How to keep your baby’s skin soft and moisturized

Most babies have a smooth and rosy skin which looks attractive. Parents would love to touch their plumped cheeks and smooth fingers all day long. It is probably unimaginable having a baby with a skin that looks unhealthy and dry. It is nice to have a baby that is healthy both inside and out. There are times when we unintentionally cause some damaged to our baby’s skin. We should be aware of the elements and activities that cause damage to our baby’s skin so that we can avoid them.

Anyway, most of you already know what can damage your baby’s skin. It is just the things that you might already hear of. Some of them are chemicals, dirt, bacteria, allergies, and irritation. Keeping your baby away from these elements is the best thing to do to prevent any damages to their skin. Of course, we will give you more helpful tips to make your baby’s skin look healthy and plump. Choosing the appropriate skin products is an important factor. A baby’s skin is susceptible to using the wrong skin product will have a bad effect. We will give some tips on how to choose the right skin products too.

Moisturizers for Baby

The moisture helps protect the baby’s skin from harmful elements. It should frequently be used to give your baby a consistent protection. Moisturizers could be applied in the morning and then applied again in the evening. It acts as a barrier from outside elements. As said earlier, choosing the right moisturizer is important. It should match with the needs of your baby.

If you are planning to buy ointments, you should keep in mind that they are quite greasy. They won’t absorb on the baby’s skin very well. It might cause some possible discomfort on the baby due to the greasy feeling. However, they are very moisturizing. Cream could be a better choice since it is less greasy and provides enough moisture. Also, always avoid moisturizers with fragrances since they might contain allergens. Those with parabens and phthalates should avoid too.

Clean them regularly

Cleaning them regularly is a very common advice. However, we would like to mention here so that you will be reminded of how important it is. Of course, parents always clean their little ones regularly since they will not be able to clean themselves yet. Make a bath routine during the night so that they can experience its calming effect. The calming effect will not only clean their skin but will also help them sleep quickly. It will remove excess oils and prevent any skin problems. But, of course, you have to choose the right soap too since a baby’s skin is susceptible. You wouldn’t want to cause damage to your baby’s skin instead of protecting it from any damages. PH-balanced soap is also good.

Get a gentle fabric conditioner

Just as you have to use a gentle soap for your baby, you should also get a fabric conditioner for their clothes. That is to avoid any skin irritations that be caused by the wrong fabric conditioner. Look at the label of the product and see if it has any reminders that say that it is not for babies or anyone with sensitive skin. The skin irritations that might result should always check with a doctor. Anyway, you just avoid any product that has active substances in it. There should be products out there that specifically made for babies.

Keep your baby’s skin soft and moisturized

Take note of the weather

The weather is also a major factor when it comes to protecting your baby’s skin. The sun can easily damage the sensitive skin of your little one, that’s why you have to take measures if you are planning to take your baby outside. They can be exposed to the sunlight once they are already six months old. However, should always apply sunscreen to prevent any possible damage. The sunscreen will serve as a protection from the heat of the sun.

Additionally, don’t forget to give them water so they will stay hydrated, either it is a cold or dry weather. The heat will take more water from their body that’s why you need to let them drink a good amount of it.

Things to do from some of the skin conditions of your baby

If you notice some skin irritations on your baby, you can do some of this steps. However, if you don’t see any improvements in 2-3 days, the best thing to do is to have your little one checked by a doctor. Diaper rash is one of the skin irritations that your baby might experience. An anti-yeast cream that is over-the-counter can usually fix the diaper rash. If it is eczema, use ointments for early signs, and you notice any rashes, you should get a hydrocortisone cream.

For cradle cap, get the shampoo that has 1% hydrocortisone cream and salicylic acid. Also, don’t use it on the face, only on the scalp. Finally, if your little one is suffering from sunburn, use a cool compress and a soothing cream that contains hydrocortisone.

Preventing skin irritations

Overall, prevention is the best cure. Take some steps so that you can block every skin conditions or irritations before they happen. This way, you can save your from baby from any suffering brought by the various skin irritations. You can also save some money that is supposed to spend on doctor visits. Use gentle soaps and creams for preventing eczema. Giving your baby a regular bath and brushing their head with a soft-bristle will help avoid baby acne and cradle cap. Also, avoid direct exposure to the sun to help evade sunburn.

The time interval where the sun is shining more intensely is between 10 am to 4 pm.  Don’t put your baby under the sun during this period. As said before, apply some sunscreen if you are going to bring them outside the house. Do it about 15 minutes before going outside the house. Don’t forget to check our reviewed best baby lotion for newborns

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