10 Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 2 Year Old Kids

So your kids’ special events are around the corner, and as parents, you are thinking of ways on you can put the biggest smiles on their faces. There are many types of toys that you can choose from, and because of this, it can be a bit tricky to choose from. But you don’t have to stop shopping just because of the overwhelming choices that you will have to face. In this article, we are going to help you choose the best toys that you can give to your two-year-old kid. Since your son or daughter is not a toddler, his/her taste for toys might be different from the toys he/she prefers to play when he/she was still a baby.

Often, your child’s first toy can be a teddy bear or a stuffed animal that they just can’t put down. They drag it around with them where ever they go. The stores are full options and items that you can choose from, and nowadays, you can even buy it easily online- how convenient it is. Parents often see stuff toys as soft, cute, and fun. Aside from that, it can offer more benefits than that. We have spent 34 hours to get the pieces together to provide with the different benefits that we have gathered together. To be quite blunt, toys never outgrow people. Did you happen to see your grandpa or your father play with an RC toy?

Below is the list of Gift Ideas for 2 Year Old Kids

1. PicassoTiles Magnet Building Tiles

PicassoTiles boy gift idea review It allows kids to build their masterpiece without many limitations. It has enough pieces for creating big masterpieces.

This toy will improve the creative skills of your kids. They have the freedom to create whatever they have in mind.

Things We Like

It is one of the best ways to spend time with your kids.

It can play by a group.

Has enough tiles to build a large masterpiece.

Helps improve the creative skills of your children.

Gives a lot of fun to you and your kids.

Things We Don’t Like

Not for kids aging.

You may need to supervise your kids while they are playing.

Magnet falls quite easily.

2. Funko Pirates of The Caribbean

FunKo boy gift idea review This is perfect if your kids are fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean Movie. They will certainly like these figures.
It officially licensed by the owner of the Disney company, so you know that it is authentic.

Things We Like

It works as a great gift for fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Kids will also like this colorful figure.

You will get two figures for a price of one.

It is big enough for kids to play with.

It has a cute design.

Things We Don’t Like

Kids may get bored by this figures after a while.

Some kids may not play with it.

There is not much you can do with this collectibles.

3. Crush Proof Plastic Ball

Click N' Play boy gift idea review These plastic balls are quite durable and heavy-duty. They can withstand a good amount of impact, which makes them perfect for wading pools.

The plastic balls come in different colors, which makes them look attractive and fun.

Things We Like

They durable and fun to play with.

The size is sufficient for any kiddie poll you want to fill.

Comes in different colors.

Your kids will love playing with these plastic balls.

They will keep your kids occupied.

Things We Don’t Like

Some says that 2.5 inches are not enough for their needs.

You may have to keep the balls from spreading on the floor.

Not for heavy or bigger kids.

4. Crush Proof Pit Balls

JOYIN boy gift idea review These plastic balls will surely give your kids a lot of fun. They are colorful and have superior quality.
It is safe for your child. These plastic balls are BPA free, phthalate-free, and are non-toxic.

Things We Like

This toy is perfectly safe for your child.

They come in assorted colors, which make them look fun to play.

Money back guarantee available.

They are also perfect for filling up any ball pit or kiddie pool.

They durable and has good quality.

Things We Don’t Like

They can cause your kids to slide if they placed on the floor.

Prevent your kids from the throwing the ball at each other.

Not for grown-up kids.

5. Moana Girls Adventure Outfit

Disney boy gift idea reviewIt will certainly satisfy your kids if they are Moana fans.
This 2-piece outfit has unique prints and a good amount of details.

Things We Like

It has a realistic and detailed design.

Fans of Moana will surely like it.

Good for kids aging three years and above.

It is perfect for any customer party or birthday celebrations.

It is comfortable to wear.

Things We Don’t Like

Not for kids aging below three years.

It is quite expensive.

May not fit some kids with a different body structure.

6. 66 PCS Magnetic toy

White leopard boy gift idea review Unlock your child’s creative skills with this magnetic building set. There are 66 pcs available, which will allow your kids to build a variety of models that they want to build.
It is completely safe for your child. The edges of the blocks are very smooth, which prevents any injury. It’s another perfect Gift Idea for 2-Year-Old Kids.

Things We Like

It helps develop the creative skills of your kids.

An idea booklet is available if your kid needs some advice.

There are a lot of magnetic pieces available.

