Top 10 Best Gift Ideas For 6 Year Old Daughter

Your daughter will only experience being a 6-year old once, making this memory memorable will be a bit challenging, especially that there are many ideas out there, which makes it difficult for you to choose. We’re just going to trim it down for you, so you can only get the best ideas. The number one tip to make your daughter’s 6-year old age memorable is through pictures and videos. Make sure that you take enough photos and shoot videos of you and your daughter together. Spend time with them, we know that parents are busy, but make sure you allow some time for you and your family.

You’ve probably invited to six-year-old birthday parties, where adorable young girls that are elder than your daughter celebrate their 6th, now that your daughter is about to turn 6, you are trying to connect some gift for 6 year old girl. Still, you feel a bit difficult on where you should start. Gift ideas for young girls come in a great variety, that’s why knowing what you should be looking for before you go the store will be a great head start. To even provide you with greater comfort, we have compiled the top 10 best gift ideas for your cute six-year-old girl. We can guarantee you that out of the ten toys we enlisted, one of them will work out for you and your daughter.

Below is the list of Best Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Daughter

1. DTE Tough Trike

Fisher-Price girl gift idea review Yes, you’ve probably heard about Trike toys, your little 6-year old daughter will love to become a rider exploring the different corners of your house. Your daughter will love the compartment that comes with it, where they can store their snacks and other toys in it. It helps them to become little explorers to ride around and wander around your year and neighborhood, but of course, your six-year-old kid need your supervision, you don’t want them hitting the next corners without you knowing.

At six-year-old age, your daughter has still improving bones, one of the ways you can help them to improve their bone development is by allowing and helping them to practice and use their bone power as much as possible through movement. With Fisher-Price Barbie Tough Trike, your daughter will use her leg power to the pedal and keep the trike going. This will help in exercising her bone structure and growing them to become healthy and strong. Of course, vitamins and foods that are rich in calcium are old to assess your child’s bone growth. Just a quick tip, never give them soda drinks or junkies, this can stunt countless, so don’t even think about letting them take a sip these sugary carbonated a significant nor letting them take a bite of unhealthy food- this is to ensure that they will reach their height potential.

What we love it

Each trike comes with a unique and stylish design that you can choose from for your daughter. The graphics are cool enough to make your daughter fall in love with their trike. What we love about this product is that it comes with easy-grip handlebars, which make a whole lot easier for your daughter to have a good grip on it while riding around. The big food pedals are purposely made to be big enough, so it will be easier for your kids to get up on it and speed up if they want to.

It comes with a comfy seat that they can comfortably sit on as long as they like to ride. Another great thing about this trike is it helps your children to exercise and practice their motor skills. This is an excellent way for them to exercise their leg muscles and still to have fun, too. It’s a trike that is worth a buy. Why don’t you get your little princess one?

2. Tracing Pad Blue

Crayola girl gift idea review If you see more of the crafty side of your kid when it comes to her hobbies, this LED drawing kit will make a perfect complement to your 6-year old daughter’s imaginative mind. The kit comes with 12 colored pencils, a screen, paper-locking (which holds the sheets), and hundreds of images that they can trace with the pencils. This product will help in improving your child’s imaginative and creative skills, which will be quite useful by the time she grows as an adult. She will likely find her art classes easy because she had completed some good drawing before.

If you are wondering what the images are about, they are focused themed on sports and music. There are endless drawings that parents like you can download online. These images exclusively tailored for a 6-year old, which falls perfectly in the category. It’s more than just a “line tracing” activity, but your daughter can illustrate and draw things they wanted. The LED screen empowered by 3 AA batteries (these not included). If you are planning to buy this one, it will be best if you prepare some batteries, so your daughter can use it immediately when the product arrives.

What we love it

We love sharing ideas with parents to make their parenting more meaningful and easier, what we love about the Crayola light-up colored pencils is that it lets your daughter create or make endless scenery of pictures about music and sports and draw it like a pro. It helps your children to familiarize themselves with how lines should be formed to make a vase, person, plants, nets, and other things that they are going to encounter in the drawing process.

