Top 10 Best Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Boys

Your boy at five would have the happiest faces when you send them their gifts. For some parents, they find ‘gift item hunting’ a piece of cake, and for some parents, they find it extra challenging considering the hundreds of choices and options they face in the ‘toy department.’ If you need to get some ideas that would help you bring out the best gift for your 5-year-old son, then you have come to the right article. We’re going to exactly reveal the top 10 best products that are not only suitable for five-year-old boys but are the actual real and hot stuff your kids have probably seen on TV. There is ten gift item that we have included, and we’re quite sure that one of them should work.

Below is the list of Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Boys

1. Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet – Best Gift Idea for 6 Year Old Boys

Amazon boy gift idea review For your little investigation lover, this tablet will set his big day on fire. There will be 15,000 books that are on the tables as well as movies, educational apps, TV shows, and other useful content that every five-year-old kid would love to have. You can easily download the app, absolutely free of charge. This table specifically designed for kids aging 3-12 years old. It comes with a two-year worry-free guarantee, which puts the parents’ minds at peace of whether the item is worth the buy. This tablet introduces your five-year-old son to a lot of learning processes but still puts you in the central control.

You can customize and manage your kid’s experience with the various four child profiles that you can set. You can set a limit for bedtime or curfews that will automatically tighter control on the tablet’s screen. There’s a “learn first” feature in which you can block access to various games and videos until your son’s reading goals met. It’s cool stuff; you can set the fun and entertaining games and videos as a reward if they can complete their reading task.

What we like about it

We love it when your son can have fun while learning. Some parents feel skeptical about buying smart devices for their kids, for they might get exposed to the illegal content that is hovering the net. This tablet comes with a ‘kid-safe browser’ feature that keeps your son away from inappropriate content that blocks 56,000 websites and YouTube videos that your five-year-old son should never visit unit he’s 18. The parents can, of course, easily add the website that he/she approves for his five-year-old son to give a visit.

Another good feature that this table equipped with is that it comes with a “kid-proof case,” which is a good solution for kids who love reading while eating their snacks. The proof case is sure protection from accidental bumps and drops. We exactly know how our kids love to move and play a lot and they’re still developing their ‘concentration skill.’ So, you can expect them to be glued in a particular item for a few minutes, then move to the other. The case is extremely lightweight that it does not have any unnecessary weight to the Fire tablet. Your five year old will learn a lot from this tablet, and it still puts the parents in full control.

2. Sbyke Scooter

SBYKE boy gift idea review The Sbyke Scooter will make an awesome gift for an extremely active and playful child? This model is made to be lightest and smallest, so your son can easily play with this without any hassle. It is safe and easy to play with. This is a Sbyke scooter that is suggested for kids aging 5 and up. Its weight limit is 110 pounds. The scooter comes with a skateboard deck where your five-year-old son can stand up, the handbrake made from allowing, and it is extremely easy to use for stopping. It is a unique Sbyke that your son can use for safe and easy driving.

The P16 is a hybrid form of bike that has a skateboard as a deck, and an instant scooter. This is extremely easy to use, and it is one of the best BMX and skateboard that your son would feel happy to have. This Sbyke is completely flexible; even if you have a10-ply or 9-ply, you can still attach it to this bike. This is one of the best vehicles that you can get for your five-year-old son. The wheels can be easily changed and swapped with other wheels in case if your son wants a different color for his wheels.

What we like about it

We like it when your son can customize the product that you have just bought for him. What’s good about this Sbyke is that your son actually can attach a bigger or wider deck if he wants to. This item is completely flexible, which makes it one of the top 10 best gift items that we have reviewed. It’s one of the best, and we’re quite sure that your boy would love to play with this Sbyyke. Its low rolling feature is just perfect for five-year-olds since they are still improving their feet and hand coordination. The minimal supervision of you as their parents is extremely needed.

This will provide some fun time for your kids while improving their leg bone growth. It is made to be safely played by young people and comes with a handbrake. This can run smoothly on paved ways, so your son can play with this in your yard or somewhere you can watch him over. There will manually include how you can assemble the item easily.