It is completely safe for your child.

Develops your child’s motor skills and problem-solving ability.

Things We Don’t Like

Some kids may not be interested in this toy.

You may have to teach your kids how to play with it.

They might get bored by it easily.

7. 110 PCS Magnetic Blocks – Best Gift for 2 Year Old KidsKids Cool Air Power Soccer

AILUKI boy gift idea review The magnet tiles are tested and completely durable. They come in different colors, which make them look fun and attractive.

Your kids can make 3d geometric structures and 2d plane shapes.

Things We Like

It helps develop the creative skills and imagination ability of your kids.

The magnet tiles are durable and safe.

There is enough number of tiles to build different models.

Promotes intelligence development of your kids.

They have a colorful and attractive design.

Things We Don’t Like

It is quite expensive.

You may have to give your kids a tutorial first.

Some kids are not very attracted to this kind of toys.

8. Soccer Disk Hover Ball

Zikke boy gift idea review This power soccer hover ball can use both indoor and outdoor. Yes, it works on the floor and grassy areas.

It is safe and gives a lot of fun to your kids.

Things We Like

Its size is enough to give fun and excitement to your children.

The edge surrounded by a soft cushion foam.

It works on the floor and outdoor areas.

It is easy to use and maintain.

Parents can also join the fun.

Things We Don’t Like

It powered by a battery.

It can’t replace a real soccer ball.

Your kids may slide if they step on the hovering ball.

9. VTech Musical Rhymes Book

VTech boy gift idea review It works as an early learning center for your kids. This musical rhyme book will improve their motor skills and listen to their abilities.
It comes with 40+ songs, sounds, phrases and melodies.

Things We Like

It comes with six nursery rhymes.

Develop the skills of your child which will help them in school.

There are two modes of play available.

The toddler book gives a lot of fun to your kids.

It is not very pricey.

Things We Don’t Like

This kids book powered by batteries.

It is not very durable.

There might some glitch after a while.

10. Kids Pull-Back Vehicle Set

Melissa & Doug boy gift idea review They have a colorful and fun design that your kids will enjoy.
It will help develop motor, language, and problem-solving skills.

Things We Like

It is soft and lightweight.

Develop the skills of your kids.

It is easy to operate.

Gives a lot of fun to your kids.

Will keep your kids occupied.

Things We Don’t Like

You have to watch out for your kids while they are playing.

It’s quite pricey.

Toys can be of service at all ages. Who says 50-year-olds can’t play RC races ever? Toys can provide entertainment that is safe and effective. Stuff animals and other form of toys can offer good educational benefits to your child. Here’s why:

1. Toys can introduce different animals

The teddy bear can help your kid to recognize what a bear animal looks like. When they go to preschool, they will teach about the different animals they can spot on the farm, well bear might not be one of them, but there are stuff toys that are in the form of a cow, rabbit, monkey, and other animals. Whether it’s a stuffed toy or a blocking building toy, your toddlers will be able to form different forms of animals. Kids will always love stuff toys, soft fur, and bright, hard eyes; they can’t get enough of their cuteness.

By providing your toddlers with stuff toys, it provides them an educational value of recognizing familiar animals, as parents, you can reinforce their learning by teaching them the sound each animal can make. For instance, meow for cat and moo for the cow. Squeaky toys can also be fun for your two-year kids, for they can force when they are playing with it. When picking for a stuffed toy, avoiding choosing the ones that come with beads or any very tiny removable part. Of course, stuff toy should have fur and hair for some, if ever you plan to buy a stuff toys make sure that the hair and fur are short and is durable enough to be not easily plucked out.

2. Toys can teach your children the true meaning of ‘care.’

How you take care of your children is something they do for their toys. They don’t want it to break apart of fall, so kids that given with toys realize the true meaning of care. Kids who have broken their toys before fell bad about their deed because, for some, their toys are their first best friends. Someone they can play with and makes them smile. When your children taught how to take care of their things, they will grow as responsible adults who know how to differentiate right from wrong. You can buy your kids a stuffed toy that when hugged with making a sound that says ‘I love you” or “ I’m your best friend.” This will teach your children some good lessons about caring.

