Top 10 Best Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Girls

Knowing your 6 year old daughter’s character can be a roller coaster for you as a parent, she will be undergoing dramatic changes that will help her cope with the challenges shortly. She will spend a long time developing fine and gross motor skills that would help her cope with various situations. She will begin to learn how to ride a bicycle without relying on training wheels. She will be able to dance in time to the beat and music. She will develop her reasoning skills and will be able to express her opinion about making choices. She will feel less secure but will grow more independent. At the age of 6, your daughter would love to get the attention of the parents and the teachers.

She might display rude behavior towards her peers; she is still learning emotional skills, so don’t rush your child, but teach her good manners that would help her distinguish what’s right from wrong. At most times, you will start to notice that your kid will be demanding and rigid. If she does not want to adopt or accept a particular situation, she will say firmly. She always wants to win and will change the rules when needed. Though parenting a six-year-old child can be fulfilling, there will always come a time that you will feel tired mentoring your child, that’s normal- parents could get tired. But when you are in an emotional crisis, take your time and give yourself a chance to breathe. After that, you can handle the situation better.

There are many things that you are about to encounter; your child will go through significant improvement this year, so bear with her and do what you can to support her. Refrain from blaming your daughter and giving punishment. If you notice someone who criticizes your daughter, you have to stop them. Protect and make your 6 year old child feel secure. In this way, you are helping your daughter to grow in the right way.

Below is the list of Best Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Girls

1. Wonder Art Desk

Crayola girl gift idea review This is a wonderful way to help your children learn about the arts. Your daughter will be able to stamp different animal creatures, then color them with the use of the markers. They will have a portable art desk, plus a store where they could keep their things. It’s a mess-free ink pad, so you pretty much have nothing to worry about every time your daughter play with it. She will not have inks nor mess on her shirt or dress. There will be jungle-themed stamps, where the creatures can only found in the jungle.

The markers the come with the item do come with color wonder ink; this is the type of ink that does not mark on the fabric, furniture, and skin. It will only work if your daughter using it on the wonder paper.can is such an amazing feature that we’re quite sure every parent would appreciate. Kids will make a perfect gift item for every six years old who likes to draw. When you buy this item, an art desk and storage will include it. There will be 15 pages of blank color wonder paper and jungle-themed stamps. There will be a stamper hold and a color wonder ink pad. Of course, you will also get the five color wonder markers.

What we like about it

We like the fact that your daughter will be able to enhance her creativity and at the same time, not have to mess with her clothes or the furniture. For six-year-old girls, it’s so much fun to draw around and to their dresses, but as they grow up, they will prefer cleaner plays. This art supply is a good set to enhance their creativity. It has complete supply, and it’s such a huge plus that it does not produce any mess on your daughter’s furniture and dress. This will make an excellent item that ever 6-year girl would love to have.

When art time is over, your daughter can keep the art supply inside the storage. It comes with a thin design, which is quite easy to carry for a six-year-old girl. Your daughter would have some quality fun, and creative time with this item. It encourages creative play, and it’s a mess-free art activity that is perfect forever preschoolers to try. We also love the fact that your daughter introduced to different animals which live in the jungle. If you are looking forward to surprising your daughter on her big day, this will be a great item that would help her academically.

2. Grace Doll Paperback Book

American Girl girl gift idea review Does your girl love to play with dolls? Then this 18” doll would make a blast on her big day. The girl of the doll is Grace; she is an American girl who has big ideas. She loves baking, and she pursued it and did her own business. The doll comes with a pair of blue eyes that opens and closes. The doll item comes with a charm bracelet that looks cute. She has freckles on her nose, and she has dark brown hair. Grace lives in Paris; this gift item comes with a book that your daughter could read when she has free time. The novel unravels the adventures Grace has encountered to fight for her dreams.

What we like about it

It comes in a quite big size, which is decent enough for your daughter to hug. The clothes are authentic-looking, and your daughter could style and comb the hair of the doll. We also love the fact that this item comes with a book that your daughter could comfortably read. She might not be able to understand everything, but she will get the gist. Grace wears a Paris welcome outfit.

