10 Cool Gift Ideas for 4 Year Old Boys

At the age of 4, your boy will be able to distinguish one shape from the other. For parents, watching their babies turn into toddlers is just priceless. Knowing that they are growing good and healthy is more than a blessing for parents to consider. So, you wanted to surprise your young boy when his big day comes, or he is just pleading you for a gift. No matter what reason you have, giving gifts to your kids never ran out of the trend.

Kids always love to feel surprised when they see their loved one carrying packages; you can spoil the fun by pretending it’s not for them. You will enjoy seeing their big smiles to frowns, don’t get us wrong, let your kids differ their emotions from the other is important for their emotional and social development.

Some good items that would make as wonderful gifts are something that would encourage your 4-year-old son for active and creative play. They will love to show out there walking, hopping, marching, skipping, and climbing skills to their parents. Your kids will be active as ever, so it will be helpful and a good idea to give them gifts that would encourage them to play. Four-year-old kids will love to play with toys that have small parts, and they would also love to do puzzles. These are just some of the good ideas that you can give to your kids.

Below is the list of Gift Ideas for 4 Year Old Boys

1. Magnetic Building Tiles – Best Gift Idea for 4 Year Old Boys

Magna-Tiles boy gift idea review Is your son a construction builder? It’s easy to tell, if your son loves to pile one piece to the other, he will find the Magna tiles clear piece set a wonderful gift. There will be 50 small squares pieces, four large square pieces, 15 Isosceles pieces, 20 equilateral triangles, and 11 right triangles. Each piece has a translucent and colorful design that every four years old would love to stare at and play with. The Magna-tiles will keep your little builders occupied and busy for longer hours; They will love to explore and have open-ended fun.

With the solid Magna-Tiles, your 4-year-old son will be able to build or make skylights, windows, and more. Your four-year-old son does not have to play with this item alone; he can invite his friends, cousins, and parents to play with him. They will be building a 3D basic shape, which is quite cool. It gives the real vibes and feels that they are a builder. It is such a huge plus that they will be able to know the basic shapes through play. They are not only entertaining themselves but getting the educational value as well.

What we like about it

In this item, there will be 100 pieces that your son can play. We have aforementioned before that your little son will love to have fun and do some exploration. With the Magna-tiles, he will be able to do just that. He can make colorful skylight that he would love. The pieces are adjusted right so your son can grasp them easily. By letting your four-year-old son play with this item, he will be able to develop shape recognition, motor skills, building skills, and patterning. This will be a good start to prepare him for his next ‘5-year old’ milestone.

This is most suitable for multi-child play; your son will love improving his imaginative and creative skills with the Magna-tiles. Your 4-year-old son may need you to guide him on how to place the support structure appropriately at first, but he will be able to pull it off by himself as he continues to play with. We love it when your son can improve his creative skills, and it can be done by letting him play with the Magna-Tiles while he is still young.

2. Authentic Rainbow Refill Loom

Talented Kidz boy gift idea review The Rainbow Mega Refill is another great item to enhance the creative skill of your children. There will be looms included, and they are organized well in separate containers. The possibilities are endless with the looms; your kids can create a bracelet or form their favorite movie character, whether they want to form a minion or Elsa from Frozen; the will be able to do that with the looms that include in the item. There will be 11,500 pieces of the mega bundle and over 10,500 high-quality rainbow rubber bands. There will be 30 charms that include; they can use when they decide to make bracelets and necklaces.

If they want to make keychains or zipper hooks, they can do so as well. There will be 235 beads and 550 clips that come in different shapes and sizes, your four-year-old son can simple choose what color he wants to use. Kids are attracted to toys and items that come in different and many colors; this would make a wonderful gift for your son’s big day. If you want to upgrade, there are bands that they refer to as the strongest and brightest that your four-year-old son would enjoy using. There’s a case organizer where your son can put everything back after he has completed it as a craft.