3. Toys enhance your child’s creativity

Creativity is important for kids when they grow up. It will help them in a lot of aspects, especially in the corporate world. When your kids have toys, they have a wide array of clothing to choose from. Let’s say your daughter Anne has 3-4 barbie dolls. As she plays with her dolls, she realizes that she can interchange their clothes for they are in the same sizes. This somehow helps in improving your child’s creativity; they will try to think of new things to have fun. When they are at school, they will teach about lessons that require creativity; if they were able to practice the skill since they are still young, then they will be able to find creative lessons easy.

4. Toys teach your children about different colors

Your 2-year old toddlers can now differentiate colors, but not all sorts of colors. Buying them toys will help them to be introduced and see that there are more colors than yellow, green, blue, white, and pink. They will get the chance to see a great variety of colors. Let’s admit it; kids attracted to things that come with assorted colors, their life is colorful, and they want it to keep it that way. Being able to introduce more and more colors to your kids is extremely important, so they will be able to recognize them when they are now in the pre-school days.

5. Toys bring entertainment

Toddlers love to explore more and more things, and they love doing whatever is settled on their mind to do. When giving them toys, they will have something that they can play with for as long as they want. You’ve probably experienced handing out toys to your children, and they can’t stop smiling about it. When toddlers are crying over something that you can’t give, you can show their favorite toy, and they’ll start to calm down.

6. Off from the digital life

Toddlers nowadays wanted to use their parent’s or elder sister’s digital phones, although they can’t quite comprehend how to use the tool effectively, they wanted to try using it and play some of the games that stored in there. Some games are so simple and basic like ‘snakes’ where you have to direct the snake to where the food located so that they will live. Digital games can be addictive; you’ve probably seen a lot of young children who are glued to their tablets all the time.

This can be dangerous for their health, that’s why providing them toys can be pretty helpful so you can keep your children away from phones and so they can only use it when they get older. Your toddlers are too young for digital life; there are still many basic things that they can learn from playing with their parents and their toys. Aside from that, the LED of phones can damage the developing eyesight of your children, so it will be best if you take their eyes away from it. Showing them pictures of themselves will help them think about questions like, “Is this how I look?” “the kid looks like me.” This is okay for you are only showing them pictures, but don’t do it for a very long period for it is not good for their eyes. Better yet, you can develop the photos, place it in a family album, and show it to them.

7. Toys can teach your children cooperation

When kids play on their own, yes, it could be fun. But, what will even make it funnier and more engaging is when they play in groups. They will be able to understand the importance of cooperation to win a particular race or game. Cooperation is an important value that they can use when they grow up. It will also help them to be cooperative with their parents as they gain age. Since they are in groups, they will think of the different strategies they can use to win the game or to achieve a mutual goal. If your 2-year old kid is your only child, you can take him/her to his/her cousins so that they can play together.

8. Toys can teach your children to share what they have

Your children need to share if they have something to give. This value can teach with toys. For instance, if your 2-year old toddler is tired of playing with his/her stuff toy and his/her younger sibling wants to play with it. You can reinforce the sharing value by telling your toddler, “Hey buddy, how about letting your younger sister Anna play with Mr. Cow? While you take a break for a while in playing. Sound good?” We do recommend that you do not get the toy out of your 2-year old child’s hands, but let him/her hand it to his/her younger sibling. Continue reinforcing the trait, and it will teach your toddlers the value of sharing. Of course, you also have to teach your younger ones to share what they have with their elder siblings.

9. Toys can tell your children a lot about you

You can be unconsciously picking toys that reflect you as a parent. If you pick a bike, then you must be the type of parent who is happy, free, and always on the go, and you wanted your kids to be like that. You wanted your children to feel that they have all the right to be happy, and they could go with the flow if they want to. If you give your daughter a big teddy bear, you must be a very protective parent when it comes to your loved ones, and you wanted them to be and to feel safe all the time. Giving them RC toys might inflict that you wanted your children to know that life is about ups and downs, sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. Buying a tarpaulin where your kids can jump high can make them feel that you wanted them to reach their fullest potential in life and that you are there to support them in case they fall over. Overall, all toys are enjoyable to play, and they do teach children a lot.

10. Toys encourage physical activity

Unit blocks are a good way for your children to move their hand and arm muscles to move a block and place it on top of the other. When the formed block gets higher, children start to stand up to place something at the very top; this encourages them to move their bodies. It is best to engage your children in physical activities while they are still young, so they can have stronger bones when they grow as adults. Just a quick tip, toys will not be enough, you need to take them to the zoo or for a short walk to help them practice mobility.