3. Medical Doctor’s Equipment

Kidzlane girl gift idea review This item will help in sparking your child’s imagination, where he could engage in a doctor-patient role-play. Some kids are afraid of doctors and injections when your six-year-old daughter take the doctor’s shoe and play as the doctor. She will start to understand that the doctor’s only aim is to help and give the cure to the patients. This is a good gift item that would be a great game to play before bedtime. There will be authentic sounds that will be produced by the equipment. There will be real-life, heartbeat, and exciting tones.

What we like about it

We like the fact that your child will be able to have a delightful experience playing the role of being the doctor. It comes with a carrying case in which all of the equipment could keep after usage. This comes in high quality; we’re quite sure that your kid will love this kit.

4. Barbie Dream Horse – Best Gift for 6 Year Old Girls

Barbie girl gift idea review The Barbie does not only walks or dance, but it’s also capable of producing over 30+ reactions. This provides a lot of fun for your six-year-old daughter. It’s fun and entertaining to watch. The Barbie could also ride at the back of the horse.

What we like about it

If your little girl is into barbies, she would love to have this gift item on her big day. Barbie can make a lot of reactions, which is quite cute and adorable to look at. Your 6-year-old girl would be astonished and will be thrilled to receive this item on her big day. You should get your daughter one!

5. Kid Bike BMX

Tauki girl gift idea review This bike is awesome to have. It has a lot of fun features which you will found on a high-quality and reliable bike. This bike works for both boys and girls. If you are looking for a cool gift which will surely make your daughter happy, this bike is a good choice. Owning a bike is satisfying. They can ride this bike whenever they go to their school or just about anywhere they want to go. Riding a bike is also a great exercise. They will be able to tone their leg and hip muscles while riding the bike. Also, they can avoid becoming overweight by burning some calories.

Tauki Kid Bike BMX Bike made of light and high-quality materials. It is already 95% assembled, so you won’t be bothered about reading long manuals during the assembling the process. You only have to set up the seat post, some small parts, and the handlebar. They can start riding this bike as soon as they receive it. Now, if you are worried about your daughter feeling uncomfortable while riding this bike, you only have to adjust the saddle and the handlebar according to their height. Also, your young daughter won’t even have to master how to balance the bike since there are extra wheels on the sides, which keeps the balance. It is perfectly safe for your daughter. A portable fee pump and a couple of tools included in the purchase.

What we like about it

A bike is one of the best gifts that you can give to your daughter if you want them to have fun. We have to admit that riding a bike is very exciting. When we are still kids, we always ask our parents to get as a bike. That’s why if you are now a parent, you know that giving a bike to your kids will make them happy. Also, this bike is safe. They don’t have to put much effort when balancing this bike since there are two extra wheels on the sides, which will prevent the bike from falling off.

6. Magic Twilight Sparkle

My Little Pony girl gift idea review Young girls like to play and imagine different things. If you want to give a gift to them, it should be something that will allow them to exercise their wild imaginations. There are a lot of gifts that will achieve that goal. One of those gifts is this Magic Collection Golden Oak Library Playset. Your daughter will surely love it. There are pony figures included in this playset, which will allow your daughter to use them as characters in their imagined situations. The designs and colors of this playset are truly intended to activate your daughter’s imagination. They will surely love playing with the wonderful playset. There are two outfits that they can use on the pony figures. Combine those with the five accessories that come with the purchase, and your daughter will have hours of fun.

The price tag of this playset is very affordable. You won’t be shaving much of your monthly budget if you are going to buy this playset as a gift to your young daughter. We know that girls like to dress up their toy figures. Luckily, this playset comes with two outfits that can put on the two ponies. After everything is ready, they can play out a trick or treat the situation using the ponies and the accessories on this playset. So, if you are looking for a cool toy for the young daughter, that is not too expensive. This one is a great pick.

What we like about it

We have included this product on our list since it allows your daughter to have fun while putting their imagination to work. Of course, the quality of this playset is also superb. The accessories are quite durable. They will last long, even if your daughter is playing with them every day. It offers good value for the money that you will be playing. Also, your daughter will surely love its design and colors.

