10 Best Toys & gifts for 3 year old boys

Your toddler at the age of 3 is developing their logical reasoning skills while they are engaging themselves in active play. So, your son’s big day is around the corner, and you’re looking for some bright and useful ideas that will help your son have a ‘blast’ on his day. Well, you have come to the right article. We have studied and reviewed around 45 products that purposely made for three-year-old toddlers, and we have filtered them down to the only 10. Your three-year-old son will learn a lot of the skills he is still developing by playing and completing simple puzzles that will help him understand that whole objects can separate into tiny parts.

Below is the list of Gift Ideas for 3 Year Old Boys

1. VTech Little Apps Tablet

VTech boy gift idea review The VTech little apps tablet is a smart device that specifically made for three-year-old toddlers and older. The applications that in the table will teach your son how to write letters, number order, matching, counting, and much more. The color-changing screen feature is purposely designed to get the attention of your son. Your son will be attracted to anything colorful at the age of 3, so this gift item will keep your son glued for a longer time. But make sure you set 1-2 hours with this tab since the LED screen can damage their eyes if they stare at it for extremely long hours.

There will be letter buttons and piano keyboard on the screen, your son will enjoy pressing and listening to the tune. The tablet is a useful tool to help your son improve his cognitive and imaginative skills. The Cody: The Smart Cub is a good app that would help your child to learn and experience more adventures that comes with vivid animations. There will be sound effects and a color-changing screen that would provide some fun time for your kids. Your kids will be able to learn some math basics by going through the eight activities that help them in their progressive learning levels.

What we like about it

We like it when your kids can learn the basics even before they start going to school. This does not only teach your kids how to write letters, some math basics but actually, teach your three-year-old son some musical tunes that he could sing with. Your son at the age of 3 would start to enhance his musical skills. This item also comes with parent-friendly features that would give you some control. You can set the volume to protect your son’s developing ears. This is a great item for portable learning; your three-year-old son carries this item wherever he goes.

This item features large buttons, which makes it easy for your three-year-old son to remember which to press for a particular function. This is a nice table that would be a good item. As parents who have smart devices, when your young toddlers see you on your phone, they would be more than fascinated to have their smart device. This is a kid tablet that would help your son feel like they are just like you. There are many functions and activities that your three-year-old son can indulge with whenever he plays with this table. There will be 123s, ABCs, spelling games, music games, rhyming games, and so much more.

2. VTech KidiBeats Drum Set

VTech boy gift idea review Does your son show a huge interest in music? If he does, then this Vtech drum set would make him happier on his big day. Their drum set is a learning toy that comes with three drum pads and cymbals that creates unique sounds, which in turn helps your three-year-old son in developing their sensory development. Your toddler will be able to play along with up to 9 melodies that would help your three-year-old son to learn about dance and pop and rock. There will be four modes of play that your son can choose from; they can choose from: Letters, Free Play, Follow-Along, and Number. Each drum feature comes with a unique LED light, so it’s so much easier for your son to differentiate.

This an educational toy that is intended for young toddlers and children aging from 2 to 5. It requires 3 AA batteries that could use for new batteries. This education drum comes with drumsticks that would give some real feels to your three-year-old son as if he is a real drummer. The drumsticks can be used to tap on the four different electronic drums. Your son plays in freestyle mode if he wants to, as well. He can play along with the nine pre-set melodies. This exercises his dexterity finger development or how he could grasp on objects.

What we like about it

We like it when your son can improve his musical skills even at such a very young age. With this gift item, he will be able to play with a great variety of fun sounds. There will be LED lights even to make it more appealing for your toddlers to play with this music set. This will be a great item for your child who loves to learn more and more about music. They can follow the lights while they are hitting the drum pads and cymbals while they hear letters and numbers.

The light-up drum pads and cymbals feature comes with unique sounds that further help your son to get interested in playing with this item. Your son will be able to choose from 4 different music genres; you can find your beat. The automatic shut-off preserves the battery life of the drum; you can also lower down the volume for a quieter play. We’re quite sure that parents would love this drum set, as well. There will be four ways to play with this drum set; your son will never have to get bored.