The product comes with a not only even, but powerful lighting that helps your child to easy draw. The item also comes with a nonslip lock to keep the paper in place, so there will be a lesser chance that your daughter will mess up with her sketches. The tracing pad is quite slender and slim, which makes it easy for your children to carry. It is portable and lightweight, perfect for your 6-year crafty daughter. This will help her to be introduced in arts at an early age, certainly a lovely gift for your six-year-old daughter.

3. Pretend Makeup Set

Little Cosmetics girl gift idea review Have you experienced your daughter stealing your lipstick from you? Children who are in about in their 4-7-year-old age childhood are passionately curious; when they see their moms applying makeup to their faces, they can’t help it but wonder if they could do the same. The problem is parents don’t want their daughters to have a messy look on their faces, plus their skin is too young for cosmetics. If you have been wanting to get one makeup set for your makeup lover daughter but don’t want the set to put something on her young face, the Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Signature Set will make your problem solved.

The items that included in the makeup set are not real at all but have realistic looks. It comes with a mirror, real makeup brushes, lipstick, glitter pot, lip gloss, eyeshadow, blush, and a cosmetic bag where your daughter can stack them up after using. It does not apply any color to their faces, but the items look like real items, including the texture. This is a great way for your daughter to do their makeup without having to apply the colors and blushes on their faces. It’s a mess-free makeup kit that every mom would love to get for their daughter.

What we love it

Your daughter, even a young age, will love to do their makeup; this set is a perfect PRETEND makeup set that contains all the makeup essentials that your daughter will love to pretend using. You will surely love looking at your daughter brushing the foundation and putting it on their faces; they might ask you, “Why there’s no color on my face even if I applied some makeup on it?” Just tell them that it’s only a pretend makeup set, it’s completely fake and ensure parents that their daughter will not make some mess on their faces.

The whole makeup set does not apply anything or transfer any color to your daughter’s skin. The little cosmetics purposely created for creative play purposes only. Another great feature of this makeup set is the brushes make it feel real when your daughter applies it to their faces. If your daughter shows some huge interest in getting into vanity like their moms, you should get her one of these; she’ll instantly fall in love with this makeup set.

4. DIY Friends Scrapbook

ALEX Toys girl gift idea review Do you have an artsy daughter who loves to do crafts on her hobbies? This scrapbook will make her fall in love. This product recommended for 6-year old children and older, which your child falls perfectly in this category. Your daughter can stack her favorite moments that she spent with you and with her friends. It helps her to make memories even more memorable by the time she grows up. The item comes with a lot of coloring, stickers, and colored tapes that will surely get the crafty spirit out of your kid.

This keepsake book can be trimmed down to their specific wants, your daughter can either stack the book with her photos or put some pictures of her best friends and her family. The books measure 10×10, so it quite large enough a lot of memories left in pictures. It can be one of the coolest scrapbooks she will love to play with. It comes with a hardcover colored with pink, comes with 48 pages, and comes with a lot of included items for decorative purposes. A marker, six buttons, washi tape roll, decorative wooden shape, six printed papers, and a glue stick are some of the items that included with this product.

What we like about it

What we love about this product is that it cultivates fun and creativity for young children. This is a good way for your child to enhance and hone their crafting skills while having fun. It’s almost learning important skills in life effortlessly. Your daughter will love to take photos so that she can place it in her scrapbook. She will provide all the items needed to decorate her scrapbook. This is an easy and fun way for every child to improve their creative skills; we won’t wonder why there are hundreds of parents who fell in love with the item.

It is such a huge plus that the product comes from ALEX TOYS, which is one of the best and trusted brands out there when it comes to products that improve crafts and arts. The item will surely keep safe your six-year-old daughter’s important and favorite photos. She can also come up with a title that she likes and put it on the front cover. What a cute and adorable gift, perfect for six-year oldies.

5. Art Draw Like A Pro – Best Gift For 6 Year Old Daughter

ALEX Toys girl gift idea review Want to introduce arts effortless to your daughter? Another art product from ALEX TOYS will help your child to draw like a pro. How it works is pretty simple, included in the item are a screen, drawing pencils, 124 slides, and a projector. You have to choose one image, then let the projector reflect the photo to the screen, and your six-year-old daughter can now freely trace and draw the reflected image. This is another great way for your daughter to familiarize herself with the lines that make a frog or a chicken’s head and body.

