Top 10 Best Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Boys

For your 1 year old, everything will seem new to him. He will love to touch every single thing that sparks his interest. They are still developing their five senses while they are exploring their environment. They will love to move from one place to the other and want to complete simple and basic tasks. They will find pleasure when they can accomplish something they have in mind. That’s why your strict supervision is required, so you can ensure that your 1-year-old is 24/7 safe. He will love to touch things and manipulate them.

The term ‘discovery’ is going to be your son’s best friend. Don’t be surprised if you’ll see him from one corner playing gently with his toy, then kicking legs the next. When it comes to picking your child’s next gift, you will start thinking about items that would entertain them. Luckily, nowadays, there are thousands of options that you could choose from. What we can suggest is that you pick a toy that could help your child to continue developing is senses and acquire new skills that he could use as he grows.

If you’re looking for some awesome Gifts for 1-Year-Old Boys that would facilitate your 1-year-old son to learn more and more skills, then you have to the right place. We have compiled the top 10 best and coolest gifts that you can give to your son. There are 10 gifts, and we’re quite sure that one of them should work, do you think so as well? We are not only basing our items to be merely suitable for 1-year-old babies, but we have made sure that these items can provide value for your son’s developmental stage.

Your son will lash off and throw tantrums at you when they are tired, confused, or frustrated. They are still learning to manage and cope with their feelings, so you can’t expect them to keep quiet when they are crying over something. Your 1-year-old son is like a sponge when it comes to learning, and once they have successfully discovered a game or something that amazes them, they would love to make it happen again and again. When your 1-year-old asks for help, they might cling to your leg, so you better expect the so-called cute ‘leg cuddle’ or your baby do not want you to go.

Below is the list of Gifts for 1 Year Old Boys

1. Tiny Love Take Along Mobile – Best Gift for 1 Year Old Boys

Tiny Love boy gift idea review This gift item is perfect for encouraging physical, creative, and imaginative play for your son. It comes in many colors, and it’s a good mobile that goes with your baby everywhere he goes. This will give your baby some new and relaxing continuity; this can also use a crib mobile. Your 1-year-old son will have some fun time where ever he goes. This is a take-along mobile, which can have three functions, namely: infant car seat, travel crib, or a play yard. You can keep your baby inside while he stays safe, playing with his stuff animals.

This item comes with a designated connector for every function of the mode you are going to use. It’s also an electronic mobile in which will play music for 30 minutes; it’s an amazing product that is going to help your kids to have a safe place where he could learn, grow, and play. There will be five different melodies that come with this item that your son could choose which to play. This can use as a take-a-long mobile that you can take with you anywhere you go. You’re also helping your child to enhance his language and communication skills since he will be able to feel different thoughts by hearing different music that is new to his ears.

What we like about it

The item comes with spinning toys that help in entertaining the baby. Your baby will be able to practice expressing his feelings since he will feel happy and excited as he sees the toys spinning around him. He will also be able to feel different emotions while listening to different melodies. It’s a wonderful gift item that you can give to your 1-year-old son. We also love the fact that this item is designed to be colorful; this mobile gift item will keep your son at bay for longer hours.

Another great feature that we love about this product is that it encourages your 1-year-old son to keep moving with the mobile on his back. He will also love the feeling of continuity and security while he has a mobile where ever he goes. The spinning toys will help with visual stimulation as your 1-year-old son watches it the toys to spin. It also comes with a Velcro fastener that you can use to use when you use the mobile as an infant seat carrier.

2. Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

Fisher-Price boy gift idea review This gift item will provide your 1-year-old son a safe seat that is extremely comfortable and sturdy to sit in. Of course, while he is sitting, he will be able to interact with the different things that surround him. There are two likable toys that you can attach; there’s a butterfly that comes with soft wings and a flower teether. This will keep your little mini-me entertained for a longer time. And with this item with you, this will occupy your baby’s attention for a longer time. Thus, giving you time to do the chores or check your email.