If he chooses the “follow me,” your son will have to follow the lights to keep up with the beat. There’s also a “number jams” feature where your son will have fun hitting the drums for counting fun. The “Alphabets” mode, your three-year-old son, will have to follow the light to play with a letter, word, and phonics. The last play mode is “Freestyle,” where you’re making up his song with the k16 kinds of drum songs.

3. PJ Masks Figure Set

PJMASKS boy gift idea review Is your son a huge fan of the PJ Masks? These PJ masks collectible figure pack would become one of his faves. He will enjoy playing with these mini-figures. Each character carries a detailed look just like your son’s favorite PJ masks characters, and they stand 3” tall. The figures feature Owlette, Catboy, Luna Girl, Romeo, and Gekko on their dynamic poses. This is a perfect gift item if your three-year-old son is collecting items about the PJ masks.

What we like about it

They give some feel because of their size; your three-year-old son would love this item. Each figure very well made; the paints that users will not easily fade even after years have passed. They stand 3’ inch tall, which is quite cool to have.

4. Toy Vehicles Airplane

Battat boy gift idea review At the age of 3, your son will be able to understand that a whole thing can be separated into tiny pieces and can be assembled again back to the bigger part. The Battat Take-A-Part Airplane will help your three-year-old son to improve and practice his mechanical and motor skills. There’s a safe nifty powered screwdriver that your son can use to tighten and loosen the connectors; he can take the parts of the airplane and put them back together.

What we like about it

This gift item any issues about grasping the parts nor the screwdriver. We love it when your son learns about pattern even at his young age of 3; he will also learn some matching and some mechanical skills. When the plane is complete, your son can take it for a flight around his room. He would have some fun time playing with this plane while assembling it. It’s easy to use, and it encourages him to make use of his gross motor skills.

5. Maui’s Magical Fish Hook

Disney boy gift idea review Finding a gift for your three-year-old kids is quite tough. It is hard to know what they like or what makes them get surprised. Well, it would help if you let them watch the movie Moana first. If you noticed that they like the movie so much, then giving them this toy is a good idea.

Also, if they are already fans of Moana, picking this toy as a gift will surely make them happy. Disney’s Moana Maui’s Magical Fish Hook looks very much the hook seen in the movie. This hook carried by Maui, one of the main characters of Moana. If your kids like Moana, chances, they will be glad to have this hook on their bedroom.

What we like about it

With this cute toy, your kids will be able to relive the adventures of the Moana movie. Fans of Moana will surely appreciate it if this toy gave as a gift to them. Young kids have a very wild imagination; this toy will allow them to imagine that they are the character named Maui from the movie. Together with the toy’s sound and lights effect, the adventure will feel more real. They can also use it during costume parties. It works great as accessories to a Maui costume.

6. LEGO Creative Bricks

LEGO boy gift idea review Giving your kids something that they can manipulate to build something is one of the best gift ideas. At the age of 3, kids like to touch and rearrange things. There is imagination that is always on the go, so you shouldn’t be surprised if they end up building cool models with this LEGO Classic Creative Bricks.

The bricks are very colorful and attractive. Your kids will get interested in these bricks right away. If they are not very interested in it, you can play with them so that they will have an idea of how the entire thing works.

What we like about it

Surely, building toys are great for kids. Aside from it will give them a lot of fun, it will also put their imagination into work. It will help develop their creative skills. The pieces are colorful and quite complicated. There are special pieces, too, like windows, wheels, and axles. They can build a lot of different models with these pieces. They only have to put their imagination into action. It is not very expensive so parents can easily include it in their budget. Get this toy now, and make your kids happy. It helps improve their imaginative and creative skills, which will come to use once they grow up.

7. Intex Kiddie Pool

Intex boy gift idea review Is it summertime already? Well, if it is, then you might want to go to the beach and cool yourself down. You could bring your entire family. But wait, young kids, are not advisable to swim in the sea. The sea could pose some danger to them even if you are there, assessing them on everything. Giving them their place to cool off could be a better idea. Intex Kiddie Pool is a good contender when it comes to kiddie pools. It provides enough comfort to the kids who like to cool themselves down. They will surely feel relaxed while soaking themselves in the kiddie pool.