The light can be tilted easily forwards and backward, so it will be so much easier for your child to trace the image. Your daughter will surely love mixing and matching the bodies and heads so that she can come with a character. The size of how the photo reflects can be easily adjusted. There 124 cool images that you can choose from before switching on the projector. The product requires three batteries to operate, which not included. If you think this will make a good gift for a 6-year old daughter, you might as well like to prepare the batteries, so your daughter can start drawing when the item arrives at your house.

What we like about it

There are unlimited reasons why we fell in love with this product and why we have included one of the best products out there for your six-year-old daughter. Art relates to being creative, and we see an extremely important relevance to why it is necessary to start teaching your kid some creativity skill at an early age. This is to help them cope with the minor problems they will face one day or when they grow up. This will also teach your kid to be patient, they will not be good artists overnight, so they will have to practice tomorrow and give it another try. The Same principle that they can apply with they grow up, they will have to try and try until they succeed.

They can trace the pictures that projected, or they can draw things on their own. Expect that your six-year-old daughter will love to draw wacky pictures, they will not surely get bored if they got to have one of these artsy toys. There will be prehistoric pictures, which will include plants, dinosaurs, and volcanoes. The item also comes with a wheel, where your kid can make a flipbook, which makes the character as if they are moving. We love and recommend this product for your six-year-old daughter, do you also think the same?

6. Glitter Manicure Kit

Creativity for Kids girl gift idea review Have you seen your daughter touching your nail paints and wanting to put some on their nails, too? They are curious and wanted to put colors on their nails; they’re like your little versions who wanted to copy you. If you don’t want them stuffing your nail items because they shouldn’t be because the content of that nail arts is for adults. You can buy your six-year-old daughter with a glitter nail art instead. This product comes with a complete nail set, where your daughter will fall in love, glittering fingertips with bright colors.

The kit contains everything your daughter needs to start her art ritual; it is kid-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about toxic and the strong odor. Another huge plus is that it is a water-based glitter polish, which makes it shiny to look at every time your daughter uses it. There are plenty of sparkles, so your daughter will surely not get bored doing her nails for a longer time. It comes with three bottles of glitter polish, confetti and rhinestones, and six glitter pots. It is easy to clean up to minimize the mess, considering that your artsy child will love to go beyond her nails when applying. With constant practice, she’ll get it right effortlessly.

What we like about it

The item is overall cute and effective; what we love about the item is that it is incredibly safe to use for young children. It is such a huge plus that it comes with a bag for easy storage, so it teaches your six-year-old daughter to organize her items after usage. She will be able to use this skill massive she grows up. She will know how to take care of her nails and her things.

We surely think that this glitter nail kit will make an excellent gift for your child. Youngsters nowadays will surely love to spend hours working on their nails with the use of this fab kit. The colors are colorful and do encourage your kid’s natural creativity out. Another thing that we love about it is that the ingredients are non-toxic and do have a less strong smell, which protects your child’s nostrils, which are still in its developing stage. Overall, this is a lovely and fabulous gift idea for your little fashionista.

7. Princess Jasmine’s Palace

LEGO girl gift idea review Are you looking for the best gift for your aspiring builders? The LEGO Disney Princess Jasmine’s Exotic Palace is a wonderful idea to keep your kids buys building characters. This gift will be more effective if they have seen the Alladin movie and watched Princess Jasmine’s adventures. LEGO is one of the popular types of unit builders, which your daughter will find it easy to manipulate. The product comes with a palm tree, market stall, magic carpet, and mountain. Your daughter will surely feel like they are building their adventures with this LEGO builder.

What we like about it

We know that you’re a fan of toys that will keep your kids entertained and get educational value at the same time, right? What we love about Jasmine’s Exotic Palace is an attractive set that is perfect for your girly daughter. This is not one of the larger builds, perfect to be manipulative for your daughter’s still developing hands and fingers. The constructions require cognitive thinking; you will surely feel proud and happy watching your six-year-old daughter completing the construction process without your assistance. This will make an amazing gift for your growing process; if you feel like this will make a good fit for your daughter, you should get one, then!