The seating feature is positioned upright to ensure that your baby feels comfortable in it. Your 1-year-old son will be able to play and sit. The seat pad is purposely designed to be soft and supportive. The base is sturdy and wide to ensure 100% safety for your child. It helps your baby to feel entertained where ever they go. Aside from the features mentioned earlier, the seat can fold so you can easily store it. It is extremely portable, which means that you can carry where ever they go. When your baby is inside this item, he will be reaching out for toys or pull them so he can play with- this is a good way to improve their gross motor development development.

What we like about it

Your one-year-old son will be enticed to reach out from one toy to the other, which keeps them to become curious about how what makes that toy special. When your child is curious, it will keep him to have the strength to explore more things around him. We love this item since it encourages your son to explore and continue moving to discover new things around him. The soft seat pad is easy to wash; you can easily wash it with the use of your machine.

This is a wonderful item that would be perfect for your son’s big day. Also, when your baby enclosed in something, he will feel safer than ever. So, moving playing around while he is on this seat should not be a problem. As parents, we love it when our children felt secured and comfort while they are having fun. Letting your one-year-old son hold toys will help them improve their finger ability or how they grasp or hold things.

3. VTech Learners Activity Cube

VTech boy gift idea review In this Busy learner’s activity cube, your 1-year-old son will get buy having fun while learning. In every cube, there will help five sides, and every corner, your son will be able to have some entertaining time with it. This gift item helps to encourage imaginative play for your son’s mind. There will be light-up buttons, colors, music, and more. There will be different animal and shape buttons that will help your 1-year-old son to introduce to animal’s names. There will also be similar sounds and shapes which further reinforce learning.

There will be press and slide buttons that come with instrumental pictures. On this side of the cube, your son will be introduced to the various instrument names, colors, and sounds. On the other side of the cube, there will be spinning and sliding blocks where your son will introduce to fine motor skill development. There are many fun sounds that you can choose from, and there are 25 sing-along melodies and songs. Your one-year-old son may not be many strong words, but familiarizing him with simple words that rhyme and introduce to him in songs will help him to remember the words and use them as he ages.

What we like about it

Your son will be able to explore and have a lot of fun while exploring every corner of this cube. There will be five sides, and what could get even funnier and more entertaining than your son being able to learn from every cube? This gift item is worth it. We also love the fact that this item comes from VTech, one of the the-the trusted and renowned brands out there when it comes to the making of ELP or Electronic Learning Products. They are known for developing high quality and durable education products for young children from birth to be a tween.

Parents can trust the name behind this product. It’s important that your son can have fun while learning, so he will learn the basics effortlessly. We also love the four light-up buttons that introduce your four-year-old son to different animal sounds, shapes, and names. There will be 14 interactive features that will help your son to develop his fine motor skills. The item comes with a motion feature that makes a funny sound when your baby is around. This Vtech cube has some parent-friendly features as well; you can control the volume for quieter play and automatic shut off.

4. VTech Musical Rhymes Book

VTech boy gift idea review This gift item is no simple book, inside your 1-year-old is going to see a lot of interactive buttons that he can press, and when he does, it plays music. Your young son will be able to practice and improve his fine motor skills by turning the pages of the book. There will be six classic nursery rhymes that include in this book. There will also be bright flashes that will attract your child to play with this Musical Rhymes book for a longer period.

What we like about it

We love it when your son is busy and getting himself entertained while learning, in this way you will be able to do household chores and you just have to keep your baby in a safe place. This is a wonderful gift item that your 1-year-old son would love to have.

5. VTech Learn Color Flashlight

VTech boy gift idea review Is your son ready for some bright adventure? This spin and learn color flashlight can play more than 70 sings, and it teaches you one-year-old son about letters. It is such a huge plus that it can ask your son some simple form of questions.

What we like about it

When your son spins the ring, the flashlight introduces your one-year-old son to different animals and the various colors. It can also function as a real flashlight as well that your son can use for his exploration time, there are three play modes where he could play music, be taught with letters, and ask simple questions. This is a must-have item for every one-year-old son’s big day.