What we like about it

At the young age of 4, it’s a good idea to enhance your son’s creativity. He will be able to handle art tools such as bands, charms, and beads, and he can customize his bracelet or necklace. He can also create his favorite hero; whether it’s Superman, some colors are available to complete such character. The colors are based on the rainbow color. There will be red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. There are also YouTube videos that your son can watch and copy, to even make the whole process exciting.

The little rubber bands that include can use in many ways; your four-year-old son can use it for tie-dying and T-short projects. This is a cool set that we’re quite sure your four-year-old son would love to play. This will keep your son occupied for longer hours, and the bands and charms can use as cute Christmas ornaments, this would become one of your kid’s favorite set. Aside from this helps in enhancing your child’s creative and imaginary skills; it will also help your son to learn a thing or two about organizational skills. He will have to return the pieces to the case so that they won’t misplace over time.

3. Mickey and Minnie Building Kit

LEGO boy gift idea review This would make a perfect gift for your child’s birthday since there will be a buildable cake available that your four-year-old son can build together with his friends and sing happy birthday afterward. There will be a candle, three gift-decorated bricks, balloons, and other accessories that will keep your son’s interest in playing with it. If your son is a huge fan of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, he will fall in love with this product. There’s a train that measures 13” long, 2” wide, and 7” high. It’s easy and fun to play, your 4-year-old son would love this product.

What we like about it

This gift enhances your child’s imagination, thus helps him build the cake and the mickey mouse set. This will give them some real thrills and feels that they have celebrated their birthday with Mickey and Minnie. Your son can load up the train with everything he needs for his birthday. The decorated age bricks come with numbers 1-5, so your son can use this when he turns 5, or he’s about to turn four years old. This is an amazing gift that would help him develop his construction skills with the help of the bright LEGO DUPLO bricks that purposely created for aspiring boulders such as your son.

4. Marble Race Coaster Set

FUNTOK boy gift idea review Kids like to play with marbles. They would surely appreciate this gift to them since it allows them to have fun with marbles in a unique way. They can arrange the railway in which the marble will run in a lot of different ways. This makes for a fun and cool experiences. It will help unlock their imagination and creativity skills. First off, watching the marbles pass through the railway will surely make your kids happy. Now, if they can decide the structure of the railway, that is an even more fun experience.
As a parent, you must be able to give your kids that will make them learn things. With this marble run railway, they will be able to exercise their brain and ability to think in a more complicated manner. Assembling the railway is quite challenging tasks, but it is not very hard, your kids will only have to use their imaginative skills more. Also, you can join your kids while they are playing with this toy. You can teach them new things, and new things are something that would get the utmost interest of your 4-year-old son. They would love things that would enhance their creative side; they would love building a railway where shiny marbles can make way and run through. This is a ‘fun’ game that every four-year-old boy would love to play with.

What we like about it

Your son will be able to introduce to a great variety of colors that would help your son master the building blocks and the structure of space. This will help in improving your child’s thinking of creative and thinking ability. He will be able to make use of these skills when they grow up. There’s no such thing as a standard assembly; they would love to assemble various marble run models that would help him improve his thinking. The brain-hand combination is extremely important to exercise and enhanced; this would be one of your four-year-olds’ favorite game.

This is a hands-on interactive game that provides some useful and creative fun time to your kids without them having to face any LED screen that would damage their eyesight. Your four-year-old son can make a wonderful memory for your son’s four-year-old milestone. You can reinforce this memory by shooting videos and a lot of pictures that would improve and exercise your child’s memory. It will make a wonderful gift for your son’s big day. It’s a fun race toy that would help in improving children’s operational ability. They would be attracted to the beautiful and colorful appearance that would stimulate their thought and brain development.

5. Little Tikes Red/Blue

Little Tikes boy gift idea review Every kid wants to play with a slide. It gives a lot of fun and excitement to them. If you bring them to a park or kids’ playground, you will notice that they are very attracted to slides. Almost all the kids that you will see in the park are either sitting on the swing or playing with slides. That’s why it is always a good idea that you bring your kids to the playground so that they will be able to have fun and meet new friends. Now, when it comes to looking for the perfect gift for your kids. Getting this slide for kids is a good idea. Indeed, we can’t bring our kids to the playground every day. That’s why it is better if you can set up a slide for your kids at your own home. That way, you don’t have to bring them to a playground.