This little pool is constructed using durable vinyl. It won’t get damaged easily but stays soft and cushy. While the summer heat is strong, your kids will get a lot of satisfaction, soaking themselves in cool water. They don’t have to go to the sea or a regular pool. Also, it is not too deep for young kids. It specifically made for little kids who can’t go to the pool yet. However, it would be better if you will always keep watch of your kids while they are taking a bath in this kiddie pool to ensure their safety. Don’t worry; it will be a lot of fun watching them wearing a big smile on their face. Playing with them is also a good option to make them even happier. It’s another perfect gift ideas for three-year-old boys

What we like about it

This kiddie pool is inflatable. You can easily put it wherever you want and then store it later on. It made of durable vinyl, so it will not get damaged easily, allowing your kids to have fun anywhere they want. You can conveniently place it in your backyard or just about anywhere that will allow your kids to have a lot of fun. Also, the size of this kiddie pool is sufficient. It gives a lot of space to kids allowing them to move around the kiddie pool freely. Let them swim in this pool all day. It is a very satisfying for kids during summer days.

8. PJ Masks Vehicle

PJMASKS boy gift idea review Even if you are only giving simple toys to your kids, it can already make them very happy. There is no need to get costly toys to make your kids happy. Kids have a vast imagination; they can make an adventure out of this little toy car. Combined with colorful figures, they can surely imagine different adventures with this toy car. Well, PJ Masks Cat Boy Car has a colorful and fun design. It comes with three figures which fit all in the car. Speed into the night, saving the civilians from evil monsters. Your kids can easily imagine different situations with the help of the cartoony figures and a cool-looking toy car.

It recommended for kids aging three years and above. Giving this toy as a gift to them is a good idea since it can let them imagine a lot of adventures that other toys may not be able to do. Yes, these simple toys do a good job of designing the car and the figures that come with it. They look adorable and fierce at the same time. Kids will not get bored easily with this toy. Thanks to the three figures that come with the toy car.

What we like about it

We like that it is not very expensive but gives a lot of value. It is good for kids aging three years and above. There is no need to get a more expensive toy since this toy car set can easily make your kids happy. Remember that kids have a strong imagination. They can find enjoyment in this simple toy car. Also, it is safe for your kids. They won’t get harmed while playing with this toy. Keep them occupied while you are away doing another chore. It comes with three figures that they can load on the car. Overall, it is an adorable gift for your young kids during special occasions, especially during their birthdays.

9. Little People Songs Camper

Fisher-Price boy gift idea review While kids are still young, it is important to give them something that will help improve their skills. Young kids are on their way to learning more about their surroundings. They are open-minded and curious. As a parent, you can take advantage of this trait so that you can teach them things they can use as they grow up. Fisher-Price Little People Songs and Sounds Camper are one of the best toys that you can give to your kids. It comes with a lot of fun features which can stimulate your kids’ brain. Due to the number of things that they can do with this toy, they will not get bored easily. The camper alone is fun to play with. After they open the camper, they will be surprised by the things that they can have fun with.

Now, let’s talk about the features that this camper offers. First, the camper can be pushed by your kids, and it will make fun sounds and camping songs. After they get bored by that, they will then start opening the camper. That is where the fun starts. It contains a couple of accessories that can spark the interest of your kids. Like the bunk beds and the picnic table. There are some other accessories like the chairs and the glowing campfire. They won’t run out of things to do.

What we like about it

We like that this camper doesn’t only give fun to your kids but also lets them satisfy their curiosity. As they open the camper, they will discover the things hidden inside. There are a lot of accessories that they can interact with. Kids can even light up the campfire. It looks like a real camping trip. Also, there are more than 40 sounds, sing-along songs, and phrases. These sounds can activate in 5 different ways. After they are done camping on the location, they can pack-up their things and head home.

