5 RC Newbie Mistakes To Avoid: Ultimate Guide for Beginners

We have been in the RC cars and tanks for a long time; this is a hobby not new to anyone. You probably have seen a bunch of people on shops and tracks testing and playing with it. Whether you are buying RC tanks for display purposes or RC tanks that shoot, there is some common and repetitive mistake that you should avoid. You probably have clicked to see this article, so you can refrain yourself from making those mistake again. Well, you have the right article to help you out. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Mistake #1. Not buying the right vehicle

“How could I buy the right one? I’m just a beginner.” We’ve probably heard this complaint a hundred times; it’s not that you’re just a beginner, it’s because you haven’t put in the time to do your research so that you can make an educated buying decision. One of the things that lead a newbie RC driver to buy the wrong vehicle is because they judge based on the appearance. Yes, a buggy truck may look cool, but it’s not the best one for you to try so that you can skip the buggy truck. Find something suitable to get yourself into RC.

The first tip doesn’t judge the appearance; you can customize it anyway. You can purchase some paints and stickers; then you’re ready to go. A trail track can be a great starting point; they are electric vehicles, which means that you can easily plug them in when they ran out of battery juice. Trail tracks are also easy to use, and they are RTR (Ready-To-Run), which means you can play with it right after you take it out from the box, which is a quite cool feature, especially for those who are just starting.

Yes, big trucks look cool and amazing, but they running them requires great responsibility and a little bit of experience, if not expertise. Trail trucks usually come with comprehensive and helpful manuals, which is pretty cool. So another tip is true to yourself. When you walk into the store, don’t fake that you already got some experience. Talk to the hobby store representative, and they’ll point you in the right direction, so you can start something that you can manage.

RC Newbie Mistakes To Avoid

Mistake #2: Not reading the manual

Too excited? In a rush? Don’t have time to read? No matter what your reason is, don’t make excuses when it comes to reading the manual. You have to trust us, manufacturers have put a lot of time in these things to make sure everything you need to know is explained right in the manual directions. So, take the time to read it. If you need to read it a couple of times, since there are parts of the manual that you quite didn’t get, then feel free to do.

We understand that robust feeling when you just got the first RC car that you just wanted to head outside and start driving it. You know, that manual can teach you about the electronics, the charging, how to turn it on and off, and so forth. So, read the manual.

Mistake #3. Glue your tires

When you buy your RC cars, there will be already-mounted wheels that come with it, but let’s say it can’t run on the sand, for instance, and you want to take it for a beach racing. So, what you can do is buy some paddle tires from the hobby store and replace the original tires, in this procedure you will need to glue the tires yourself. Of course, you will need glues and some cleaners.

Use the cleaner to clean the bead of the tire, and the rim then uses a good quality tire glue. By using this method, you will never have to see your tires blasting off from the truck going in different directions.

Mistake #4. Not charging your battery

Just do note that the battery pack that comes with the RC truck is unlike what you buy at the grocery stores, which means they not charged. So, you will have to charge its batteries and wait until it fully charged before taking it for a spin. You probably have heard a story about customers going back to the hobby stores in rage, complaining about their hobby grade RC vehicles running for 5 minutes, and then it stopped. Nickel metals usually come dead, so you need to charge them before using them.

Lipo batteries usually come half-charged so that you can make use of them for some time, but again we still do recommend you to recharge your batteries before using them fully. So, get yourself a stronger and a better charger, charge your RC vehicle when you get home.

rc monster car

Mistake #5: Don’t Over Oil

Your RC vehicle is not like your real car; it does not need a large quart of oil inside the transmission. On your RC car, if you do take the transmission apart for maintenance, you need a light coating of grease on the gears. If you do take the different parts, you need to put an adequate amount of oil. You don’t want to overfill it to where when you start using it, oils going to start seeping out of all of the seams. And if you go and rebuild your shocks, there is a certain amount of oil that goes along with them as well. What you want to do is to see the instruction manual and see what the manufacturer recommends as how far to fill it, so you will never have to over oil your first RC vehicle.

These tips will be quite helpful, especially for those new RC drivers who are just starting. The last tips that we’re going to share with you are to build a good relationship with your hobby store since they can help you out with any process that could make your RC driving experience much entertaining and valuable.

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