11. Toys can teach your children to respect different races

When they go to school, they will see different people with different skin colors. By giving them dolls that come with different skin colors, they will respect diversity and will understand that there are many races in the world, but all of them are human, and they’re worthy of respect. But you have to give extra guidance and care for your children as well, so they will fully understand concepts of ethnicity, but you don’t have to go deeper. Just tell them that no matter the skin color a person has, he or she is your brother or sister in Christ. The earlier you teach your children about respect, the sooner they will understand it.

These 11 benefits can sure help your kids to learn many things while they are growing. Though there’s going to be up and downs in the stream, in the end, you and your kids will know that it is worth it. The 11 benefits are truly advantageous; it can help your kids to be prepared when they go to school.

6 Tips for Choosing Toys for Your Child

We’re not experts on every toy that placed on the shelf, but we made sure that what we included in this list will give you some ideas of what will make good toys. There are both old and new toys on the market, and sometimes choosing one or two from them can be very challenging. Trusting our child safety on a toy is hard. So, important things first. Every toy that you purchase mush checked for safety. There are no choke parts, and if possible, don’t for toys that have very tiny removable parts. The purpose of letting your kids play is to let them learn new skills and explore ways in life. Just like you are when you new at work, you are taught by the manager or the supervisor how to get the work nice and neat.

On the other hand, the so-called ‘work’ for adults is ‘play’ for kids. That’s why ‘play’ plays a significant role in childhood. If you guide your kids right, then their children will be worth it. As parents, it would be best if you know what you are putting in your putting basket, so you can correctly incorporate the values you want your children to learn. Parents, especially at first, can be very challenging, but hang on there. All you need is Google and expert advice to make your parenting an excellent experience.

Be specific. You have to know what toy are you looking for. Are you looking for unit blocks? Stuff toys? RCs? When you enter the store, expect that you will see a lot of new and colorful toys, which will make it confusing in which toy should you go for. It will be best if you do your research on what type of toys do you want to invest in. This will help you to focus on what you are looking for, rather than browsing around buying completely unnecessary things. If you need to buy a few toys, then maybe you need a list so that you won’t skip one toy. Just a quick tip, you can buy a toy online, so you won’t have to browse on many toys that you can pick instead. When you buy something online, it does your search for the particular item only and orders it.

Try unit blocks. Blocks allow your children to build and form things; this helps them to realize that when they put things correctly, they will build something new. You can go for wooden blocks, these often makes them good for construction and lets your kids play with it for longer hours. There are also Legos, which is one of the popular manipulative toys for kids that does not only enhance their creative skills but also exercises their fine motor skills. Since the toys allow your kids to build something, they might come up with something new. It’s a fun game that never goes off, so why not get your kids one?

Dolls. As aforementioned before, one of the reasons why we think that you should buy a doll is for your children to understand there will be people who will be different from themselves. This will help them grow to be responsible and respectful adults. Buying dolls that come with different skin colors will be effective that there’s no only white-skinned in the community, but there will also be tan and black. Another benefit of buying dolls is that it introduces to your children the two different sex: male and female.

Dolls will also encourage your kids to dress them up, just like dressing themselves. It helps them to recognize the different body parts of a human. The nose, ear, eye, legs, stomach, hips, etc. It’s like giving your children little people that they can look after. These types of toys can surely bring a lot of learnings to your children, which is important for them when they grow up.

DIY costume closet. Now, you can’t buy this item, but you can collect the items and put them in a kid’s closet. The purpose of this is for your children to dress-up themselves. A closet must have a great variety of choices like animal masks, hats, scarves, dresses, tiaras, wands, and anything that could give them a costume. This enhances your children’s creativity in how they want to dress themselves.

Art tools. Your 2-year old toddlers are very imaginative, the more they explore, the more they get hungry to know more about things. They never settle, that’s why it will be a good idea to teach them about painting and the arts. You can buy safe paints for kids or crayons. Their paintings might not be understandable for the adult’s human eye, but for them, it’s a piece of art. Do not let your young toddlers use scissors yet. Even safety scissors, it would be best if you paint a tree together so that you can monitor your children’s movements.

Music. Did I mention that children love music? Yes, they do, and they dance to the rhythm when they hear it. You can provide them a pot and a spoon to experiment and learn more about music.

Let us know what you think about Gift Ideas for 2-Year-Old Kids. Comment below and let us know your pick!

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