10. Classic Dump Truck

Funrise boy gift idea review Yes, kids are on their way of discovering the physical world. That’ why giving them toys that resemble something in the physical world is a good idea. It helps them learn more about how different things work. Tonka Classic Steel Mighty Dump Truck Vehicle is a fun toy for kids. They do some things like unloading things from the truck. They have to move the bed up or down to trigger this action. It has a very colorful and detailed design that will easily get your kid’s attention. Surprise them during their birthdays using this toy, and you will surely see the smile on their faces. Overall it is a cool vehicle toy with fun features. There is not much to say about this toy. It is quite simple but can easily entertain your young kids.

Sometimes kids do get annoyed and may end up throwing their toys around. Once this happens, broken or damaged toys are surely the results. Then you will have to buy a new one for your kids. Luckily, this toy made of quality materials. It won’t get broken easily, even much usage and high impact. It will last longer so the money you spend on it will be worth it. Now, prevent your kids from throwing this toy to other kids to avoid injury. Keep watch on your kids while they are playing with the toy.

What we like about it

We like that this toy is very durable. It will last long, even with aggressive use. Parents don’t have to spend on a new toy too often. It works great as a gift since it has an attractive and colorful look. Kids will also like the unloading action of this toy. They only have to move the bed to let the truck to do the unloading action. Kids will love this truck toy. They will play with it all day long, running it around the house, pretending that they are a truck driver. It has a sturdy and durable build. Getting this toy as a gift to your kids is truly a smart decision. Let us know what you think about Gift Ideas for 3-Year-Old Boys. Comment below and let us know your pick!

What can I expect from my three-year-old son?

If it’s your first time parenting, don’t be surprised if your kid will be as energetic as ever, they will love to move around until they consume all of their energy. Just a quick tip, feed them with healthy foods so they may develop everything in them entirely. Make sure that you only feel your kid’s high-quality foods, not the fast-food one. Your 3-year-old son will be able to classify and sort objects from one another, but they can only do that by relying on a single characteristic that makes them different.

Your son will be able to describe objects by classifying that they are the same, and they are different. They will begin to count 1 to 5. When it comes to picking your son’s next gift item, you must understand the milestone and developments that they are going through. By knowing this groundwork, you will be able to pick a better gift for your three-year-old son’s big day. Your three-year-old son will be able to write binary numbers starting from 0 to 9.

Consider gift items that would boost their bodily and mental development

Gifts that would improve their balance, coordination, physique, and cognitive skills would be perfect! You must not only buy gift items that would occupy your toddler for a longer period of hours but buy items that could provide them education value. Physically, your boy will be able to climb, run, and perform other large-muscle activities. As parents, your three-year-old son would thank you later for helping them improve their gross motor skills. They will be able to ride a tricycle or pump a swing. One thing for sure, your kids will love to move a lot. It’s like they have learned a skill, and they wanted to put it on a test.

Consider gift items that would build their confidence

Buying items that would help your son to practice and enhance his confidence will be a good item to consider. When they acquire a new skill, they would love to show out in front of you. Don’t be surprised if they start climbing on your table and saying, “look, mom, I can climb!”. They see their parents as the safest people on earth, so always find the time where you can speak with your three-year-old toddler. Encourage them to share their thoughts and experience with you; they would love to talk with their parents since, for them, you are the best people they know on earth.

Giving them a ball would help them to improve the finger ability that would help them to put the puzzle together, hold crayons with their fingers, and they will also love to use tools that they can play with to create something new. They would be able to move the balls by holding them using both of their hand, giving them clay to play with will help them to create animals, they may not look perfect, but always give your son some compliment that boosts their belief in themselves that they can still do better. You can build some playing units with them to increase bond and closeness.

Consider buying gift items that encourage creative and active play

Your son will be able to play roles in a dramatic play; they would love to use real objects during their pretend play. They would be able to sing songs, so it’s also a good item to give them art tools where they could enhance their sketching skills. Gift items that encourage imagination will also make a good idea; your three-year-old son will still ask some adult assistance when it comes to doing things they find difficult. They are still learning to understand and recognize the causes of feelings, so when your son is upset, you can hug them.

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