6. Hape Galloping Zebra Cart

Hape boy gift idea review We have to admit that it is rather hard to buy a toy for a one-year-old kid. Also, if you are planning to give it to them as a gift, you have to choose the toy that will make them happy. Now, there are a lot to choose from, to be honest. If you go to a store, you would most likely find a lot of good toys along the kid’s section. However, choosing is always the hardest part. There are so many toys available, and you don’t know what your kids will like. Well, you only have to get toys that are safe and easy to play. Remember that your kid is still very young, they will need toys that are easy to operate and also give them a couple of benefits.

Yes, the toys should also benefit them, aside from giving them a lot of fun. Hape Galloping Zebras Toddler is one of the best choices for your young kid. It does have a couple of benefits for your kids. This toy will improve coordination and balance. While your kid is pulling or pushing this toy, they are developing the coordination of their muscles. It also helps improve their physical strength.

What we like about it

We like that this toy is very easy to play with. Your kids can push or pull this toy. They don’t have to follow complicated steps and instructions while playing. This is certainly important if your kids are still very young. Also, it develops their physical strength, coordination, and balance. Small kids need to develop these skills since it will help them walk more efficiently. They will also have a lot of fun. It makes non-toxic materials; your kid is completely safe while playing with this toy.

7. GUND Unicorn Animal Plush

GUND boy gift idea review Getting a gift for your kid is a special task. During there birthdays, you may want to give them something that they will give them a lot of fun. A toy is always the best thing to give to young children. At a very young age, they need something that will make them happy and comfortable. GUND Pusheenicorn Stuffed Pusheen Plush Unicorn can easily do that with its soft and cushy texture. Your kids will have fun squeezing and cuddling this toy. Since they are still young, you don’t need to give them toys that are too complicated. Give them something simple but fun.

Pusheen is a funny cat that is famous on the internet. This cat looks cute and delightful. It is a great addition to your kid’s toys. They will surely treat it as a friend. Due to its soft characteristic, kids will like to hug it all day long. Also, this toy is, of course, safe. There is no way that this soft, stuffed toy will injure your child. Overall, GUND Pusheenicorn is a magical and cute toy for your young kids. Being made of quality materials, it won’t wear out easily.

What we like about it

Kids like to play with toys that look cute and colorful. GUND Pusheenicorn will work as a birthday gift for your young kids. Although they won’t know that you are giving a gift to them since they are still very young, they will have a lot of fun hugging and play with this stuffed toy. It based on a popular comic cat on the internet named Pusheen. Pusheen is very lovable and cute. Even adults like her. It is also durable and safe. No need to look further for a gift; this stuffed toy is already perfect.

8. Radio Flyer Stroll ‘N Trike

Radio Flyer boy gift idea review Now, this is also a great gift for your child. It is not only toys that you could give to your kids as a gift. You can also have this stroller for them. Bring them around with the hassle of carrying them in your arms. It is also very comfortable for your kids to ride a stroller. They are also completely safe while riding this stroller. This stroller has an adjustable push handle and removable canopy. The canopy can protect your child from UV rays. There is a bin with a cover and a removable safety tray. This is exactly what you need if you want to bring your kids to a park.

Another cool feature of this stroller is that it can adjust according to the age of your kid. So, if your kid is getting bigger, you can easily adjust it accordingly. There are four ways to ride this stroller. You’re either choose steering trike, infant trike, learn-to-ride trike, or classic trike. There are a lot of benefits of getting this stroller for your young kids. It does the job nicely. Making your workload lighter and keeping your kid comfortable. It’s another perfect gift idea for 1-year-old boys.

What we like about it

There are a lot of reasons to get this stroller for your kid as a gift. Aside from it will help you bring your child to the neighborhood; it also gives fun to your kids. They will feel happy riding this stroller around. It is also comfortable, so your kids won’t be complaining while they are using it. Overall, it is a solid choice.

9. Deluxe Rock ‘n Play Sleeper

Fisher-Price boy gift idea review It’s midnight, and you and your baby are still wide awake. You find a way so your baby can sleep, you tried to sing a lullaby, but still, it doesn’t work. You are tired from work and household chores; your baby wants to rock. What will you do? This situation is common for all moms. They all have experienced what it feels like to have close to ‘no sleep’ at all. Why don’t you try this Rock ‘n Play sleeper that comes with a switch that once set will make calming vibrations that send your angel to sleep. This will provide extreme comfort for your child, and it is such a huge plus that it is easy to assemble.