3. Chewbacca Wookiee Sounds Mask

Star Wars boy gift idea review Does your son love to watch Star Wars? Then he probably has checked the “The Force Awakens” sequel and saw Chewbacca, if he’s up for some cool Chewbacca electronic mask, then this would be a perfect gift for him that would astound him on his big day. The mask is the same in the movie and comes with an open mouth slightly, and it will make the Chewbacca roar. It comes with a strap that is extremely easy to adjust to fit around your five-year-old son’s head. This would make an awesome gift if your son were able to see the Star Wars movie.

What we like about it

We like it when your five-year-old son can exercise his imaginary skills; he can imagine that he’s a big adventure and he can play this with his friends. His friend can play as Han Solo, and he can play Chewbacca. The vocals will be 100% the same as the ones you see in the movie. The iconic sounds will give real feels to your five-year-old son as he imagines that he is on a galactic adventure with his friends. Five-year-olds can get easily surprised, especially when you hit their sweet spot.

4. LEGO Cargo Heliplane

LEGO boy gift idea review Is your son an aspiring builder? It’s easy to tell; if your son has been asking for building units ever since he was a kid, then it might probably not a bad idea to buy him this LEGO creator cargo helpline. Your five-year-old son is going to build a cargo helpline; there will be a cargo heli, a cargo plane, and cargo ship included in this material. It triggers their imaginations that they are builders, and they have to build a cargo helpline. There will be movable parts in this item, which we’re quite sure that your five years old would love to play with. Your five-year-old son can lift the cargo container to have fun.

What we like about it

Your kid will only be five once, being a LEGO creator will provide them a lot of fun. Assembling a small plane and a helicopter will provide a lot of fun for your five-year-old. The LEGO sets are something that will never outgrow your kids; it’s fun and playable even by the time when they grow up. This is a definite winner product that your five-year-old son would be more than happy to have!

5. Marble Run Set Toys

Franklin Sports boy gift idea review Is your son into the soccer game? He probably has seen this sports game played on TV or even played it on a tablet. This sport is fun to play, and it is such a huge plus that it helps your son develop his bone growth. This soccer rebounder would be a wonderful gift to give when your five-year-old son wants to train himself for soccer playing. This is a good net for multiple players where they could take turns in kicking the ball; it will easily rebind back to them anyway.

What we like about it

This is a cool gift item that we’re quite sure your five-year-old would love, especially when he’s into soccer. It makes his soccer training and practice sessions more effective and efficient. The net securely attached in place; this is an ideal goal that you can use for training and practice. Your son will improve his playing skills in no time. The net rebounder stands 6” ft tall, which is just a good height for five-year-old to train and improve their kicking skills. We also love it when your son is active in the sport, even if he is still young. He will carry this trait and his love for sports when he grows up, and it’s something that he will thank you for.

6. Razor Chalk Scooter

Discovery Toys boy gift idea review Picking a gift for your five-year-old kids is quite challenging. Finding the right toy which will keep their attention is hard. You would want to get the toy that will not only give them entertainment but also develop their skills. Marble works Marble Run is one of the best choices for your kids. This toy will be able to keep your kids occupied for hours. We know that we can’t watch our kids when they are playing all day long. That’s why it is essential that you will give them toys that are completely safe. Marble works Marble Run is a safe toy recommended for young kids. Your kids will be having fun without harming themselves.
This game includes six marbles which they will run through the course. There is some exciting feature of the course which can make the marble excitingly run through the course. This involves guessing the marble that will reach the finish line first. Now, this is a bit challenging activity, and your kids will have to use their knowledge of gravity and speed to guess the right marble successfully. Another fun feature of this toy is the fact that kids can rearrange the course according to their preferences.

What we like about it

We like that this toy is completely safe for your kids. They will not get harm playing while playing with this toy. Also, it helps develop some of the there skills. It can improve their logical thinking skills and hand-eye coordination. While your kids are young, it is essential that they can hone these important skills. They will come in handy once they start entering school. When playing this game, they will also be aware of how gravity works. They can rearrange the runway in many different ways to add more fun.

