with a high-impact frame made from plastic and durable pre-fit net made from polyester. There will be hockey and a street hockey ball available in the set so that you can choose from the two. But of course, since your son is still a beginner, you can start with the mini knee hockey ball. This is an amazing physical sport to play, so your son can stay fit and have fun at the same time.

What we like about it

Kids nowadays need to connect with his or her peers; your 12-year-old son will love to play with other kids with this mini hockey game. Circuits can play whatever the season is, which is quite cool for your kids to experience. If you have only one child, you are doing him a huge favor by letting him play and learn some hockey skills with his friends. One of the durable hockey products that we have seen as of today. We have reviewed quite a few, but this one stands out because you can play whatever weather.

It made from durable materials, which is quite cool, and it can last for a long number of months. Physical awareness starts when he enters puberty, so it’s a good thing to keep him healthy and active even if he’s still 12 years old. He will carry such traits as he grows and will pay great value and importance when it comes to keeping his body fit. It’s never a simple task to make our children fall in love with fitness, especially that fast food restaurants are scattered everywhere, but starting to mold them while they’re still young will be a good start.

3. Ready-to-Run Train Set

Bachmann Trains boy gift idea review If your son loves to control a train running on a 36-inch circuit, then he would probably fall in love with this Scale Train Set. It’s ready to run, once your son takes it off from the box, he can play with it.
There trick two freight cars available, so your son could exchange the color of the car when he’s bored with the other one. Your 12-year-old son will find the track extremely easy to assemble. Paint is a great train set to give to your child, so he can arrange the track according to the arrangement that he likes.

Another great feature of this train is that it comes with a speed controller that you can use to manipulate the train. The instructions written in the manual are easy to comprehend, so your son will find the set easy to use. There will be different sceneries while the train runs, there will be cities, mountains, deserts, another great paint schemes that are fun to look at. There will also be operating headlights that make the train have real features. There will be both straight and curved tracks that your son can organize or arrange by himself and construct the world that he wants. It’s another gift idea for 12-year-old boys.

What we like about it

Your 12-year-old son needs to learn some organizational skills, as well. By practicing in arranging the tracks, there’s a huge tendency that he will become more organized about how he put his things on the shelves or the table. He will become more organized, of course, parents should always give their children some minimal supervision, so they will grow to be responsible adults. If you want your son to be acquainted with the Southwest United States sceneries, then this will be a big help. Since the sceneries that comes with it inspired by the trains found in Santa Fe Flyer.

This train set can run for hours, which is quite cool, so your 12-year-old son does not have to feel like he needs the more charging time or changing bats before he could play it again. So far, the other products that we have reviewed can only last for 1/2 an hour, which means that those have less power capability. If your son loves to have a few hours of playing with his trains on the track, then this would be a wonderful gift idea that would 100% work.

4. OWI Solar Robot

OWI boy gift idea review Does your son love to play with robots? Kids who are into programming and techie stuff are common to the millennial era. As they say, “technology ages come,” it’s also a good skill to acquire, especially that there are still many technology stuff that needs to be discovered to make people’s lives a whole lot easier. This robot comes from the OWI brand, one of the trusted brands in Taiwan. You don’t have to worry about the instructions since they write in English. What’s cool about this robot is that it can transform into 14 different robot modes.

Your son will be startled at the amazing thing the robot can do, let him discover the different modes by himself to enhance his self-discovery learning. This robot powered by the sun, which means there’s no need for batteries. Just put under where there’s sunrise, and everything should recharge. This is a great way to build up your son’s skill level when it comes to being a robot builder. It can perform functional and comical movements, and it’s user-friendly.

What we like about it

Teaching your kids the basic concepts of technology will be like doing them a huge favor; after all, we are forwarding to tech age. They will learn that the heat of the sun can be a form of alternative energy to run the robot again. Aside from the educational value, it can provide, we love the fact that it can perform 14 robot modes. It can be a robot who has wagging-tail just like a dog; it can be a running beetle, a speedster, a zombie chaser, a surfer, a walking crab, etc. The kit includes all the unique parts that are needed to make the robot move.