There’s comfy incline, which is one of the best features that help in putting your baby to sleep. They also have reliable and accommodating customer services that you can call if ever you need it for instructions. This gift item will not only make your baby fall in love with it but you as well. Your baby will be his sleeper and playtime in one. This is purposely made to be portable, so you can bring it to anywhere you like. It also rocks with the use of a gentle push if you don’t want to use the vibrations.

What we like about it

This product helps your baby to have more time to sleep, and sleep is extremely important for one-year-old, knowing that they have many developmental milestones that they are going through. This is a perfect item that would send your young one to sleep. You will have rock those late nights away and have some sleeping time to improve your health. Parents also have to take care of their health aside from the baby’s health. Since babies completely rely on their parents.

10. Deere Animal Sounds Hayride

TOMY boy gift idea review Your young boy will love this Hayride. He will be matching the farm animal figures to their seats, which improves their matching skills. There will be a pig, cow, horse, and sheep. And the fifth figure will be a farmer. When your boy presses the farmer’s head, “Old McDonald Had a Farm” will play along. Your boy can also press the buttons to make the animals make a sound. This is a good toy that will introduce your kids to the different sounds animals make.

What we like about it

We like the fact that this gift item helps your 1-year-old boy some matching and animal recognition while he is having fun. There will be a set of push along with wagons and tractors, the farmer and the four animals are removable. If your son feels like pushing the wagon alone, then he can do that as well. This is a wonderful gift that we know for sure everyone-year-old would love to have. Let us know what you think about gift ideas for 1-year-old boys. Comment below and let us know your pick!

What can I expect from my 1-year-old son?

Understand the different skills your 1-year-old son can do is important when it comes to picking their gifts. So, you can carefully match them and buy only the items that would you think your one year old can play with. Your young mini-me at one will be able to speak single words and might experiment with simple words that he could combine. His language will be more on grunting and trying to speak a simpler word. The pronunciation part can be a difficult task for your child. But don’t worry, he will be able to learn it gradually from time to time. They will steadily and continue to build their vocabularies around them.

When you speak with your 1-year-old son, he will be able to understand common phrases such as ‘eat,’ ‘dance’ and so forth. He will be able to understand straightforward directions that you usually use in a routinary situation. Your son, at a very young age, may still understand printed materials, but they will take pleasure by looking at books that come with big and colorful pictures. They will also love to hear people singing; your 1-year-old son would immediately show his toothless smile.

Your one-year-old son would love to name pictures and experiment with marks and scribbles that they on the surface. Your one-year-old son will start to improve his mathematical skills by understanding shapes; he will not be able to recognize shapes until he becomes around 3-5 years old. He will start to enhance skills by recognizing different patterns. Simple patterns like the may followed by night, then after night comes, day follows. They will be able to tell the next thing that they need to do by routinary activities. If before they go to sleep, you usually read them a story or sing them a lullaby, they will be able to know that.

You will also start to notice that your 1-year-old son loves emptying and filling empty boxes. They can also categorize different things by feeling them; they can tell that a particular thing is hard or soft. 1-year-olds also know how to insert simple puzzles that show whole objects. There are many suitable toys that your son can play with. You have to make sure that they are getting something out from the toy, such as acquiring a new skill or getting some educational value. Your son will also start to recognize that socks go first before shoes should get worn.

One-year-old will love to discover new things and create abilities, and when they do, you will be the first person to know. They see their parents as the safest and best people in both worlds. They will be attracted to playing with things that come in different colors. Paint and clay will be one of the best items that they would love to play with all day long. They will start to engage themselves with creative and pretend play, where they often mimic their adult movements. Your son will need to improve his finger and hand coordination; he will be still learning how to balance. He will drop objects frequently, so don’t let them play or touching things that are so precious or difficult to replace since they might drop it since their fingers are still at development.

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