8. DIY Many Headbands

ALEX Toys girl gift idea review Most girls would love to wear a headband on their heads. Even your young daughter will also like it. Headbands are very nice to look at if little girls wear them. If you have a cute kid who likes to wear a headband, she will surely like this gift. Your kid will look even cuter if they have this headband on their head. Well, the good thing about this product is that it doesn’t offer one headband. There are ten headbands on one purchase. Your kid will certainly not feel bored wearing the same headband every day since they give a lot of choices. Also, they can get creative and wear a couple of headbands together. Yes, these headbands are amazing to look at if they work together.
It comes with eight satin headbands. The toy also includes ribbons, flowers, fabric, shoelace, stem, gem, rubber bands, loops, and more. Your little girls can certainly work with their imagination and wear the most creative and colorful headbands. They can share them with their friends too, and experience hours of fun.

What we like about it

Since most of us are busy without work, we can’t look after kids all day long. That’s why if your kids are aging six years old and above. You can just put them in a safe area and let them play so that you can get on with your work. This toy is also safe for your kids. They can improve their fashion skills and creativity with these colorful headbands. It is a perfect toy for young girls who like to dress themselves up. They can also share it with their family and friends.

9. CDG Karaoke Player

Singing Machine girl gift idea review Do you want your kids to improve their singing voices? Well, this toy is the right one for them. Aside from it lets your kids practice their singing voice; it also gives a lot of fun to them. There are a lot of kids who like to sing, so while they are young, you can let them develop their skills so that they can have the chance to become a singer once they grow up. Of course, that is not the only purpose of this singing machine. It can also give your kids a lot of happiness. With its portability, your kids can have almost everywhere. It has a built-in speaker and a CD player. All you need to do is place the karaoke player on the table and have your kids sing their favorite songs. You can also join the fun if you want to. It’s another Gift ideas for 6 year old daughter.

The good thing about this player is that you can plug two microphones. You can sing with your kids anywhere you want. It has all the basic features that you would need karaoke players. There is also the disco light effect, which can amaze your kids while they are singing. Aside from that, it also has echo and balance control. There are enough things that you could play with the settings. An auto voice control is also available on this player. Everybody likes to sing sometimes, so getting this toy is certainly a good decision to have. You can have a karaoke session everywhere. Even if you are an adult already, you can still find this player fun to have.

What we like about it

The main attraction of this toy is its portability. If you can have a portable karaoke player where you can carry on your hands and sing everywhere you want, it would be amazing, right? Of course, everyone would like that. This little player is the thing that you would like to get if you want to sing with your kids. It is also not very expensive. You don’t have to shell out a lot of your hard-earned money to have a karaoke machine. Although its functions are basic, you can still have a lot of fun together with your kids. However, there are no lyrics that you can sing to. So, you have to plug it into television if you want to sing with the lyrics of the song.

10. Heartlake Air Balloon

LEGO girl gift idea review If your little one is a huge fan of LEGO, they can find this toy appealing. Even if they are not a fan of LEGO or it is the first time that they can play with it, they can still enjoy this toy due to the things that they can do with it. As with other toys, LEGO friends put your kid’s imagination at work. It features some accessories which can boost the fun when they are playing. The accessories available for purchase are a bag, book, medallion, camera, frog, treasure, hair flower, marshmallows, map, and binoculars.
With these accessories, your kid can exercise their imagination. There are two mini-doll figures which are named Andrea and Noah. These two figures will be the main characters of the story that your child is going to create.

What we like about it

There are a lot of reasons why you should get this toy for your young girls. LEGO toys are quite popular. They allow the kids to create the world that they want or the adventures they want to undertake. It makes their imagination go wild in a good way. They can develop their creative skills with this LEGO toys. There are a couple of accessories that come with this toy. Your kids can do a lot of different things with the accessories that they have at hand. They won’t get bored easily since they can easily put their imagination into action with this toy. Let us know what you think about gift ideas for a 6-year-old daughter. Comment below and let us know your pick!

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