Another amazing feature we love about this robot kit is that it can move on water and land. Your children will find this robot kit enjoyable. Learning about alternative energy sources and assembling parts will help your 12-year-old son learn something about technology. The robot can move directly to the sunlight; it moves, and at the same time, recharging, isn’t that cool enough? We all have heard the saying that “The children are the future” so, let them learn as many skills as they can while they’re still young.

5. LEGO Star Wars Slave

LEGO boy gift idea review In this item, there are star wars weapons that included which includes the blaster pistol, blaster rifle, blaster pistol and other essentials that would make your 12-year-old son like a real stormtrooper who is out to save the galaxy. Another great feature of this product is that its cockpit can rotate, side hatches with hidden guns, and two dual shooters and cargo hold. This is a great and amazing gift that every 12 years old would love to have. You don’t even have to monitor your child when he’s playing; he can play with the use of his imagination.

It’s a perfect LEGO star wars model that has the same features as the real one; this will give real feels when your child is playing with it. It has wings for flight and landing mode, which is quite an idealist. It is such a huge plus that it comes with a hidden blaster and dual shooters that could repel the attackers. Your 12-year-old son will surely feel like a real stormtrooper. This will help him enhance his creativity and imagination in playing.

What we like about it

We love it when the creativity of the child is enhanced while having fun playing the toys that he loves. This toy would give real feels of reenacting the capture of Han Solo in Star Wars episode V. Your son can attach the stand so he can display an iconic ship and can perform an upright flight. This includes weaponry that is in the form of mini-figures of Bespin Guard, Han Solo, Stormtrooper, and Boba Fett. If your child has watched the Star Wars Episode V, he will surely find this game extremely relatable.

Your kid will experience the real feels of bounty-hunting; it’s a great toy set that would make your son feel like he is having huge adventures in the slave. Your son’s mission is to search the galaxy and look for the fugitives named Boba Fett and his slave. What adds the fun is that your son will be able to play this item with rotating cockpit and wings, the dual shooters are such a huge plus. This is a great game to play when your son has some free time; it lets him make use more of his imagination and creativity. If he wishes, he can also play this game with his friends.

6. LEGO The Eiffel Tower

LEGO boy gift idea review Does your son love to visit Paris sometime? This LEGO Eiffel tower gives the real feels and looks of the famous tower, which includes the architecture, the design, and the history of the tower. It’s a great LEGO brick that your son will fall in love with. It measures 12” in height and 4” wide. It reflects the real-world architectural landmark. What’s amazing about it is that your son has to build his own LEGO interpretation of the Eiffel tower. It represents the real interpretation of the real tower, which will make your son feel like he had been in Paris after he had completed his tower.

What we like about it

What we like about it is that it’s iconic, which means that it can give a 2nd-hand experience to your child of what’s it’s like to build the Eiffel tower, and finish the product exactly looks the same. The tower gives an accurate representation, which includes the different sizes of every section. It is such a huge plus that has the true-to-life color depiction. It’s a cool LEGO tower to add to your 12-year-old child’s collection. If he’s into building units, this will make a wonderful gift for your son’s upcoming big day.

7. Baseball Pitching Machine

Franklin Sports boy gift idea review Does your son love to play baseball? And wants to practice in your backyard, then buying him an electronic pitching machine will be a great idea. It strikes plastic balls every 10 seconds; the set includes six white Aero-Strike balls, the batteries not included when you buy the item, though. He’s a great way to indulge young and developing players to practice and improve their batting skills.

What we love about it

It’s electronic and automatic; it does not cost a lot of maintenance and provides company to your 12-year-old son when he’s practicing. It’s a great pitching machine, and it’s durable. Your son can adjust the height for pitches, and there will be a red light that will flash, which indicates that the machine is going to pitch.

8. Symmetra Action Figure

FunKo boy gift idea review If your son is an Overwatch fan, they will appreciate this gift. It has a detailed and cute design. It is perfect for your son’s birthday or other occasions. One of the best ways to determine the kind of gift that you will give to your son is pointing out their likes and dislikes. This way, you’re getting more personal with your kid. They will feel that you are watching them. That’s why if they are an Overwatch fan, picking this item as a gift for them is a smart idea.