7. Razor Chalk Scooter

Razor boy gift idea review Now, you might want to get a gift that will make your child more physically active. Of course, moving their bodies frequently will help burn fat. It will prevent obesity, which kids are prone to. Encouraging to become more active is not a very hard task. Kids usually like to play and move around the house. That’s why Razor Graffiti Chalk Scooter is a good gift for them. It will inspire them to move around riding this scooter. Doing so will exercise their body and help burn fat. It will also improve balance and coordination skills.

Regarding the quality of the scooter, it is top-notch. This scooter is durable and fun. Your kids will not get bored since it is effortless to operate. They will not get tired right away. However, do advise them to avoid riding the scooter at high speed to avoid injury. Even if it gives an enjoyable and fun experience for your kids, there is also a chance of injury, so you have to keep them reminded about the safety measures. Overall, it is one of the best choices as a gift for your young kids during birthdays or any special occasions.

What we like about it

Razor Graffiti Chalk Scooter is a cool gift idea for your kids. There are a couple of things that we like about this scooter. One of them is quality, it is quite durable and will last long even if your kids are using it every day.
Another thing is the chalk sticks that come with the scooter. Yes, it allows the user to draw lines while they are riding this scooter. It adds more to the fun. The chalks sticks are also non-toxic, so they are perfectly safe for your kids.

8. Dragon Building Set

Laser Pegs boy gift idea review Any building toy is good for your kids. It improves their creativity skills. Also, it will allow their imagination to come into play. Now, if you prefer to get toys that involve setting pieces together to build something, this one is for you. Laser Pegs 57-in-1 Dragon Building Set is one of the best choices when it comes to building toys. Your kids can build any model that they want to build. This kind of toy is a great choice since it will prevent your kids from getting bored.

There are 225 tinted building pieces which make way for a lot of combination. They can build a dragon or a cat. It just depends on what they have in mind. If your son is an aspiring builder and wants to build a lot of a dragon, then this would make a wonderful gift for your son’s big day. The laser pegs have the functionality to light up for a longer period. This means that when your son has completed or has built the dragon, it will light up. Your five-year-old son will be left astonished as he sees the dragon standing tall and lighting up. As parents, we love it when we put smiles on our son’s face. It’s another perfect gift idea for 5-year-old boys.

What we like about it

We love it when your son has some free and quality time off from the screen. Some kids are taught to watch TV when they are bored, however watching the LED can damage their developing eyes in the process. This also provides some hands-on experience that lets your five-year-old son manipulate and move around the pieces to build the dragon. This would be the ‘bomb’ when your five years old see this product. It also helps them to exercise their brain in the process, thus improving their cognitive thinking skills. Building toys can also encourage creative and imaginative play.

9. Classic Card Game

Peaceable Kingdom boy gift idea review The Go Fish cards are more than just a pile of rectangular pieces that provides a lot of entertainment for your child but provides true educational value. Your kids will be able to know how to read the numbers, how to hold the cards, and how to take turns. This is a fun adventure card game that lets your five-year-old son imagine as if he is living under the sea. He will be swimming with the sharks in the morning and have lunch with the lobsters. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to playing this card game. This is a wonderful deal to give to your five-year-old son, so he may not only get the plain fun out of it but learn a lot as well.

You love it when you spend some time with your kids- it’s the best feeling. Watching them learn and grow is just priceless for parents. With the Go Fist card deck, you can play this with your son and foster bond and closeness. You are helping your son to learn social interaction skills- how he can strike a conversation and some proper responses to questions. When this package, this will make a wonderful gift that you and your son will love.

What we like about it

The illustrations that are print on the card is wonderfully made- they are colorful and simple; your five-year-old son would find the illustrations appealing. There could be 3 to 6 players that can play and interact with this game. There will be 48 cards included in the set. They are made from high-quality materials so that they will last longer. There’s a velcro flap that includes in this item, so your kids will find it easy to return the cards in place once they are done playing.