7. Kidizoom Selfie Camera

VTech girl gift idea review If your daughter likes to take pictures, you can give this cute camera to them. Teaching your daughter how to take pictures will help improve their artistic skills. Now, they can take a picture of anything that looks interesting and fun. Of course, you can give them a phone instead since that can also take pictures. However, using a phone fluently might be a bit hard for a kid at this age. That’s why giving them a camera that is very simple to operate is a better option. VTech Kidizoom DUO Camera specifically designed for young kids. They will surely love this camera and will use it every day. Also, the price tag of this camera is affordable.
Even if this camera is for kids, its quality is top-notch. It can take high-quality pictures that they can share with their family and friends. If they like to take selfies, they can easily do so with the help of the front of this camera and rear lenses. The front camera can take 1600 x 1200 pixels pictures while the rear camera can take 640 x 480 pixels. If you think about it, this camera is indeed a good gift for your young daughter. They will surely have a lot of fun taking high-quality pictures. This camera will come in handy during school activities or when they are having a memorable moment with their family and friends. This camera also has a 4x digital zoom features which are also highly beneficial.

What we like about it

We all know that taking pictures is a fun activity. With the use of this cool camera, your kids would be taking a lot of high-quality pictures that they can share with their family. There is a USB cable that included in file transfer. It also comes with a 256 MB built-in memory which can be expanded using microSD cards. Overall, this is a nice choice as a gift, especially for your daughter’s birthday.

8. Mickey Mouse House

Playhut girl gift idea review Kids are quite hard to put into their beds. They like to play around the house while they have the time. Encouraging them to go to sleep is one of the hardest tasks of a parent. But, we all know that sleep is essential for a growing kid. As a parent, you should help them get enough sleep so that they will be able to recover their lost energy. If they have enough sleep, they will wake up fresh and energetic. Their brain also needs the right amount of sleep. It helps them learn more during school classes. Well, this Playhut Mickey Mouse Club House could help them get to bed more easily. This tent fits most twin beds. If you are going to let them play inside this tent, you won’t have much trouble letting them sleep afterward.
That is because they are already in their beds. All you have to do is instruct them to go to sleep already if it is already late. This tent made of quality materials, so it won’t get damaged easily even if your kids like to move a lot. It made of 100% polyester, which is perfect for a durable tent where your kids can play all they want. It’s another Gift idea for 6-year-old girls.

What we like about it

This tent will allow your kids to play on their bed. They will also have a certain degree of privacy while playing inside the tent. The construction of this tent is good, and it will surely last long. It made of polyester which will make the tent durable and comfortable. Your kids won’t be toast inside the tent since it has a ventilation feature that allows air to flow inside the tent while they are playing. Overall, it is a nice gift to give to your daughter. They will surely love it. Also, the price is affordable. Get this fun tent now, and allow your kids to burn off some energy before they sleep.

9. Pink Princess Tent

Le Papillon girl gift idea review This tent is another cool gift for your daughter. They will surely have fun playing inside this tent. Kids sometimes need some privacy when playing with their toys. They feel uncomfortable when someone was watching them while playing. Also, they can put their toys inside this tent. It will serve as their storage area for their favorite toys and accessories. This is one way of making your kid more independent as they grow older. The size of this tent is enough to allow them to play freely. It has a dimension of 42.9 inches in length, 43.9 inches in width, and 36.27 in height.

However, even if you intend to give your child more independence, you also have to keep an eye on them while they are playing inside the tent. They are still young, and you have to make sure that they are safe. They may run into an accident while playing inside the tent. You should always check their current situation frequently. Also, the quality of the tent is not disappointing. It is durable and foldable. You can easily transfer this tent around. It also comes in handy during picnics in the park. You could lay this tent on the grass and have your kids play. There are windows on the sides of this tent, so checking their current situation is not a problem. Overall, it is a great gift to give to your kids. They will have a lot of fun with it.

What we like about it

This tent can place on flat and grassy areas. Bringing this tent to the beach or picnic outings is a brilliant idea. Your kids will have a lot of fun playing in the tent during outings. They can also put balls inside so that they will have more things to do. Don’t worry; the tent is durable; they can jump and roll around anytime they want. The tent can be folded out easily after use. Get this tent now and give it to your daughter as a gift.