These collectibles are very adorable and fun to look at. There is enough attention given to the details, which makes it look closer to the actual character. It not made haphazardly. The color and the paint done accurately. The frog tattoo of the character also placed correctly. It is made to resemble the actual character closely. However, it looks much cuter. It stands on its own since it has a green skid on its skates. Overall, it is fun to collect all the characters from Overwatch. It will make your son happy.

What we love about it

There are a lot of factors why we include this item on our list. One is the fact, a lot of kids like Overwatch. So, there is a possibility that your kid also like Overwatch. If that is the case, this gift will surely make them happy. Even if they are not an Overwatch fan, they will still appreciate this gift due to its cute look. They will most likely use it as a decoration on their study table or near the window. It has a height of 3 ¾ inches, which is enough to make it noticeable. There are also more Overwatch characters available if your son wants to collect them all. It is a perfect gift for your son during their birthdays, that’s for sure.

9. Above and Below Game

Red Raven Games boy gift idea review Even if your son is already 12 years old, it is no secret that they will still want to play games. Yes, they are slowly transitioning into teens, and they will tend to give more attention to their phones or computer. Also, most teens nowadays, like social media. But, anyway, this above and below game will still give them a lot of fun and excitement even with the existence of various gadgets. The game is fun to play in the first place. Even adults can play it if they want to have some fun. It is easy to play too.

They can play it together with their family and friends. Up to three players are allowed in this game. They will be competing at building the best village. During the game, the players will be sending villagers to do the jobs necessary for building the village. This job includes exploring the cave, constructing houses, harvesting resources, and more. The good part of this game is the fact that each villager has distinctive skills and abilities. That means that you will have to determine the best way to use them in building the village. This is the part where strategy will apply to the players.

What we love about it

The good thing about this game is that it allows up to three players. That means that you can play with your kids and have a lot of fun together. Even if you are already an adult, you will still enjoy this game. It is easy to learn too. You and your son can play right away. It is one of the gift ideas that you could come up with, especially on their birthday. Your kids will be able to develop their skills in making strategies. However, it is not about competition. It is about having fun.

10. Gundam Build Model Kit

Bandai Hobby boy gift idea review Any toys about robots are always popular with kids. Even they are already nearing their teens, they will still appreciate this kind of gift, especially if they are Gundam fans. It could be a perfect decoration for their rooms or remembrance of their favorite shows that they have watched during their childhood. Anyway, the design of this toy is also worth noting. It is quite durable and stylish. There is no paint used, so the color will most likely last. The colored plastic used on building this Gundam figure. It closely resembles the character from the actual show, which will surely make your kids excited.

This Gundam model has a couple of fun features too. It has an impressive articulation for recreating martial art poses. It has flame effect parts that add more to the fun. All of its cool features makes it look and feel like a real Gundam robot. It stands at 5 inches tall, which makes it suitable as a decoration in their room. A manual is also available to help your sons enjoy the action figure more.

What we love about it

What we love about this toy is the fact that there is no paint used during the coloring process. It means that colored plastics were used, which will make the toy’s look last longer. Also, if your son is a Gundam fan, then you have a good reason to get this toy as a gift to them. The design is also detailed. It looks a lot closer to the real robots from the Gundam anime show. Overall, it is a solid choice as a gift for your 12-year-old son. It is not very expensive too. Let us know what you think about gifts for 12-year-old boys. Comment below and let us know your pick!

Below is the list of Gifts for 12 year old boys

Gift ideas are what we are trying to specialize; we want to give parents valuable information about the different toys available in the market. We made sure that we include items that your son will love. There are ten products listed, one of them should work. We want to provide golden idea nuggets that would help parents realize what their kids are getting out of the items that they have purchased. 12-year-old boys can either be into card games, techie, programming, physical, vehicle, or any combination of the two.

The good news is that in these items, your son will be learning new skills without even knowing it. These skills can be beneficial when they grow up. It is an important thing that parents know what they are giving to their kids as gifts. If something is on your son’s wishlist, but them another gift that is in their ‘needlist.’ It’s not just about entertainment but buying toys or products that will help them cope in the real world. Products that provide education and cognitive value is important as well, so your son will not find it a bit easier to cope with his class lessons. Knowing the basics in advance means that you are doing your son a huge favor.

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