Well, this slide is safe since it is not too high. It designed for kids. Your kids wouldn’t get injured as long as they are not very aggressive with the slide. They will have a lot of fun with it every day. Now, you have a cool gift for your kids. They can also invite their friends so that they can have someone to play with. This would keep your son engage in active play. Your kids must be able to improve their bone growth and developing muscles. This gift item would be a ‘bomb’ during your 4-year-old son’s big day. He can play with this slide along with his peers and friends. The slide purposely created for young children, so adults will not be able to play along in this slide. It’s another perfect gift idea for 4-year-old boys.

What we like about it

Well, we do look at the quality of the toy and the value it gives to your kids. This slide is quite durable and will surely be able to hold your young kids. Although there should only be one kid at a time to avoid an accident. This slide will not tip off easily; it can easily let your kids climb and slide through flawlessly. The slide is made durable and is made from high-quality materials so your son will be 100% safe while engaging himself for some active play. It’s an active game that would become one of your son’s favorite game time.

It’s good equipment that every four years old would dream of having. It’s fun and entertaining; this will keep your son bright and happy for longer hours. It’s an amazing and awesome slide that would keep your son’s physical health at bay. It’s is durably made, so your four-year-old son won’t tip-off as he climbs. At the young age of 4, your son is still improving his balance and coordination, so your minimal supervision is suggested and recommended. Look after your son while he’s playing with this slide. This will reward his physique a lot; your four-year-old son would be thankful to you as you have encouraged him to get fit and healthy while he is still young. He will take time to improve his hand and feet coordination, so letting him play along the slide might help him improve his hand-feet coordination.

6. Mini Jungle Animals Set

ValeforToy boy gift idea review Do you like your kids to learn more about the animals living in the jungle? Well, giving them these toys will surely help them familiarize a lot of those animals. This got set with 54 animal models. Yes, there so many animal models that your kids can play with. While showing them his toys, you can also teach them about each of these individuals. You can do it in a fun way so that you will be able to get your child’s attention longer. Don’t worry; the animal models look cute and adorable; they will not get bored by them easily.

What we like about it

The animal models look realistic. They closely resemble their real counterparts. That’s why your kids will surely learn a lot by just letting them play with the toys. This ability to identify animals will help them once they start going to school. Also, if you are worried about your kids putting his toys in their mouths, you can put that worry to rest. The paint used on these toys is non-toxic. Overall, this animal toy model will surely make your kids happy.

7. Paw Patrol Plane

Paw Patrol boy gift idea review Paw Control Lights Sounds Patroller can be a fun toy for your young kids. It is a decent gift idea considering that kids like toys that look cute and realistic. This toy also features lights and sounds, which makes it more fun to play with. Let them imagine a rescue mission where they have to rescue civilians around the city. This will surely make for an exciting experience since the patroller can transform from a helicopter to the plane mode, which makes a very cool patrol rescue imagination.

What we like about it

This toy powered by batteries, which include during purchase. It recommended for kids aging three years and above. The design is cute and colorful. It will attract your kids at first sight. They will be playing with it all day long. It is completely safe for young kids. You have nothing to worry about. An instructional sheet is available for more information on how to use the toy.

8. Mega Crane and Truck

DICKIE TOYS boy gift idea review When kids are still young, their imagination is always wild. They are ready to discover the world around them. That’s why toys that model after machines and animals found in the physical world will always appeal to them. If you are planning to get a gift for your very young kids, it would be better if you will give them toys. Young kids appreciate toys as a gift. Since they are still young, they mostly find joy in anything that looks new and interesting.

What we like about it

Now, let us talk about Dickie Crane Truck Vehicle Playset. This toy will be able to spark the imagination of your kids. Your four year old will introduce to the different animals at his young age, this is a good and useful educational value that he can use in school. He will enjoy playing with a dickie crane truck vehicle; it also encourages your four-year-old son to move his body and get physical.