10. Minions Hot Dogs

Mega Construx boy gift idea review Your son has seen the movie where minions play as the main characters, if they had, then this minion flying hot dog would make a wonderful gift for your son. Your son will have to build the hot dog cart with an umbrella so they can launch the hot dogs. The hot dog cart gives the real feels as if your son is a real hot dog vendor. There will be rolling wheels, a hidden compartment, a grill, and a cash register. The grill is used to set and launch the hot dogs. Of course, there will be a minion character that comes with arms, feet, parts, and goggles.

What we like about it

There will be four hot dog accessories that are included in this item; once your five-year-old son has built the minion mischief and the hot dog cart, he will be able to launch the hot dogs. There is so much fun with this gift item. A perfect gift for your little despicable me or minions fan five-year-old boy. Let us know what you think about Gift Ideas for 5-Year-Old Boys. Comment below and let us know your pick!

What can I expect from my five-year-old child?

Every parent will be more thrilled and excited to know the progress their child is making when it comes to their development. Every milestone matters and parents would love to guide and help their children to get the most out of there every year. It’s important to think of gifts that will not only be entertaining to play for five-year-olds but gift items that could help him learn. Talking about physical development, your five-year-old will be full of energy and will even ask you to play with active games with him.

You had probably started to notice that the balance and coordinate movements of your child had improved compared to the days when he was 3 or 4 years old. They will love to show off the new skills they can do; they would love to jump in front of you. They will be able to ride a bike, of course, bicycles that come with training wheels. Your child will show a mature form of a walk; they will be able to run but in a lot of directions. The speed and the quality of their movements will start to improve as well. If you like it when your child introduced to painting stuff, you’ll probably start to notice that your child can control his finger when it comes to handling painting tools.

At the age of five, you don’t have to be boundless or limitless of whether you can give them writing and painting tools or not; they will be able to use it effectively, which is quite a good improvement. They will be able to perform simple tasks such as buttoning and unbuttoning their polo shirts; they can close and open their zippers as well. Always remember to teach them the right way so that they won’t get their finger’s skin placed at risk.

What do five-year-old kids like for a gift?

Every child is unique from each other, so you can’t expect that your five-year-old and his siblings will have the same taste for toys. Since your kids are born in the millennial era, you can expect that he will be into the hot and cool stuff like robots, fidgets, and other techie toys. But of course, there will be kids who prefer to play with stuff animals. If you want to know the perfect gift for a 5-year-old, it will be something that could provide them hands-on experience, where they could touch and manipulate things on their own.

Gifts that help them discover fun facts

Your kids will start to ask you how the world works and will want you to explain A.LOT.OF.THINGS to them and seriously there will be A.LOT.OF.QUESTIONS. You might say, “Oh, they’re just kids; their questions will be a piece of cake.” We’re here to tell you that the questions can get trickier than the other. They will be able to use tools that are extremely easy to operate and carry out their cute investigations. If you give them a ‘magnifying glass’ as a gift, they’ll start to hunt butterflies in your garden and see their habitat is like. KIDS WILL BE KIDS as they say, so tighten your belt their parents, since parenting a five-year-old kid can be trickier and challenging. AND “TIRING.” But it will be worth it. You’ll have a lot of fun and fulfilling moments, too.

When they speak with you, they will use a lot of adjective or the so-called ‘describing words”. They’ll love relaying information and events to you in detail, including how the man or woman looks like, the color of the shop, and absolutely EVERY.THING.IN.DETAIL. We suggest that you ask them questions like, “Did something exciting happened to you today?”. They will be more than happy to share their thoughts with you. Parents are the couple that children find the safest and most secure to talk to. Your five-year-old kid will be able to manage his feelings and can react to social situations with independence with their cute little acts.

Gifts that help them to engage in A.LOT.OF.GROUP.PLAY

Another gift idea that we’re quite sure that your five years old will love is gaming tools which they can play with their friends, at this very young age, fitting in the group will become more and more important for your son. So, encouraging group play is something that they will love. Your kids at five years old will start to show off his creative skills; he will show you his cute drawing with you and your spouse and him in the middle. They will be able to tell a story about art.

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