10. Kids Convertible Skates

PlayWheels girl gift idea review A pair of skates is one of the best gifts that you can give to a kid if you want to surprise them. Skates are very fun to play with. Although they are hard to master at first, they are a lot of fun once you can achieve the right balance and strength of your leg. These skates designed for kids. They would be able to learn how to use it easily. You have to assess them while they are learning the process to avoid any injury. Kids should not get too aggressive when using skates since they might get themselves into an accident. Give them advice regarding the safety cautions that they should observe while using the skates. Don’t let them play by themselves until they already how to use the skates.
Anyway, these skates made of high-quality materials. It will also fit a variety of foot sizes for kids. There is also a simple-to-use brake that can give more control to your kids. These brakes will allow natural slowing and stopping while your kids are running.

What we like about it

We like this pair of skates since it can help develop the strength and balance of your kids. While they are riding these skates, they need to have the proper coordination and strength to keep the balance. Discipline is hard to practice at first, but it is a lot of fun they have already mastered. The quality of this skate is also great. It won’t give up easily while your kids are having fun. Remember to keep an eye on your kids when they are playing with it so that accidents prevented. PlayWheels Disney Princess Kids Convertible 2-in-1 Skates make for lasting fun and outdoor action. Get it for your kids now. Let us know what you think about Gift ideas for 6-year-old girls. Comment below and let us know your pick!

Tips for parenting

At the age of 6, your child is naturally curious and will be interested in making new friendships; she may not find friends essential to have, but she will be enthusiastic about meeting other kids at her age.

You can guide your six-year-old child on the things she should do at home, and she would also discipline when she’s in school. Make her an activity calendar, things she must do. What she should do after waking up and when should they prepare their things for tomorrow’s event. Your child might display the selfish trait, but don’t worry, it will pass. When she does something right, don’t forget to compliment her. Provide more room where she could improve her skills, she will need a lot of guidance and support from her parents, and you should give that to her.

Take time to know the different interests and hobbies that your young girl might be interested in doing. If you both love painting, then maybe you can teach her a thing or two about it. She still got a lot of development to learn, so take time to teach her moral lessons. The imagination of a six-year-old is fantastic; she will love to spend most of her time in creative thinking. She will try to explain the unexplainable using her own words. Every six year old will have that type of selfish trait; you can expect her to command you to follow her rules. For them, when people don’t follow their rules, they are bad, and bad people can’t live with good people. But this does refer to the rules she has made, the law that the government has implemented itself.

For instance, if you are not supposed to go beyond 25 miles per hour, and you still went for it, then your daughter will tell you that it’s bad not to obey the law. She will be extremely careful in telling you about it, so she cannot hurt your feelings. Since she’s already in her first grade, she will be learning a lot about road signs and what they exactly mean. They will tell the driver to follow the rules, and she wants to make sure that everyone is obeying the law. Her belief will be mainly about fairness.

Just a quick parenting tip, you don’t have to be so hard and serious about your daughter, treat her as your best friend. She has her world, and she wants to explain it to you. As parents, we always stand by the right that we are always right; sometimes, you have to let loose about your firmness and welcome your daughter’s little ideas and her own opinion about a particular situation.

Your daughter will feel extremely excited to spend some time with her best friend and even spending the night at their house. When this happens, you will have to speak with your daughter’s best friend’s parents about your young girl staying at their place. Know the details behind it; don’t turn down the request of your daughter without even giving it a chance. Maybe they are learning something together, at the age of 6. Discovery will be your child’s best friend. They are curious and just wanted to learn about things. Your daughter will be excited to plan and pack the necessities she’s going to bring with her to her best friend’s house.

Your child, of course, will have heard your fears. She will start thinking about monsters under the bed. As parents, you can softly explain to your daughter that they’re not real, and they don’t exist. If they still don’t’ believe you, you can tell them to shoo away the monster, and they will never bother to go back. She will start asking herself if there’s going to be a monster under her best friend’s bed. For her, it’s an essential question, so it might as well be a good idea if you don’t kid about it. Just try to reassure her that monsters don’t exist.

Every child goes through these paces at their place. Some of them will experience some of these earlier, and some will be later.

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