9. Harley-Davidson Tough Trike

Fisher-Price boy gift idea review Engaging your son in any physical activity is something that they would thank you for when they grow up. This trike has a cute and colorful design that would attract your young kid to play with it. Exploration is your young son’s best friend; he will love to go to your garden and study the plants and follow the butterflies and see their habitat. This trike comes with a convenient compartment where you can store some healthy snacks or some water that your son can drink while he’s in your garden, exploring things. The fun never ends with this tough trike; your son is also kept safe and sound with its’ one easy rider feature.

What we like about it

We like it when parents feel at bay while their four-year-old son is playing in their garden, though minimal supervision recommends so you can make sure that your son is not going in the wrong direction. The trike comes with a wide and stable wheelbase and big foot pedals, which makes it extremely easy to speed up if your desires too. The tires are big and rugged; they are made durable, so it won’t deflate in case if it’s stepping on something partially sharp. This will help your son to improve his leg muscle and increase his gross motor skills.

10. Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper

Kidoozie boy gift idea review Your son is still working his way to improve his balance and coordination, this pogo jumper will help your four-year-old son to not only have a fun and exciting toy but helps him improve his hand to eye coordination, and his improve his physical skills. It will encourage him to keep his fitness and healthy at bay while engaging himself in an active and healthy lifestyle. This will also make a great aid when it comes to strengthening your four-year-old son’s core muscles.

What we like about it

This pogo jumper can support a kid’s weight up to 250 pounds, which means parents can bounce together with their children with this pogo jumper. It comes with some cute squeaky sounds as your son bounce with it. Another thing we love about this gift item idea is that it’s safe for young children to play with. The handles are purposely made soft and with the cushiony base. Your four-year-old son can safely play with this item both indoors and outdoors games. Let us know what you think about Gift Ideas for 4-Year-Old Boys. Comment below and let us know your pick!

What do four-year-old children love to do?

There’s a huge connection between what your four years old do towards the gifts that they want to have. In general, your son at four will love to engage in active play and exercise for a longer period. Your kids will be able to throw things in a particular direction, can kick, can catch, and can bounce balls. They have improved finger ability that will help them hold art and writing tools as long as they are in small sizes. They will love to play with toys, and your 4-year-old child will be able to dress and undress without assistance.

Your 4-year-old kid is an absolute exploration lover

They will have advanced hand-eye coordination that will help them perfect their throw. Your four-year-old son will have a great curiosity about the world, and they will depend on you for answers. Giving them a gift that would encourage them to learn more about his surroundings would make a ‘gift winner.’ Your four-year-old son will use his imagination to help understand cope with the curiosity he has for the world. Hands-on exploration is extremely important, so your four-year-old son will be able to differentiate fantasy from reality. They would show a high interest in participating in small and simple scientific investigations. Their ability to compare data, identify patterns, gather information, and make observations will continue to develop as he age.

Your 4-year-old kid will love to play with others

As the saying goes, “Playing alone is fun, but playing in a group is even merrier.” If your son is the only child, you can invite over his cousins or friends to play with him at weekends. Take them to the public park where he could see and possibly interact with other kids around the same age as he is. Your four-year-old son will still want to learn and observe why certain people have different reactions to the same event. He will be able to manage his intense emotions with the strategies that make him feel comfortable; your kid will either draw, play, or talking it out to their parents.

Your kids will see you as their safest hiding place, where they feel super comfortable talking with or talking to. They will be more than open to share their problems and happy moments. They will start to feel empathy towards others and would love to participate in playing games with other kids. Solving group conflicts or problems is something that they will try to handle by themselves.

Your kids will be able to identify the changes in tempo, loudness, duration, and pitch. They will be big lovers for songs; they would love to dance to the rhythm. It will not be perfect timing since they are still improving their hand and foot coordination. Giving them gifts that would encourage them to become high imaginative or encourage them to perform dramatic play will help them improve their creative skills. They would love to help play act like they are going to the grocery store or rescuing a cat from a tree.

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